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It’s kinda hard to believe that it’s not a race thing when in actuality every single fandom calls an interracial ship even when it’s actually romantically canon, a “brotp”. Or when every flirtatious or romantic banter between a poc and a white character is disregarded as “sisterly” or “brotherly”  or “creepy and forced” by the fandom.

It’s hard not to believe it’s a race thing when every fandom vilifies a good-natured or normal poc while romanticizing the abusive white character. It’s hard to believe it’s not a race thing when every fandom accuses the poc when they’re affectionate towards a white character of being too aggressive or so platonic, but encourage abuse between two white characters and call it “romantic”. It’s hard to believe it’s not a race thing when every fandom treats a healthy interracial ship like it’s disgusting while freely and gleefully shipping incestuous white/white ships or shipping abusive white/white ships- which are always the most popular in every fandom.

It’s hard to believe it’s not a race thing when a show or film can be predominantly poc and the fandom still will only care about the 1 or 2 side white characters. It’s hard not to believe it’s a race thing when a poc can be fully fleshed out and the fandom still will make a white side character with one line the most popularly meta’d character.

It’s hard to believe it’s not a race thing when every poc is automatically labeled by every fandom as the “dad” of the group or the “mom” of the group for no reason other than to do away with every characterization of the poc so they can just be reduced to a simple trope so the fandom doesn’t have to care about them.

It’s hard to believe it’s not a race thing when every single fandom in existence treats poc characters and even poc actors the same exact negative way. They are always lesser than, always less than romantic, always less than a lead character, always less than relevant, to the white characters/actors in fandoms. When every fandom treats the main poc like a side character and the side white character like the main character.

It’s hard to believe it’s not a race thing when poc are stripped of any affection or dehumanized by every fandom especially when they get in the way of an incestuous or abusive white ship. When these microaggressions every fandom inflicts upon poc are in fact racist. But every fandom tells you it’s not a race thing even as they repeat the exact same negative and dehumanizing behavior of every other fandom towards interracial pairings and poc in general.

So I went on this date a couple of days ago with someone from Tinder.. and to say the least, it was weird.

The self-identified “artist” revealed her day job was working as a prison guard, and she spent much of our afternoon on a mumbled, paranoid rant about an anonymous “them” who were on the verge of their incipient take over of everything we hold dear. She wore mirrored wrap-around sun glasses. She ordered $75 worth of lunch, which she wouldn’t touch because she was sure it was contaminated.

I am definitely never going on Tinder again.. are there any good dating apps out there that aren’t… weird?

In which I (sleepily) rant about Harry Potter and Christian homeschooling

Harry Potter was something to fear growing up. For those of us who were aware of the books’ existence, we classified them as “dangerous.” We were told that these books would invite demons into our homes. My mother was convinced that the only way J.K. Rowling could think up such things were if demons influenced her dreams and caused her to write it. No shit. She’s thoroughly convinced that this is the same case with the author of the Twilight books too.

This type of paranoid, extremist thinking isn’t uncommon at all in the fundamentalist Christian homeschooling communities. With my experience down in the South where religion already runs rampant, I witnessed how that atmosphere fueled the twisted ideologies of Christian homeschooling parents to the point of insanity. If they believe that demons are real and that bringing in certain secular material that “promotes” witchcraft will invoke demons, then who’s going to stop them? After all, the parents know what’s best…right?

What happens to the brains of these children who are so sheltered from the world in the name of keeping them Christian and pure? Because in this world, demons are real and you’ll go to Hell if you don’t accept Jesus as your Savior. Fear is instilled in us from the very beginning. Fear of the outside world, other people (mostly “unbelievers”), sex, and losing our eternal salvation. We were forced to grow up in this rigid way of thinking, lest we lose ourselves to the “secular world.”

The religious homeschool world can be a pretty fucked up place to grow up in, though.

But as it turns out, thankfully, Harry Potter isn’t evil. Rejecting Christianity didn’t make me a terrible, immoral, hateful person. If anything, leaving Christianity made me a better person because I’m a kinder and much more compassionate human being now. And yo, Harry Potter is the bomb. Like, who the hell wants to deprive their children of this stuff?! It’s awesome! Unlike what my mother taught me, it doesn’t teach you spells. It takes you on this fucking magical journey and…damn, one of my favorite book series ever so far.

Stop depriving your kids, people, and just let us live a little. Life is short.

