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anonymous asked:

*whipsers* im new in the voltron fandom and im really confused. who is Mothman?

Alrighty Anon, so this is a question I see asked/reflected in a LOT of the tags whenever I post Meithman, and as a result, I’ve actually been meaning to make a post to explain it as best I can for those folks! SO I GUESS THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO ACTUALLY DO IT!

The “who” is just as important, however, as the “why,” and to be frank, the “why” isn’t super clear to me, and when I go digging deeper, I feel like Tumblr isn’t actually showing all the results when I search for the truth! (CONSPIRACY!)  So my information is a) not 100% certain, and b) I can’t back it up to give credit where credit is due to whoever made the first, shall we say, “connections” in building this piece of fandom lore, such as it is. I’d love to know as much as anyone!

AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE, no longer with deep-digging stripes required, by semi-popular demand!

So first off, is the answer to your ACTUAL question: WHO IS MOTHMAN?

Essentially, Mothman can perhaps best be summed up as an urban legend/cryptid with no actual canon connection to the Voltron show. That’s right, you’re not crazy, you didn’t miss something glaringly obvious! (OR DID YOU.)

[An artist’s interpretation.]

From the Wikipedia article on Mothman, “In West Virginia folklore, the Mothman is a legendary creature reportedly seen in the Point Pleasant area from November 12, 1966, to December 15, 1967. The first newspaper report was published in the Point Pleasant Register dated November 16, 1966, titled “Couples See Man-Sized Bird … Creature … Something”. The national press soon picked up the reports and helped spread the story across the country.“

[What a fantastic headline!]

There were various Mothman sightings back around ‘66-’67 or so, etc, etc, and while many of those sightings are suspected of being hoaxes or misattributions of perfectly normal phenomena (as well as tricksters), the sightings were also sometimes said to precede catastrophic events, etc., leading to the additional conspiracy theory of the of a prophetic element, popularized in John A. Keel’s 1975 book, “The Mothman Prophecies,” made into a movie in 2002. (One such “linked” disaster being the collapse of the Silver Bridge, which included the very real, very tragic loss of many lives.) IIRC some conspiracy theory-type TV shows postulated that Mothman kind of “came” to the town and revealed itself as something of a warning that something bad was about to happen, while others believed Mothman somehow caused the disasters. (Ah, good old conspiracy theory TV…)

Now, with all this unrelated-to-Voltron stuff in mind, the next logical question you might be asking would, of course, be: WHY MOTHMAN?

And it’s a great one! And I’ll be honest, I probably know about as well as you do - my own assumptions are merely that: assumptions. Like most people, I saw the art/tags/head-canons and went, “…What…?” I kind of pieced together what I assume is the reasoning for how it came to be on my own - so my explanation could be spot on, or it could be way off - but I’ve seen similar opinions reflected elsewhere, so I’m fairly confident that my best guess is at least somewhat relevant to why this all came together.

[Keith reveals his chef d’oeuvre at Gallery Desert Shack, June 10th, 2016.]

Honestly, it largely comes down to Keith’s S1E1 living situation and preoccupations. Living alone in a shack in the desert, tracking conspiracies on a cork board, linked together with COLOURED FLIPPIN’ YARN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! (And tied in weensy bows! uwu)

So, from there, if you narrow down conspiracy theorist!Keith a bit and you come to him searching, specifically, for the Blue Lion, which, on its own, basically sounds like a cryptid (cryptids, of course, being creatures who cannot be/have not been proven or disproven by science. Well-known examples include the Loch Ness Monster, Sasquatch, Yeti, etc.).  After all, a blue lion sounds about as likely as Bigfoot, right?

[Collective groan]

Conspiracy theorist!Keith, not too surprisingly, is often paired with conspiracy theorist!Pidge, who similarly was preoccupied with the conviction that there were aliens puttering about, having a good old chin-wag about something called Voltron, and that said aliens were, in some way, possibly connected to the disappearance of the Kerberos crew, etc.

So. Conspiracy Theorist!Keith begets General Cryptid-Seeking!Keith. You follow?

(Somewhat unrelated, but while you’re here - along a similar vein, Lance, whilst skeptical of all of this, latches on later to the idea that the Castle-Ship is haunted, which, when you float them all together, makes for a really fun paranormal investigation team AU! I like to think Hunk would be really into gemology, Allura would have some possible psychic ability, and Coran would be in charge of setting up the technical experiments & baseline tests,  while Shiro would be the resident skeptic with a dark past/experience he refuses to admit was real. GOOD TIMES! But nobody asked about my random AU head-canons…)


So then, why exactly did anyone arrive at focusing on Mothman specifically? I’m… not really sure. D: It’s something I’d lovet to know; I’ve tried to look into it, but, as I said, Tumblr doesn’t want me to know. Maybe because Mothman toes the line between being considered a cryptid and an alien? (There are UFO theories as well as cryptid theories regarding Mothy.) Idk.  I’m pretty sure someone (I don’t know who, I’d source if I knew for certain) just kind of latched onto cryptid-seeking Keith, it evolved specifically towards a fascination with Mothman in particular, and then before you know it, other people followed suit, and then there were posts and art about Mothman’s fantastic abs, and it escalated. (Or maybe it didn’t really escalate. I don’t actually see a lot of Meithman content these days… What a loss…)

There is this line: “It’s like something… some energy was telling me to search. […] Each [carving] tells a slightly different story about a blue lion… but they all share clues, leading to some event, some arrival happening last night.”

This could be a reason as to why Mothman might have been the cryptid of focus - the prophecy connection. But I feel like this is perhaps grasping…? It could have been that someone just kinda said, “Mothman,” and it stuck. (Or, as with the Meithman valentine I posted the other day, MAYBE IT’S A MOTH-TO-A-FLAME ATTRACTION JOKE? A+ if so. If not, I feel blessed anyway. What a perfect OTP.)

I also like to think this lil’ carving of Voltron’s silhouette could be said to vaaaaguely resemble Mothman. At least in so far as it also does not really resemble Voltron either. Let’s be real though; it could also be a very distinguished looking Kaltenecker.

Anyway, fast-forward a bit through the random conception of this, and Keith pining for Mothman is suddenly a… thing… understood and accepted (well, accepted, anyway) by a large segment of the fandom, VERY MUCH NOT UNDERSTOOD by another segment, and for other people, whichever side of it they’re on, it just confuses them anyway. The fandom, therefore, is suddenly left with the pairing that, by and large, seems to be colloquially accepted as “Meithman” (though I have also seen “Meith,” “Keithman,” and “help how tf do I tag this?”).


I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, so thanks for asking, Anon! I hope this has been enlightening and entertaining, if not precisely helpful!


Finally finished drawing all of the designs for the Voltron paranormal investigation team AU! Coran was a tour guide on ghost tours in his hometown before joining up the others (he’s a great performer and got rave reviews from patrons). Allura ran (and still runs) popular blogs across a bunch of social media platforms and posts about her solo investigations. After she and Coran are on the team, she handles a lot of the team’s PR and merchandising in addition to helping out with the ghost-hunts!

Keith and Pidge are here and here!

Lance and Hunk are here!

Shiro (and a fkin ghost lmao) is here!


The Capuchin Crypt is an exceedingly macabre space made up of several tiny chapels located beneath the church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini in Rome, Italy. The ancient crypt contains the skeletal remains of around 3,700 Capuchin monks who are displayed in eerie positions in their original robes. The walls are also built up with their skulls and femur bones. The Catholic church insists the place is an important reminder of the swift passage of death and should not be feared, although several paranormal teams have heard creepy chanting coming from the walls and have even claimed that the skeletons move on their own as if they are still alive.


The Haunting (1963)

A 1963 British psychological horror film directed and produced by Robert Wise and adapted by Nelson Gidding from the novel The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. It stars Julie Harris, Claire Bloom, Richard Johnson, and Russ Tamblyn. The film, about a team of paranormal investigators at a haunted house in which they spend several nights, is often cited as one of the most frightening films ever made.

What is a third eye? [Edited]

I am a medium, which means I can see and communicate with spirits. This means I possess what is known as a “third eye”.

It’s not a literal third eye in the middle of my forehead, for one thing. It’s metaphorical. It simply means that I can see things that exist on other levels of existence as easily as I can see things on this plane of existence. 

