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Post Mortem Photographs

Victorian Post Mortem Photography 1837-1901

Post Mortem family photos and portraits 

Often a family would not have any group photos and after a family member had died they only have one last chance of a photograph together.

After they had passed away they would be dressed up and sometimes having eyes painted on their eyelids.

Sadly in this era child mortality was very high and a post mortem Photography would be the only way to have a photo of their child.

Imagine how difficult it must have been to pose with a dead loved one. At the time, the photography process was slow and you could not move while the photo was being taken.

In this photo you can see the dead girl is more in focus than her parents, as they moved while the photograph was being taken.

Sometimes, photographers would try to make it appear like the dead person was sleeping.

Notice the odd position of the curtain behind the boy? It’s likely there was someone behind it holding the boy’s head up.

See anything strange about the background? This girl is sitting on someone’s lap. The person held her in place while the photo was taken.

In this photograph, the girl standing in the middle is the deceased. The photographer attempted to make her look more alive by drawing on her pupils.

Theres just something about their eyes . I got goosebumps while making this .


Family Accidentally Photographs Ghost Of Dead Neighbor At Child’s Birthday Party

An eerie photo from 2002 just surfaced, and the photographer claims it shows the ghost of his deceased neighbor stopping to celebrate his niece’s birthday.. from beyond the grave.

The man who snapped the photo, who goes by the screen name dopelclaus, posted the image to the reddit, saying that, for fairly obvious reasons, the family was pretty freaked out when they developed the photo. That fear only grew after he ran the images through a few Photoshop filters, which uncovered a rather menacing figure learning around the corner of the frame.

The family had only been living in the house for six months before the photo was captured, and as it turns out, the previous owner had, in fact, died in the house. The real kicker? The family was able to track down the original owner’s son, who verified that the strange-looking man in the photo was his father, even telling the family that he was wearing the same clothes that he was buried in.

Little Girl in Window

This photo was taken in front of a home in Savannah, Georgia and what’s captured is chilling. In the bottom right of the window is the face of a little girl. The story goes that a little girl was killed near that window in the house. Many people say that the little girl’s face is simply a lamp or other object but there is nothing behind the window. What’s captured in the photo is not a physical object, what do you think it is?

arielsoceangrotto submitted:

This is a picture we took in the building in the story I shared. We found a pitch black room. There were no windows, no light escaping in, we were shining our flashlights into the darkness and saw nothing. My friend finally took a picture with the flash on hoping it would light up the room enough in the image to see what was in that room since our flashlights didn’t even help. She saw nothing so we left the room. When she got home and started putting the images on her computer she realized she actually did catch something on her camera.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 8/10 Nice.  Thanks for sharing the scares!

“Butterfly” UFO over Ohio-Kentucky Border

There was a video that surfaced recently of this UFO flying near New Boston, Ohio. A father and son recorded an “eerily silent” UFO flying southwest into Kentucky. When zoomed in the details of the craft are quite striking. The UFO moved silently through the sky in the video and the father and son went home. On their way back home they spotted two military helicopters heading in the same direction about 5 minutes down the road. Does this craft look man-made or more like an alien spacecraft? Those who’ve seen this video are split in their decision? What do you think?

I couldn’t find a good quality raw video of this, but SecureTeam10 did a fantastic breakdown of the footage. I didn’t want to post his content on my blog but you can watch his video here.

What do you think? Stay curious!

Imagine a human AU where you are a paranormal investigator. You go around helping people with ghosts and other supernatural entities (though a lot of the time it turns out to be nothing or a prank).

Thor and Jane contact you because they think their house is being haunted. You go check it out since it’s not too far. When you arrive both Thor and Jane seem perfectly polite but Loki (who doesn’t live there but stops by every now and then) openly laughs when he hears what you’re there for. You ignore him and look through everything. Most of what Thor and Jane bring up are easily explained away except for one: Thor insists on seeing a shadowy figure every night in the hallway at 3am. You stay up to see it, setting up cameras to catch the movement.

When you look back at the photos you can tell that it isn’t a ghost but an actual person. Quite easily you deduce that Loki has been playing a prank on Thor and Jane, who had recently seen a horror film about a haunted house and were terrified.

You confront him about it but while you do he starts acting distracted, saying he can feel something tug his hair. You think Loki’s still kidding around until he is pulled back by some unseen force and slammed into the wall.

Cue saving Loki from a ghost and him having to acknowledge the possibility that ghosts are real.

