“Iron Man” by Black Sabbath

Paranoid (1971)

glasses vmin banner for @bangtan-bangbang ( @thestoryvalley ) c: hope you like it~

i hope this was what you wanted because if not just kick me super hard omg

I have this horribly massive paranoia about smelling even slightly bad in any sense, breath body or hair and it is bad bc its hot out so naturally i sweat and i have to douse myself in rose water and scents so i can calm down


I haven’t been uploading any art recently so here’s some hand drawings of some UnderSwap characters. I bought some multi-coloured fine liners a while ago and ended up making these. 

PS. These pictures were taken on my phone and have awful colour and brightness filters over then to make up for how disgusting the quality is. I don’t actually know how to take decent photos on my phone.

           Mental Spectrum Positivity #10

To those with Depersonalisation-Derealisation Disorder, you’re someone’s hero, no matter what happens. <3 

To those with Paranoid Personality Disorder, it’s okay to feel this way - it doesn’t make your voice any less beautiful.<3

         Never forget how beautiful you all are!