There are also third ears and third noses, meaning you can hear and smell things that are happening on a different plane. I know, it’s weird.

Let’s talk about the concept of planes of existence before I go on any further. You know when people talk about ghosts and say they’re “trapped in a place between our world and the next”? That’s a plane of existence. It exists close enough to ours to the point where those who have died can come through it and interact with our world. Some people (like me) believe there is a plane higher than that one where the afterlife or Heaven is located, and some people believe in a large variety of planes, like a plane where our souls go when we dream, for example. 

So, if you possess a third eye, you can see through to the next plane easily and see ghosts and stuff. You can also see auras, which is like an energy around people, and you can read auras to determine how people are feeling and what’s in store for them, etc.

How do you know if you have a third eye? My short answer is, you see dead people. The long answer is this: You can see ghosts and spirits in places where others can’t.

Period. End of discussion. It’s not a matter of “Do I have the ability to unlock this mysterious third eye?” because it is not. It’s something you are born with. You have it or you don’t.

But what if you saw spirits as a small child and grew out of it? This question gets asked to me more often than not. It’s really common for children to see spirits because they’re more willing to accept the fact that there’s a friendly man in their bedroom that wants to play. If a friendly man appeared to you when you were two, that would be awesome, but if you were ten, that would be terrifying. Therefore, spirits aren’t gonna just appear to ten year olds, because they’re not trying to scare you (most of the time).

It is possible that you do have a third eye and it is closed, as it is possible to open and close it. Maybe you saw spirits all the time as a child, and when you told some grown-up they sat you down and explained what imaginary friends were, and you came to the conclusion that spirits were all in  your head and you stopped seeing them. It’s possible you closed your third eye. It is possible to open it again, and it takes lots of meditation and some good communication with spirits. Do the reverse to close it. 

So let me break this down.

Scenario 1: You see spirits and ghosts regularly, you have a third eye.

Scenario 2: You saw spirits constantly as a child, but as you grew and became more skeptical you stopped seeing them, your third eye is closed.

Scenario 3: One time you saw a ghost, you do not have a third eye, you saw an entity that was powerful enough to come through the next plane and be visible in ours.

Scenario 4: You think you saw spirits as a child, you do not have a third eye, you have an overactive imagination.

Scenario 5: You think you might have a third eye and try meditations to open it and nothing happens, you do not have a third eye. 

Scenario 6: You want to have a third eye, you do not have a third eye.

That last one sounds pretty wacky but believe me, after the asks I’ve been getting, it needs to be said. You can’t just decide that you’re gonna have a third eye. You’re born with one or you aren’t. If you have to wonder whether or not you have one, you don’t have one. 

Please feel free to send me any asks if you have any questions other than ones ending in “do I have a third eye?” 

EDIT: Hello again everyone. I’m not sure how but this post seems to be the most controversial, as I’ve received plenty of messages saying that everyone has a third eye and anyone can unlock it.

Okay look. As someone with a third eye and has been seeing spirits unwillingly my whole life, trust me in that if you don’t have a third eye, there’s no way you can see spirits the way I can. If that were true, if anyone could have the power to see spirits wherever they wanted, we wouldn’t have paranormal investigation shows, we wouldn’t have to wonder about life after death, and so on. I know some paranormal investigation teams who would love to save thousands of dollars on equipment and be able to see spirits with their own eyes. 

Third eyes are rare. Most people do not have them, period. If you people who have been messaging me and telling me anyone can learn how to open their third eye, then prove it. Find someone and teach them to open their third eye. Go for it.

And also yes, there’s a variety of things people can see with their third eyes, like energy, chakras, auras, etc, but I’m talking about spirits because a) I’m a spirit communication blog, and b) it’s the most debatable. People can kind of tell if they can see auras because it’s obvious, but people seem to be convinced that they thought they saw someone out of the corner of their eye and now they have a third eye and are a medium. 

I’m not trying to be rude. It’s just. I mean. I can’t say “you don’t have a third eye” enough times for people to believe it.


Don Julian was a hermit who lived in a shack located on the island. He claimed that the ghost of a young girl who drowned in the canal haunted him. To appease her angry spirit, Julian began collecting baby dolls and hanging them from the trees for her to play with. In 2001, Julian was found dead by his nephew. He had drowned in the same canal as the girl who tormented him through out his life.