In A Heartbeat comments

Although there has been tons of great support for the short film the comments are actually toxic

Keep in mind this is a sweet little short about young LGBT kids learning that it’s okay to feel the way they do, and that it’s perfectly normal, in order to let  the younger LGBT+ community feel more comfortable with themselves

To the comments however, there are many different things you will find, and before you read them, these are the sorts of comments you should be prepared for:

-Lovely amounts of support and love from LGBT+ members, religious people and even heterosexuals (love these)

-Your run-of-the-mill “I don’t hate gay people BUT…” comments

-People saying Trump “will fix this”

-Homophobic slurs

-People saying “Oh you shouldn’t gear this towards children, what if they think they are gay and get bullied because being gay is bad, and being gay automatically means sexualizing.” (these people are the bully here) only to be countered in any other comments with other homophobes making sexual jabs about the main characters WHICH ARE CHILDREN

-The dreaded cringy “yaoi” comments. just stop. you are gross. this is not Japanese, it’s not one of your “Ships” IT. IS. NOT. SEXUAL. stop.

-The “kindly worded” but still homophobic nonetheless religious commenters, talking about God and Jesus and homosexuality is a sin. bruh. these are usually like 2 paragraphs long

-Paranoid people ranting about the “gay propaganda” and “forcing the gay” down their throats. Almost all the comments ABOVE are reasons why homosexuality should be promoted and accepted, people there are people like this.

I felt like I needed to write this, because I spent a good 25 minutes reading comments, and usually ended up disgusted with all the hate. No one forced them to watch the video. No one forced them to comment. I would hate for LGBT+ people to not be aware of this and end up having a panic attack, triggering something, ect.

Be safe, and I hope you all enjoyed this cute film as much as I did!

anonymous asked:

You know how you said passion projects don't pay? Have you considered kickstarter or patreon, because with such a passionate following I'm sure people would be interested in funding your dream. I know comics like Prague Race and Peritale do it.

I think those things will be a part of the equation eventually, but they need a lot of upfront work to be successful, like funding a print edition or something.

So, passion projects might pay, but they’re risky. And the other thing I’m working on is sorta risky, so risky thing + risky thing = potential doom and suddenly my dream of having a rat family is another five years away.

*paranoid money face*

Snowbaz Drunk Fic (sort of Au)

Simon was worried, again.

It wasn’t unusual for Simon to be worrying, after all, he practically spent every moment of his life worrying over something. If it wasn’t over Agatha, it was over being the Chosen One, if it wasn’t over that, it would be over the Humdrum, if it wasn’t that then he worried about the Mage, and if it wasn’t that then he spent his hours worrying about Baz and his plotting.

Penny disagreed with him, but he knew Baz was always plotting against him.

He also knew that Baz was a vampire.

He realized these things early on at Watford Academy, the school that all magicians went to. He knew he had magic when he was eleven, and the Mage had found him and brought him to Watford so he can learn about it, and control it better. The first time he used magic…well, it wasn’t good. He called an explosion like that, ‘Going off’ and everyone in the school knows to be far away when he does go off.

Penny usually just called him paranoid when Simon ranted about Baz, but Simon knew that something was off about his roommate (Yep, Baz was also his roommate. Since they were eleven).

“Penny, how am I being paranoid? I saw him go down to the Catacombs with my own two eyes!” He exclaimed.

She sighed, “Okay, maybe I’ll give you the vampire thing,” She said, “But Simon, Baz is not always plotting against you! There isn’t enough time in the day to plot as much as you say he does!”

Simon groaned, and then lied down on his bed and closed his eyes. He could feel the magic flowing to his fingertips like it always does when he gets too excited, or too mad, and he hated it. He hated that Baz had this much control over his thoughts. He hated Baz so much.

Tonight, he was worried about Baz. He knew that Baz always snuck off to the Catacombs at night to eat…or drink, or whatever the hell he does to get his vampire thirst down. But he was always back by at least Midnight, and the fact that it was now getting close to one made him insane with worry.

It’s not that he cared, because he didn’t care at all. But who knows what he could be doing, or what he could be thinking. He could be sitting in the catacombs and just thinking of a million ways to kill him that didn’t break the Anthanama. Maybe he was out killing people, or maybe he was going after The Mage.

All of those ideas scared Simon shitless. Baz was his sword enemy, after all, and there was more then a couple ways that he could hurt him.

