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After the portal to the Ghost Zone was closed for good, Danny Phantom and his team created the paranormal ghost hunting team, The PHANTOM FINDERS to uncover the secrets that lie beyond the human realm.

Join them as they uncover the mysteries surrounding the haunted Oak Hills Apartments!

important lance traits:

  • doubts the existence of aliens until he gets obvious proof BUT once in an alien ship, with a bunch of alien technology, after it had been taken over by alien enemies, his immediate reaction when things began going wrong wasn’t “technology problems, possibly due to hacking”, it was “GHOSTS”
  • does not make the puns. hunk makes puns and he groans. side note: pidge also makes puns. lance is the straight man of the trio in terms of punning.
  • generally likes having a plan and sticking to it (”how about we lay low and you don’t blow our cover. keith. think about what you’re doing. don’t walk through that door!” and i’m sure there are other examples), and/but if something catches his interest he’ll impulsively go after it (after shiro’s crash and when he sees keith).

therefore, i propose:

  • team voltron as a paranormal investigation team wherein lance is the (admittedly goofy but) slightly-more-responsible one
  • he’ll make jokes but as soon as his teammates say something about “we lost the trail yeti-gain” he threatens to leave
  • most of the time he’s with hunk, trying to keep pidge and keith still while shiro isn’t looking, but if it’s about ghosts he’s immediately in, no questions asked, and hunk is doomed to follow along and make sure they don’t die

The Capuchin Crypt is an exceedingly macabre space made up of several tiny chapels located beneath the church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini in Rome, Italy. The ancient crypt contains the skeletal remains of around 3,700 Capuchin monks who are displayed in eerie positions in their original robes. The walls are also built up with their skulls and femur bones. The Catholic church insists the place is an important reminder of the swift passage of death and should not be feared, although several paranormal teams have heard creepy chanting coming from the walls and have even claimed that the skeletons move on their own as if they are still alive.

Team Leverage, Busting Ghosts

@dorkilybeautiful: Team Leverage is TERRIBLE at paranormal investigation.

Copperbadge: OR ARE THEY? I feel like they would be terrible at it right up until the end when they’d do an about face and turn out to have been faking incompetence the whole time.

“We pulled the Scooby Don’t on you!” Parker yelled.

“It’s still the Scooby Do if the van doesn’t get blown up!” Eliot exploded. “It’s only the Scooby Don’t if you blow up the van!”

“Nah because there’s no dog, so technically – “ Hardison tried, until Eliot glared wildly at him. “Dude, are you gonna blow up my van?”

The villain began to inch away, until he found Parker grinning toothily at his elbow.

“Scooby Don’t,” she whispered eerily, and handcuffed him to Eliot.

Dorkilybeautiful: You should be aware that I just laughed what is unquestionably an evil laugh at that and startled the dog.

Copperbadge: Eliot had to be the Shaggy. He hates being the Shaggy. (He prefers to be the Velma.)

Ghost AU time

Iwaizumi recently died, and is really fucking worried about Oikawa. So he starts haunting him, but in a helpful way. Low key things like moving Oikawa’s keys to a place where he could find them. Putting oikawa on his side when he gets drunk. (He was drunk every night for like a month after Iwaizumi died) A year passes and Oikawa starts bringing dates home. Iwaizumi starts becoming a curropted soul. He hides oikawas keys making him late for dates. Knocking the dates drink over. Pulling off covers. It freaks oikawa out, so he calls a paranormal investigation team. They ask around saying “why are you targeting Oikawa?” And you know ghost stuff. He says “he forgot” and throws a huge fit by breaking shit. Oikawa realizes its iwaizumi. Part of him wants to keep Iwaizumi around, but he knows he will never be able to move on. He begs Iwaizumi to go and move on. This causes a bigger ghost fit. Oikawa says that he never forgot and demands that Iwaizumi goes to heaven and wait for him. It breaks the curroption and Iwaizumi passes on. Oikawa one day dies, and they meet again. They reincarnate together to start the adventure all over again. -Kelli

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Finally finished drawing all of the designs for the Voltron paranormal investigation team AU! Coran was a tour guide on ghost tours in his hometown before joining up the others (he’s a great performer and got rave reviews from patrons). Allura ran (and still runs) popular blogs across a bunch of social media platforms and posts about her solo investigations. After she and Coran are on the team, she handles a lot of the team’s PR and merchandising in addition to helping out with the ghost-hunts!

Keith and Pidge are here and here!

Lance and Hunk are here!

Shiro (and a fkin ghost lmao) is here!

Who you gonna call?

Victor joins Ruby’s team of paranormal investigators for a tv show. There he meets Jefferson, the most annoying being on the planet. Mad Whale, Red Kansas

Word count: 14k

Finally, it’s finished. Please enjoy whatever this is. I’m going to sleep. AO3

Victor stepped into the studio drowning in regret. Staring in a paranormal investigation show no longer seemed like such a good idea, but it was too late to back down now. How in the world did he agree to this? He should’ve found a better way to earn money for his research. Like selling his liver for an example.

Ruby lured him in with promises of him being able to work in his field and scientifically proving that magic doesn’t exist. It all sounded too great to be true, until he realized he will have to be in front of a camera.

And he still decided to go through with it. Never let it be said that Victor Whale makes good life choices.

Whatever dignity he had left, he was going to lose it in the foreseeable future.

“Victor!” Ruby waved at him. She was standing in the hall next to two women. He recognized one of them as Mulan Fa, the director.

“Hi, Ruby.” Why did he ever think it was a good idea to be friends with her? She always had the worst ideas.

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Based on my real-life struggle trying to figure out what the quiznaking “L” in P.A.L.A.D.I.N. stands for. 

More of the Voltron Paranormal Investigation Team can be found here!

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[ hi i am Hoss and i'm the lead investigator for a paranormal team but i also don't like horror wtf ]

// wait, are you serious? don’t pull my leg dude. Don’t pull it. That is the most interesting thing anyone has ever told me I love you

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Officially the very last thing that I drew back in 2014, and boy what a thing it was!

After having burned my poor brain out on Kashmir concepts (art forthcoming) it simply moved on to my big “shared universe” concept that I had recently folded a bunch of loose ideas into. Grouping them all together in a neat tight little bundle was trendy yes, but also utilitarian in how it cut down on so many little separate ideas with no bearing on each other.

I’ve titled it the “Strangeverse” and it has a projected total of 10 stories over the course of it’s existence, all involving paranormal, supernatural, or sci-fi elements to them. It’s basically the model of “Several stories to establish strange and unorthodox characters, and then bring them all together for a quirky team-up adventure series”. Only this team fights paranormal/supernatural threats. 

These little vignettes are laid out in the order that I plan to tackle them when the time comes, from start to finish. So enjoy your little teaser of sorts, they’re just inspiration and reference for me at the moment!

Thermal Image Ghost

This image was captured by paranormal team TAPS, on their show ‘Ghost Hunters.’ Through the thermal image camera, you can clearly see the figure of a person standing in the doorway. What’s odd about this particular figure is that it does not give off heat like living-things normally do through a thermal image camera, instead there only seems to be heat on it’s shoulder.


Here’s my design for Shiro in the Voltron paranormal investigation team AU! Unlike the rest of the team, he can actually see ghosts. (He doesn’t tell Lance that some of them make faces at him while they’re filming episodes of their reality show bwahahahahaha)

You can find paranormal investigators Keith and Pidge here and here!

Hunk and Lance are here!

Allura and Coran are here!