Tourists who visit the island today claim to hear the dolls whispering and some of the dolls open and shut their eyes on their own accord. The island has been featured on the Syfy Channel show Destination Truth, in which a paranormal investigating team spent the night on the island. They had a terrifying experience, seeing apparitions, feeling inexplicable paranoia, and hearing disembodied voices.

There have been accounts of these dolls speaking in different tongues and moving their heads.

I would love to go here


Based on my real-life struggle trying to figure out what the quiznaking “L” in P.A.L.A.D.I.N. stands for. 

More of the Voltron Paranormal Investigation Team can be found here!

important lance traits:

  • doubts the existence of aliens until he gets obvious proof BUT once in an alien ship, with a bunch of alien technology, after it had been taken over by alien enemies, his immediate reaction when things began going wrong wasn’t “technology problems, possibly due to hacking”, it was “GHOSTS”
  • does not make the puns. hunk makes puns and he groans. side note: pidge also makes puns. lance is the straight man of the trio in terms of punning.
  • generally likes having a plan and sticking to it (”how about we lay low and you don’t blow our cover. keith. think about what you’re doing. don’t walk through that door!” and i’m sure there are other examples), and/but if something catches his interest he’ll impulsively go after it (after shiro’s crash and when he sees keith).

therefore, i propose:

  • team voltron as a paranormal investigation team wherein lance is the (admittedly goofy but) slightly-more-responsible one
  • he’ll make jokes but as soon as his teammates say something about “we lost the trail yeti-gain” he threatens to leave
  • most of the time he’s with hunk, trying to keep pidge and keith still while shiro isn’t looking, but if it’s about ghosts he’s immediately in, no questions asked, and hunk is doomed to follow along and make sure they don’t die
Midheaven in Scorpio

Your Midheaven represents your how the public see’s you, how your sign affects your career, social media, and the public. 

If your Midheaven is in Scorpio, they prefer to keep themselves. They like to live very modestly, secretly, and privately. Scorpio Midheaven’s aren’t the kind of people to rave about their personal life. They prefer to keep that side to themselves. Scorpio Midheaven’s give off a secretive, and mysterious vibe; they always want people to keep guessing. They don’t like to gossip about others, but they always know things about others. Scorpio Midheaven’s won’t run their mouths about somebody to a someone else. They know almost all the drama that is happening in front of them, but usually stay out of it. They’d prefer to watch on the sidelines, than rather be in the pit of gossip. Sense their Midheaven sign is in Scorpio, these people usually have a knack for paranormal/supernatural interest. You might find these people reading about paranormal stories, watching those kind of tv shows, or even being on a paranormal investigation team. They get a thrill off of the Supernatural side of the world. 

OT3 Fluff

Arthur pulled his shirt over his head, expertly using his mechanical arm as though it were real. Looking in the mirror he could see the scars along his shoulder where his lost arm and new one met. They used to haunt his mind when he looked in the mirror, barely able to stomach his own reflection.

But things had changed, Vivi had gotten him to overcome his grief and with Mystery’s help he learned to love himself again. The scars no longer screamed at him in angry reds, they had cooled to soft whites, like melting snow slush.

Running his remaining hand over the mechanics he checked to ensure everything was attached and nothing had come loose or started to bow or chip. He’d have to find a new polymer to make a soft casing to prevent damage, but that was an afterthought that was soon buried under other ideas.

He looked to the mirror again, the dark circles he had been accustomed to over the last several months were nearly gone. His face looked happier, his goatee was fuller, his spiky hair full of life and color. The changes were all so foreign to him yet he felt better, more at home and peace than ever before. How could such a small change do so much?

Arthur puffed up his chest in the mirror, he was starting to put on weight again too, and he was liking the direction and results. He’d lost almost too much, and with Lewis (and his cooking) back, well that wouldn’t be a problem ever again. This time around, he wouldn’t skip going with Lewis to the gym, or avoid things that made him uncomfortable. If only I had confronted those feelings earlier.


In the master bedroom Vivi sat on the edge of the bed swinging her feet back and forth as the bathroom door clicked shut. She wasn’t sure if the door would click open before morning, but she was willing to wait as long as needed for him to come back out.