He tried pulling the covers over his head and closing his eyes. He thought of things that would lull him to sleep, like cherry scones, Penny’s voice when they were just casually talking, and counting sheep. His thoughts began to slow down, and soon enough he wasn’t even thinking. The room was quiet, and for once Baz’s absence wasn’t driving him absolutely mad. It was actually sort of peaceful…..

A horrifically loud knock on the door had him falling out of the bed about an hour later. He scrambled up, and noticed that Baz still wasn’t in his bed. He couldn’t be the one knocking on the door, though. Why would Baz need to knock to get in here?

Simon thought that it could possibly be Penny, but even she wasn’t stupid enough to sneak to into his dorm at this time at night.

The loud knocking continued, and Simon hurried to the door to get it to stop. He opened it quickly, ready to tell whoever was on the other side to, “Stop fucking knocking so loud.” when he saw Baz standing there.

Baz was standing there, and he looked nothing like his usual self. His clothes were disheveled, his hair was sticking out all over the place, and he had a stupid grin gracing his face. A grin that is never there when he looks at Simon.

“Hey Snow, ” He slurred, “Can I come in?” He was whispering, and he still had a grin on his face. He was so obviously hammered Simon wasn’t sure that he recognized him.

“Baz?” He asked. He knew it was him, but he just couldn’t believe it.

Baz rolled his eyes, “For the love of Merlin, obviously Simon.” He sneered, sounding more like his usual self as he walked in the room. He sat on his bed, facing Simon’s bed like he was waiting for something to happen while he was looking at it.

He also called him Simon. Baz never calls him Simon.

“Are you drunk?” Simon asked. He wasn’t sure whether he wanted to get closer to Baz to inspect him or if he wanted to get as far away as possible. He’s never seem Baz drunk before.

Baz sneered again, “That’s ridiculous, Snow. I don’t get drunk.”

Simon rolled his eyes. Doesn’t get drunk, huh?

“Well are you.. uh…are you-”

“Spit it out Snow. I still don’t understand how you’re the chosen one.” His words were slurred, but Simon could understand well enough what he was saying.

“Fuck off Baz,” He said, “Just go to bed.”

And that is why he thought Baz was a prick. He walks in the room, acting all vulnerable and completely trashed, calls him Simon instead of Snow, and then when he tries to ask him a question he goes back to his normal self. The person that Simon is positive is trying to kill him.

“Fine.” He mutters.

Simon crawls into his bed, but doesn’t plan on falling back to sleep until Baz is asleep. God knows what he would try and to do him in the state of mind he’s in. Baz walks into the bathroom and slams the door shut, as if Simon did something to piss him off. Simon hears some things knock to the floor and can already tell that he’ll blame him for that in the morning. When he walks out he’s wearing his pajamas, and his hair looks a little less all over the place.

“Happy Snow?” He says as he lays in his bed, “I’m going to bed.” His voice is sarcastic, and Simon just growls and turns to face the other direction.

The room is silent, and Simon thinks that he’ll fall back asleep. That is until he hears his name being quietly called repeatedly.

“What!” Simon exclaimed. He turned back around to find Baz, wide awake and just staring at him. He could feel the magic rising in his body, and he shut his eyes and counted back from ten to calm himself down.

“I just…I’m not tired.” He muttered, sounding like a little boy.

Simon’s eyes widened. This was not the Baz he knows, and to be completely honest this Baz was making him more on edge.

“Are you um, are you okay Baz?” Simon asked, finally getting the words out that he meant to ask him before Baz turned back into sober, dick head Baz.

“Nope.” He said, and then chuckled.

“Well what’s wrong?” He asked.

So this is what it’s like to have a normal conversation with your roommate, Simon thought.

“I can’t tell you, I have too many problems right now.” He said.

“You’re not going to get over them if you don’t talk about it.” Simon said, trying to think about what Penny would do if he was the one who had too many problems and was drunk.

Baz looked at him and raised an eyebrow, “You’ve become quite the therapist, haven’t you Snow?” He said with a smirk.

Simon rolled his eyes and Baz sighed, “If you must know…I was kidnapped by Numpties and I haven’t fully recovered yet.” He said.

Simon did a double take. Baz Pitch was kidnapped by Numpties?! How in any world could Baz be kidnapped by Numpties. He was far too perceptive and clever for those stupid creatures.

“Close your mouth Snow,” Baz said, “You’ll catch flies.”

