Corroboree Rock Spirit

Taken by Reverend R.S. Blance at Corroboree Rock, at Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia in 1959, this famous photograph appears to show a woman holding her hands toward her face, peering out into the distance.

Karolina Olsson – Sleeping Beauty of Oknö

“When the toothache got worse her father and mother thought it was due to witchcraft. It was 1886, superstition was high and the village of Okno was quite isolated. Knowing there was nothing they could do that evening, Karolina was told to go to bed and see what took place the following day. Karolina went to sleep age 14, and when she woke up she was 46 – she had slept for 32 years and her world was a lot different…”

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The Importance of Aftercare

A lot of the time the cases Pyro has worked/works on, and the case I have joined him on, are very serious cases of negative entities/events happening involving metaphysics. And these cases can leave people as raw and open as a physical bloody wound. Hence the importance of aftercare.

Aftercare is twofold- Yourself, and your home. If you take care of one but neglect the other, you’re opening yourself up for more hurt. Think of it like breaking a leg because of your broken front porch. What good is all the physical therapy and healing you do if you never fix the porch?

So here are the most important tips for each type of after care:


This is the part you should address first. You won’t be able to fully address the aftercare of your home if you yourself aren’t cared for.

-Food. Food is grounding. Eat some immediately after. Like Chocolate and dementors. It works, you’ll feel better, get grounded, and it’s just an important life function.

-Tea. I say tea because it has the same grounding effect, it’s soothing, there are herbs that can help with the healing process, and it’s hydrating. Plus boiling water can help with the cleansing of the house part I’ll address later.(Any hot drink will do, it’s a comfort type of thing.)

-Take a shower. Cleanse yourself metaphysically and physically. In this case, get the shower as cold as you can stand, stand underneath it, picturing it as white light cascading down you, washing away any negativity. Afterwards, get it to your favorite temperature and cleanse yourself physically. It just helps to get you clean. Don’t give yourself frostbite, please be cautious!

-Do one chore. Whether it be a single dish, all the dishes, or just picking out your outfit for tomorrow, it can help normalize you and just start the healing process.

-Do something comforting, like snuggling a loved one, a pet, or a plushie, and go to sleep. Just sleep. Like when you’re sick, you need sleep. Same principle applies here. (Don’t drink or imbibe mind-altering substances, such as marijuana, acid, alcohol etc., because it can open you right back up to issues)

Home(Where you are residing)

This is best done after you take care of yourself, or can be done with the help of friends/practitioners who helped with your case/priests/minister etc. immediately after the issue has been resolved.

-Cleanse your house. Whatever your religion, cleanse it in your preferred manner. Be it a priest’s blessing, sage burning, favorite incense, your coven helping, whichever.

-Clean it. I know, I’m pushing chores on this list. But even doing one simple chore, or just vaccuming one room, can help really make the house feel cleaner, and yourself. Because you’re cleaning out the remnants of the event, and removing physical and metaphysical places for things to reside just with the aspect of cleaning.

-Ward/Protect it. After cleansing, your space is now clean, but you need to protect it. Just like you put a bandaid over a cut that’s been cleaned. Again, whatever traditions you already practice, because it is YOUR space. if you don’t practice it, don’t BELIEVE it, it won’t work as well. 

This aftercare is meant to be done AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The longer you wait, the bigger risk you take.

And please, Common sense! While fast action may be necessary, don’t do it without thinking ahead. For example, don’t try to give someone an emergency tracheotomy when they just need CPR because you aren’t thinking. (Pyro: Even if it is fun to stab people in the neck.) (Caramel: It’s a joke, not condoning this at all.)(We at dontbethewhiteguyinahorrormovie don’t condone neck-stabbing, as hilarious as it may seem)

It doesn’t always need to necessarily be in this order either. Please use your common sense. If the house needs to be fully cleansed and protected before you’re able to have a safe space to take care of yourself, address that first. Sometimes, you do need to just sleep afterwards. In that case, sleep first, decide the order later, and take care of it ASAP, when you can.

And as always, these are guidelines. Many people have their own advice/versions of aftercare. Do what works for you, we just stress that you do it quickly! 

As always, be safe, contact us with ANY questions, or if you need help!

~Caramel & Pyro

The Jersey Devil is a legendary creature or cryptid said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey, United States. The creature is often described as a flying biped with hooves, but there are many different variations. The common description is that of a kangaroo-like creature with the head of a goat, leathery bat-like wings, horns, small arms with clawed hands, cloven hooves and a forked tail. It has been reported to move quickly and often is described as emitting a “blood-curdling scream.”
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Putting urban legends and pure speculation aside, there are known occurrences – a plethora of them actually – that involve the paranormal, many of which have been reported for years and have been documented by paranormal investigators. Stereotypical ghost stories have the tendency to produce a feeling of the far-fetched whenever the word “paranormal” is brought up, but what you’re about to read are not your typical legends and fables.

Hey everyone! My good friend Shane started up a youtube channel recently called Realm Of Unknown. He makes videos about a lot of paranormal, myth, creepy subjects and it would be really cool if you guys went and watched some or subscribed! Again, he’s only just started so it’s not perfect yet, but if you’re into that kind of creepy and interesting world, go check it out! 

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