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Idk if this will make you feel better but I saw the drawing as a more of an AU type thing where they help ghost move on and seeing the ghost of a person can be sad cause you know it's just a shell of their former selves and they cling to "life" so I thought it was more "does it get an easier helping them move on" and the not really was just Danny's unwillingness to become apathetic to the ghost's story and the like. It's slightly more positive look on the drawing?


Danny Phantom paranorman xover ideas (and slight plot)

• takes place before paranorman
• Danny Phantom AU. Since the accident he’s been able to see ghosts most amity park ghosts are malevolent and he tries to stop them on a daily basis. Most people think he’s mental. Fentons move to blithe hollow because they think the “fresh Massachusetts air” will clear out the crazy. Also there’s supposedly a really good psychologist there. Maybe it’s spectra, but if so, she would be a poltergeist who can create a human disguise, because then people could see her. Also, Fenton parents are still eccentric but believe that ghosts are visible.
• age Danny down to thirteen, so he’s in middle school too. Norman is still eleven. Maybe Alvin is fourteen, he probably got held back a few times. Norman is in sixth grade, Danny in eighth. If I am still including Alvin in this, maybe he’d be in seventh.
• both norman and Danny sort of just keep their head down and try not to attract attention.
• Danny gets lost flying home. He ends up walking the streets in ghost form, trying to spot something familiar. Norman sees a confused ghost and ends up walking him where he needs to go. Danny is confused about how he is seen.
• danny lives about a block down the street from norman
• Danny hears people making fun of norman and his ability to see ghosts. He ends up confronting him and questioning him about it. They end up hanging out with each other (and Neil. Can’t really leave him out.) outcasts gotta stick together, y’know?
• Danny is often called mental and delusional
• the Fenton parents have began reassembling the portal and making a “new and improved” ops center
• maybe an OC villain? As long as they are original and properly characterized. Maybe the villain gains norman and/or Danny’s trust and then just exploits their seeing abilities. Maybe to summon a “vengeful spirit” or something? Must have a reason that makes sense to do whatever villainous thing that they may be doing.

Okay guys I need this crossover to happen ugh but I can’t write to save my life