Angst/Horror Text Message Meme

Send my muse a symbol and receive a text message.

☠  for a frightened text message
☮  for a desperate apology via text message
☯  for a text message in which my muse confesses to a lie
♠   for a text message in which my muse feels threatened
Ω  for a text message after making a horrible mistake
♤  for a text message from beyond the grave
♣  for a frantic text message
♧  for a series of text messages during a paranormal event
♥  for a break-up text message
♡  for a text message about a heartbreak
♦   for a text message about an injury
♢  for the goodbye text message they intend to send before death
♔ for a confrontational text message
♚ for a last text message before running away
⚜ for a text message after just committing a crime
★ for a text message from a stalker
☆ for a text message while hiding during a home invasion
☄ for a text message spilling a horrible secret
☾  for an angry, violent text message
☼ for a worried text message
☀ for a text message while being held hostage
☁  for a manipulative or abusive text message
☂ for a confused, delusional text message
☃ for a threatening text message
☻ for a “secret code” text message while in trouble**
☺ for a warning via text message
۞ for a text message accusing the other muse of something
 ۩  for a text message about something disturbing they’ve just witnessed


☢ for a gruesome photo via text
✉ for a seemingly-harmless photo via text, but something is hidden in it
♰ for a paranormal photo via text
❦ for a photo of a stalker via text
© for a photo from beyond the grave via text
✄ for a message/photo via text that wasn’t taken by the owner of the phone

**: refers to “secret codes” to use in troubled situations so as not to be suspicious to anyone watching/listening to the conversation. Example: “I forgot my toothbrush” = “pick me up, I’m uncomfortable”.


Best Skunk Ape Footage Ever

One of the most HD Bigfoot videos I’ve ever seen. Most videos have shaky cameras and low quality, but this one strays far from that. The cameraman is Matt M, he was canoeing through Lettuce Lake Park in Florida when he thought he spotted a bear. He realized later it was a Skunk Ape. He manages to keep the camera steady, getting a clear shot of the creature.

The ape is massive. The sheer size of this animal is shocking. When we first see the Skunk Ape it is sitting up in the trees reaching down and drinking the water. After it’s quenched it’s thirst it swings it’s legs down into the swamp and starts to walk away. The creature moves with ease through the swamp very naturally. The size of the animal is even more surprising when it becomes upright.

If this was a hoax it’s a very well done one. Not to mention a dangerous one to film! Swamps like this are very dangerous in Florida due to its predatory wildlife. Stepping foot in water like this is taking a huge risk to your life. However it isn’t surprising that a massive animal such as the one filmed here could be able to defend itself and maybe even be unbothered by some of the predators of these swamps. Predators typically don’t attack animals larger than them, and a Sasquatch definitely out-weighs most crocodiles and alligators. So what do you think? Hoax or authentic?

The White Lady of Worstead Church

In August of 1975 Diane Berthelot was on vacation with her husband and son in North Norfolk, UK. Diane had been sick for quite some time and the heat was beginning to bother her, so they went into a church to rest up. Diane sat in a pew and took advantage of the time to pray for better health, during which her husband snapped this photo of her. When their vacation had ended and they returned home they noticed the strange white figure sitting behind Diane who wasn’t there when the photo was taken.

They returned a year later with Diane in better health and showed the photo to a vicar who explained to them the legend of the White Lady. She is said to be a healer who brings good health to people in need of it. Diane’s sickness had indeed gotten better since their vacation ended and its believed that is all owed to the mysterious White Lady.


Ghost Adventures Documentary

The hit show Ghost Adventures quickly became Travel Channel’s #1 show when it debuted in 2008, But Zak Bagans and his crew started long before that. They began filming their independent documentary Ghost Adventures back in 2004, spending just over 3 years in production until it finally aired on the Syfy Channel in July of 2007. The film follows the team’s first investigations as they investigate Nevadas most haunted locations. During their investigations they capture some of the most compelling evidence of the paranormal including EVP’s, poltergeists throwing objects and even a full bodied apparition. After it aired they almost immediately got a contract with Travel Channel and quickly rose to fame. The documentary is about an hour and a half long and definitely worth the watch. The honesty and “no bullshit” attitude these guys put forward definitely adds a lot to their credit. If you don’t believe in ghosts you definitely will after watching this.

I do not own this film. All rights goes to the Ghost Adventures Crew and associates.

YouTube Channel: CountAlex