Simon was too wrapped up in his own thoughts to even think about what Baz was saying. Baz, who was kidnapped and held hostage for weeks, not plotting ways to Kill Simon. He didn’t know why, but something was pulling at his heart right now for Baz, and he’s never had a feeling like that towards his roommate before. Where it actually felt like he cares about him.

“I have another problem.” Baz says, but his voice was much softer than the last time he spoke.

Simon sighed. He just wanted to go to bed.

“What is it, Baz?” He asked, a yawn escaping his lips.

Baz looked up and grinned, but it quickly disappeared from his lips as he said, “Nothing you should worry about.” He said.

Which made Simon worry ten times more then he would have if Baz didn’t just say that.

“Crowley Baz, you already started, why stop telling me?” Simon said. He felt a little bad because really he didn’t genuinely want to know what’s bothering Baz, but if Baz didn’t want him to know then he just had to.

Baz looked at him for a moment as if he were deciding whether or not to spill his drunk guts to Simon. He kept looking at Simon, and then suddenly broke into a grin so small Simon could barely see it.

“I’m in love with you.” He muttered. It was so quiet Simon wasn’t sure he heard it right, but he wouldn’t dare to ask him to repeat that.

“You-you’re drunk.” Simon stuttered, not sure what else to say.

Did that just happen, Simon thought, Did Baz just freaking tell him that he’s in love with him?

It doesn’t even make sense! Baz had hated him ever since they met each other and never once has he shows signs of even slightly liking him, let alone being in love with him. The only person Baz loved was himself, and there’s no way that what Baz just told him was true.

“Yes, I am,” He said, and he seemed more calm then he was before, “But that doesn’t change the fact that I love you.”

It was now Simon’s turn to just stare at him. He didn’t know what to say, and he didn’t know if he would ever find a response suitable enough for what Baz just said to him. He continued staring at Baz, trying to conjure up the right words to say to him when Baz’s face suddenly crumpled up and he let out a shout.

He was off the bed, and before Simon could quiet him down he slammed his books off his desk, letting out another scream.

“Crowley, what’s wrong with me!” He exclaimed, “I don’t love you Simon Snow, I hate you! I hate you with every fiber of my damn being!” He was shouting still, and Simon was sure he was still drunk.

“Baz, calm down.” He whispered, hoping it would make Baz realize how loud he was being.

“Calm down? How bout you calm Snow, huh?” He was getting closer and closer to him, but for some reason Simon has never been less afraid of him.

“Yes Baz, it’s fine. You’re fine.” Simon now took a step towards him, and they were only inches apart. He could feel Baz’s breath every time he breathed, and Simon felt like he was suddenly under a spell.

“Simon…” Baz said, sounding more like himself.

Simon took a deep breath, “A little more sobered up, yeah?” He said, just needing to know the answer.

Baz shook his head, and Simon grinned, “You called me Simon.”

Baz opened his mouth to protest, but before he could even get any words out Simon kissed him. He didn’t know what was happening, or why he even kissed him, but he felt like he needed to. He felt like he wanted to. The feeling of kissing Baz was one like no other, and he realized that he should have done this a long time ago.

“Snow, why?” Baz asked breathlessly as Simon pushed him onto his bed, now practically straddling his roommate.

Simon didn’t really have an answer besides “Because it feels right.” So he didn’t answer, he just kept kissing the boy that suddenly meant something to him.

On some level, this had to be coming. They’ve been with each other almost every day for the past eight years, and whether they’ve been fighting or working together (which didn’t happen often) the were always passionate with each other. Simon was always sort of worried about Baz, even when he thought he was away plotting against him. Honestly, he should have seen this coming.

He didn’t know why he didn’t see this coming.


Two hours passed since Baz stormed in the room, and nothing will ever be the same. They kissed and argued for the rest of the night. They argued whether or not they’d be boyfriends, because Baz seemed to think that Simon would only want him for his lips. Which wasn’t true, because Simon knew Baz was more then just a good pair of lips.

They didn’t know exactly where to start, and Simon knew that whatever was about to happen would be messy and complicated. But it wouldn’t be them if it wasn’t.

Every time the two started fighting, the other one would gently place his lips onto the other’s and all traces of fighting would be gone.

“Why didn’t we do this earlier?” Simon wondered aloud. Baz and him were laying in bed together after kissing for hours.

Baz rolled his eyes, “Because you’re a stubborn arse.” He said.

Simon looked at him, “Or maybe it’s because you didn’t say anything earlier.”

Baz sighed, “This could go on forever, Snow. Let’s just both agree we like the fighting less than the kissing, yes?” Baz said.

