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In which I (sleepily) rant about Harry Potter and Christian homeschooling

Harry Potter was something to fear growing up. For those of us who were aware of the books’ existence, we classified them as “dangerous.” We were told that these books would invite demons into our homes. My mother was convinced that the only way J.K. Rowling could think up such things were if demons influenced her dreams and caused her to write it. No shit. She’s thoroughly convinced that this is the same case with the author of the Twilight books too.

This type of paranoid, extremist thinking isn’t uncommon at all in the fundamentalist Christian homeschooling communities. With my experience down in the South where religion already runs rampant, I witnessed how that atmosphere fueled the twisted ideologies of Christian homeschooling parents to the point of insanity. If they believe that demons are real and that bringing in certain secular material that “promotes” witchcraft will invoke demons, then who’s going to stop them? After all, the parents know what’s best…right?

What happens to the brains of these children who are so sheltered from the world in the name of keeping them Christian and pure? Because in this world, demons are real and you’ll go to Hell if you don’t accept Jesus as your Savior. Fear is instilled in us from the very beginning. Fear of the outside world, other people (mostly “unbelievers”), sex, and losing our eternal salvation. We were forced to grow up in this rigid way of thinking, lest we lose ourselves to the “secular world.”

The religious homeschool world can be a pretty fucked up place to grow up in, though.

But as it turns out, thankfully, Harry Potter isn’t evil. Rejecting Christianity didn’t make me a terrible, immoral, hateful person. If anything, leaving Christianity made me a better person because I’m a kinder and much more compassionate human being now. And yo, Harry Potter is the bomb. Like, who the hell wants to deprive their children of this stuff?! It’s awesome! Unlike what my mother taught me, it doesn’t teach you spells. It takes you on this fucking magical journey and…damn, one of my favorite book series ever so far.

Stop depriving your kids, people, and just let us live a little. Life is short.


OK FIRST OFF THIS DUB. I only just came across it and it’s actually what made me log back into Paratwi after such a long time. MLPVoicerneon did a really nice job and it really gave me some nostalgia for the blog, haha. 

Ansem the Wise (DiZ)

Guys. I don’t think we talk about him enough. 

Granted, he was a jerk blinded by the need of revenge (and corrupted by darkness, if the smoky bandages and orange eyes are any indication), but he’s always described as a wise, benevolent leader and academic.

But think about it for a minute. 

Ansem the Wise was a master computer programmer. 

First example? Space Paranoids. One of my least favorite worlds in the game, but think about it. 

Tron says that this world is a copy from another, which we learn to be The Grid in DDD. That means Ansem found The Grid, reprogrammed it to get rid of CLU, Kevin Flynn, and the ISOs, added programs to it, such as the DTD, and made it all work on his computer. He ran Radiant Gardens using that computer, and it was complicated enough that Tron, Zark (or whatever his name was), and the MCP were all basically AIs. 

Is that not enough? No? Alright then.

Virtual Twilight Town. 

A FULL, VIRTUAL TOWN. Full of virtual people, all who are basically complicated AIs, since they respond correctly to Roxas, the one wild card in the entire system. 

He even has systems in place to keep Roxas from summoning his Keyblades, shown when data surrounds it the first time (Day 1, facing the Dusks). That has GOT to be some complicated stuff right there. 

Which he had to have built on short notice, and there aren’t even any bugs in the system (until the Org messes with it). 

That’s some high level programming right there. 

So when Riku asked if building a beach was that hard? I really think Ansem was slowly dying inside (again, experience as a programmer).

Ansem (out loud): It would have given them another entry point.

Ansem (thoughts): Eternally screaming.

I don’t know if I should categorize this under a theory, headcanon, or just plan canon at this point…

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“No!! No, no, no, no, no…” The panicked chanting started as soon as the vampire came within ten feet of the werewolf, who quickly backed up, keeping a safe distance between them. Not happening. No. Not today, no thank you. 

“Please don’t fight me with your coven or steal the girl I’ve been in love with since childhood, despite her plain and pale demeanor!!”

These are characters for a concept that ended up being scrapped. At one point I was gonna do some sort of “journey into the mind of ParaTwi” induced by her psychiatrist and these two were Twilight’s madness. They’re pink and blue because together they make purple and Twilight was split off from her paranoia/madness inside her mind. I have a few more concept stuff left, actually! Will upload these eventually as well c: