paranormal vintage

Thanks for the podcast suggestions guys!

I’ll certainly get them on to my list! 

If anyone’s interested these are some of my favourites: 

Four Finger Discount - 2 Aussie guys talking about every episode of the Simpsons in chronological order (they’re currently on season 4). If you’re a bit of a Simpsons addict like me then this is a must. 

The Bowery Boys:New York City History and Stuff You Missed in History Class - I’m a big history nerd and both of these podcasts hit the spot. 

You Must Remember This - Everyone’s favourite isn’t it? I particularly loved the Joan Crawford series and Charles Manson’s Hollywood, which is useful to listen to when reading Emma Cline’s The Girls. Dead Blondes is only one episode in but already seems to be shaping up to be a classic. 

Lore/Unexplained/Jim Harold’s Campfire - I’m such a sucker for a paranormal story, and these 3 are just perfect. 

Thinking Sideways - If you’ve ever thought of something random and wonder if anyone else ever thought of it, Devin, Joe and Steve have. 

Desert Island Discs and Desert Island Discs Archive - Ever wondered which 8 records Twiggy, Goldie Hawn or any of your favourite cultural people would take to a desert island? Now you can find out! 

The Spectre of Newby Church (or the “Newby Monk”) is the name given to an artifact found on a photograph taken in the Church of Christ the Consoler, on the grounds of Newby Hall in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. 

The image was taken in 1963 by the Reverend K. F. Lord. As the artifact appears to resemble a human, much speculation has been had regarding what type of person might be in the image. 

Most speculation has concluded that it resembles a 16th-century monk, with a white shroud over his face, possibly to mask leprosy or another disfigurement. In relation to the nearest furniture, any figure would measure at 9 feet tall