Simon just rolled his eyes, “I don’t know how we’re going to do this.” He muttered truthfully.

Baz looked at him for a moment, and then quickly kissed him, “It’s going to be a mess.”

“We’ll probably still fight.”

“You’ll still be hopeless with words.”

“And you’ll still be a prick, from time to time.”

“But we’ll be partners.” Baz said, looking down at Simon’s hands.

Simon grinned and grabbed Baz’s hands, intertwining them with his own, “Partners, yeah.”

They were quiet for a moment, both just soaking in the moments they just spent together. Simon pressed his back against Baz and his arms went around Simon.

“I thought of another perk to this whole thing.” Baz muttered a few minutes later.

“And what’s that?” Simon asked.

“We live together,” He said, “So I can do this.”

Baz pressed his lips to Simon’s again, and he grinned under the kiss.

Oh yeah, Simon decided, He could get used to this.

Bago ka mabaliw sa pagiging paranoid kakaisip ng NEGATIBO sa relationship niyo in the future, na “IIWAN KA NIYA” o “IPAGPAPALIT KA SA IBA” o “MAGSASAWA DIN SIYA”. Pwede ba, ISIPIN MO MUNA YUNG NOW! I-enjoy mo, i-cherish at i-take advantage mo yung time na meron ka, yung moment na kasama siya. I-work out mo yung possibilities para hindi mangyari ang kinatatakutan mo, be the wisest, the most creative, exciting and loving one para sa kanya. Remember, YOU ATTRACT AND DO THE THINGS THAT YOU ALWAYS THINK AND BREW ON.

I’m surprised that Kinjou picked up sleight-of-hand as a hobby + dad jokes/dad pranks isn’t played with more often in fan works.  Contemplate:

- Kinjou pulling coins out from behind the ears of first-years.  Naruko and Onoda think it’s the coolest shit, and Imaizumi also thinking it’s cool but trying really hard to hide it (or if you’re including the after-episode shorts, being slightly traumatized)

- Makishima and Tadokoro putting up with this shit for three years, and still occasionally falling for his disappearing Power Bar trick

- Kinjou using his skills to mess with Arakita for a solid month without telling him it’s his hobby.  Arakita starts to become more and more paranoid, until he starts ranting about it at a Hakone-alumni movie night, and Toudou recalls how Makishima said there was a Sohoku member who was good at magic tricks.  He refuses to speak to Kinjou for a few days, until he caves and needs to get notes from him.

  • Troye surprised us with a 2015 song like wow with how much he has done this year it'd be pretty great
  • Bonus: he mentions his beautiful boyfriend and Connor just scoots across the screen

Okay. So, boyfriend wants a snake. A corn snake; a bright reddish-orange snake.

He says he wants this snake because he can’t have a cat (which makes no sense to me), but this snake is gonna live for up to 20 years. 20 years! I’m gonna be 42 with a fucking corn snake?! He’s so excited to be getting one at the beginning of August but all I can think is ‘yes, but wherever we move it’ll go with us, I’m gonna have to live with it too eventually, and I don’t want a snake’. I realise that’s ridiculously selfish but c'moooon, a snake?! Gaaaahhhh.

It’s gonna get out and hide in the walls, it’s gonna watch me when I’m home alone and kill me in my sleep when it’s big enough..

And another thing about Blanderson--

Those two weeks when that “romance” was going on vomit, Rick was out of his fucking mind.  He was paranoid and ranting and basically being a rabid dog.  Rick was not himself. Let me say that one more again–

He was not himself.

He even shoves Carl cause he’s so crazed. They sort of juxtaposed that shot with Pete shoving Jessie out of the way.  I’m willing to even bet it was more so that than his angry, loud-mouthed rant that made Michonne punch him the fuck out.

But yeah–unhinged.  How does this “great, majestic, true love” bullshit happen when you aren’t even in your right mind?

Sorry J*essicks, y’all can’t step to Richonne.  

When the dust settles and Rick resurfaces again in “The Next World,” he’s put on some weight (in spite of the recent food shortage–he was probably home more with the fam, chilling, and rightfully so), he’s smiling, listening to music, playing with his daughter, joking with his [work/future] wife and son.  He’s in a good place–

Actually, he’s in the best place we the audience have seen Rick.  Even when we first meet him, he was troubled, sitting in that squad car talking to Shane.

So yeah, GTFO with this “relationship with Jessie” business.