paranormal cops

A Guide To Paranormal, Aliens, Cryptozoology, &    Everything Strange Shows/ TV!: Documentary Edition! ===================================

  • Ghost Adventures
  • Paranormal State
  • Ghost Hunters
  • Destination Truth
  • Paranormal Witness
  • Haunted collector
  • Ghost Hunters International
  • Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files
  • The Haunted
  • The Dead Files
  • My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera    
  • A Haunting
  • Scariest Places on Earth
  • Ghost Mine
  • Haunted Highway
  • Ghostly Encounters   
  • The Unexplained
  • Most Terrifying Places in America   
  • Ghost Lab
  • Weird Travels
  • Creepy Canada
  • The Haunting of…
  • Celebrity Ghost Stories
  • monster quest
  • Ancient Aliens
  • Haunted Lives: True Ghost Stories
  • Most Haunted
  • Paranormal Cops
  • Haunting Evidence
  • Psychic Kids
  • Ghost Asylum


In No Specific Order!

*Please Note that This is just “Documentary & Non-fiction” Category Shows. NOT Fiction! Thank you and if I missed one you enjoy please message or comment and I would be happy to add!* -Stay Spooky!

anonymous asked:

Do you by any chance follow gallusrostromegalus? Because i started following her recently and she kinda reminds me of you. Colorado, illustrator, graphic designer, weird family stories.

Ha! Thanks. Being compared to the lovely @gallusrostromegalus is certainly a compliment. I do follow them, but over on my “reblog all the things blog” @grand-county-witch because I actually check my dash regularly on that one.

Though, to be fair, Gallusrostomegalus is from a strange, cryptidy family and I am from what would honestly be better considered a cryptid-hunter family (with me cast as the very annoyed witch daughter of said hunter family). Worldly, strange abilities with plants, and frequent encounters with the strange vs. crumudgeony 4th generation Colorado natives who’s family history reads like a western dime novel. Basically, a friendship between us would probably end up being like some weird and hilarious paranormal buddy cop movie.