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Sometimes when people get scared, they say and do terrible things. I think you got so scared that you forgot who you are. But I don’t think you’re a witch. Not really. I think you’re just a little kid with a really special gift who only ever wanted people to understand her. So, we’re not all that different at all.

WoT’s Cinephilia #33

I saw that some people didn’t understand why or how The Babadook is being considered a gay icon now. It’s simply a joke that all started with Netflix accidentally categorizing the movie in their gay and lesbian section. Even still, I decided to expand a bit upon my writing from the last page, explaining why I still think he serves a a great inspiration to people, gay or straight really.

I fully welcome The Babadook as an icon.

Also, this was an incredible fun, but tedious, page to do. I won’t look forward to drawing quite this many characters on a single page for awhile, but I had a blast choosing a range of characters and creating, hopefully successful, caricatures of them. I’d be impressed if you can name all of the characters without looking them up.

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A list of Movies everyone must see during Halloween

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble (1993)

                                                                                                                      The Nightmare before Christmas (1993)

Hocus Pocus (1993)

Monster house (2006)

Paranorman (2012)

Addams family values (1993)

The corpse bride 

Scooby doo (2002)

Coarline (2009)

Halloweentown (1998)

Ghostbusters (1984)

 Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Sweeney Todd: the demon barber of fleet street (2007)

“But what about the people who hurt you? Don’t you ever want to make them suffer?”

“Well, yeah, but what good would that do? You think just because there’s bad people that there’s no good ones either? I thought the same thing for a while. But there’s always someone out there for you. Somewhere.”

ParaNorman (2012)
directed by Chris Butler & Sam Fell

Halloween Masterpost

*More will be added soon*

overfedvenison  asked:

Do you know of any animated horror films? All I can think of is Coraline.

Well, I went over creepy/disturbing animation before in this post (which does include a few full-length films that could be considered “horror”), but let’s see what else I can come up with (again, I’ll try to provide links to watch them free online where I can):

  • This site lists a few more anime horror titles.

I’m sure there are more out there, but this was about all I could dig up for now.
Sleepy Towns - wishfulina - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Gravity Falls, ParaNorman (2012), Coraline (2009), Psychonauts
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Razputin Aquato/Lili Zanotto, Coraline Jones/Wybourne Lovat
Characters: Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Norman Babcock, Neil Downe, Coraline Jones, Wybourne “Wybie” Lovat, Razputin Aquato, Lili Zanotto
Additional Tags: i don’t even know the rating, but since they are all sort of young now it may stay general, i might go for some dipifica, but who knows, maybe ill throw in some more ships, im not really a huge parapines gal, im actually enjoy more of a mabel/norman pairing, but that might not happen at all tbh, oh and maybe some possession because that’s fun, Mystery Kids
Series: Part 1 of Sleepy Towns

Dipper and Mabel Pines are back at the Shack for another summer. This time they are there for a little bit of training for the weirdness of the world. And Gravity Falls is the perfect place to do it.

Fully trained psychonauts Lili Zanatto and Razputin Aquato are sent on an intel mission. Last summer had a large spike in psychic activity and they need to find out why.

Cousins Coraline Jones and Norman Babcock are on a road trip. To compensate they each take one friend. Coraline takes her friend Wybourne Lovat AKA Wybie and Norman takes his friend Neil. Their parents believe that this will create a “stronger bond” amongst the group. Certainly a small town, in the woods, with enough lore to fill a trilogy, should pacify four kids.