She was glad that both of her boys had agreed to her idea, and that neither of them found it strange either. It isn’t normal, they’ll probably never agree to it. She had told herself. She had all but convinced herself it was impossible or unlikely before she had even asked. Maybe it was just a fear of rejection or preparing for the worst, but her delight when she got a somewhat enthusiastic yes from Arthur nearly melted her heart.


When Lewis finally worked out that Arthur had lost his arm, granted it took a bit too long and the melted slag on the floor had freaked him out badly enough to finally ask what the fuck happened, he had settled down enough to talk things through with his still living friends.

It took a few weeks for Lewis to finally ask Vivi back out on a date, to which she flatly rejected since his eyes would cause a stir if anyone saw them. He moped around for several days before Arthur dropped a box into his lap, saying something about the mood of the mansion being dark enough already without Lewis making it more miserable than his goth phase where he’d still make rainbow cupcakes with his sisters.

The sunglasses hid his eyes perfectly, Lewis couldn’t find a brand on them anywhere but thought nothing of it. At least, until he asked Vivi out again and put them on to show that she couldn’t see his eyes behind them. She had made a small gasp and whispered a small thank you to Arthur. He asked her about it, and she said he had been working on something to hide Lewis’ eyes in public since they would give away his nature to other hunters and scare normal humans. She was impressed with the simple solution.

It was then that he realized just how much Arthur had cared about him returning to as normal a life as possible despite now being a ghost unable to pass on, not that he was going to complain about being around the living.

When Vivi asked Lewis how he had felt about Arthur before the cave incident, Lewis had difficulty being honest. Arthur had been his best friend since they were kids. They knew each other so well that most people in school had started to call them twins as they could always finish each others thoughts and sentences. They were even teased about how in their year nobody appeared between them in the yearbook. Seniors got a full page in the yearbook, Arthur was on the left page and Lewis on the right, smiling stronger than they had in years.

He and Arthur had been inseparable, at least until they graduated. That was when Lewis started to help more around the restaurant and Arthur had started to take college courses while still working at his uncle’s garage. Arthur even introduced Lewis to Vivi, a girl he been talking to at the local coffee shop for awhile, Lewis swore Arthur’s blood had to be half coffee by this point. She had convinced them to start a ghost hunting and paranormal investigation team with her boss as their mentor. It wasn’t long before Lewis and Vivi had started dating after that, leaving Arthur behind and not taking him with them on as many cases. The investigations began turning into date nights, and Arthur seemed to know it.

When Lewis finally sat down to think over everything Mystery had told him about the nature of the cave spirit, his history with Arthur, and Vivi’s question, it finally clicked together. How many hints have I missed? Lewis pulled out his old laptop and scrolled through his Skype history with Arthur. It was all there as plain to see, the words, the phrasings, the teasing. He had missed it all. He waited a few days before telling Vivi absolutely yes, a thousand times yes; he needed time to cool down and think.


Taking a deep breath Arthur opened the bathroom door, still shirtless and wearing only a pair of sweats the sagged a little too far down his hips, commando felt better in bed he told himself. Vivi smiled. Lewis scooped up their new boyfriend.

Ghost AU time

Iwaizumi recently died, and is really fucking worried about Oikawa. So he starts haunting him, but in a helpful way. Low key things like moving Oikawa’s keys to a place where he could find them. Putting oikawa on his side when he gets drunk. (He was drunk every night for like a month after Iwaizumi died) A year passes and Oikawa starts bringing dates home. Iwaizumi starts becoming a curropted soul. He hides oikawas keys making him late for dates. Knocking the dates drink over. Pulling off covers. It freaks oikawa out, so he calls a paranormal investigation team. They ask around saying “why are you targeting Oikawa?” And you know ghost stuff. He says “he forgot” and throws a huge fit by breaking shit. Oikawa realizes its iwaizumi. Part of him wants to keep Iwaizumi around, but he knows he will never be able to move on. He begs Iwaizumi to go and move on. This causes a bigger ghost fit. Oikawa says that he never forgot and demands that Iwaizumi goes to heaven and wait for him. It breaks the curroption and Iwaizumi passes on. Oikawa one day dies, and they meet again. They reincarnate together to start the adventure all over again. -Kelli

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