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It’s kinda hard to believe that it’s not a race thing when in actuality every single fandom calls an interracial ship even when it’s actually romantically canon, a “brotp”. Or when every flirtatious or romantic banter between a poc and a white character is disregarded as “sisterly” or “brotherly”  or “creepy and forced” by the fandom.

It’s hard not to believe it’s a race thing when every fandom vilifies a good-natured or normal poc while romanticizing the abusive white character. It’s hard to believe it’s not a race thing when every fandom accuses the poc when they’re affectionate towards a white character of being too aggressive or so platonic, but encourage abuse between two white characters and call it “romantic”. It’s hard to believe it’s not a race thing when every fandom treats a healthy interracial ship like it’s disgusting while freely and gleefully shipping incestuous white/white ships or shipping abusive white/white ships- which are always the most popular in every fandom.

It’s hard to believe it’s not a race thing when a show or film can be predominantly poc and the fandom still will only care about the 1 or 2 side white characters. It’s hard not to believe it’s a race thing when a poc can be fully fleshed out and the fandom still will make a white side character with one line the most popularly meta’d character.

It’s hard to believe it’s not a race thing when every poc is automatically labeled by every fandom as the “dad” of the group or the “mom” of the group for no reason other than to do away with every characterization of the poc so they can just be reduced to a simple trope so the fandom doesn’t have to care about them.

It’s hard to believe it’s not a race thing when every single fandom in existence treats poc characters and even poc actors the same exact negative way. They are always lesser than, always less than romantic, always less than a lead character, always less than relevant, to the white characters/actors in fandoms. When every fandom treats the main poc like a side character and the side white character like the main character.

It’s hard to believe it’s not a race thing when poc are stripped of any affection or dehumanized by every fandom especially when they get in the way of an incestuous or abusive white ship. When these microaggressions every fandom inflicts upon poc are in fact racist. But every fandom tells you it’s not a race thing even as they repeat the exact same negative and dehumanizing behavior of every other fandom towards interracial pairings and poc in general.

In which I (sleepily) rant about Harry Potter and Christian homeschooling

Harry Potter was something to fear growing up. For those of us who were aware of the books’ existence, we classified them as “dangerous.” We were told that these books would invite demons into our homes. My mother was convinced that the only way J.K. Rowling could think up such things were if demons influenced her dreams and caused her to write it. No shit. She’s thoroughly convinced that this is the same case with the author of the Twilight books too.

This type of paranoid, extremist thinking isn’t uncommon at all in the fundamentalist Christian homeschooling communities. With my experience down in the South where religion already runs rampant, I witnessed how that atmosphere fueled the twisted ideologies of Christian homeschooling parents to the point of insanity. If they believe that demons are real and that bringing in certain secular material that “promotes” witchcraft will invoke demons, then who’s going to stop them? After all, the parents know what’s best…right?

What happens to the brains of these children who are so sheltered from the world in the name of keeping them Christian and pure? Because in this world, demons are real and you’ll go to Hell if you don’t accept Jesus as your Savior. Fear is instilled in us from the very beginning. Fear of the outside world, other people (mostly “unbelievers”), sex, and losing our eternal salvation. We were forced to grow up in this rigid way of thinking, lest we lose ourselves to the “secular world.”

The religious homeschool world can be a pretty fucked up place to grow up in, though.

But as it turns out, thankfully, Harry Potter isn’t evil. Rejecting Christianity didn’t make me a terrible, immoral, hateful person. If anything, leaving Christianity made me a better person because I’m a kinder and much more compassionate human being now. And yo, Harry Potter is the bomb. Like, who the hell wants to deprive their children of this stuff?! It’s awesome! Unlike what my mother taught me, it doesn’t teach you spells. It takes you on this fucking magical journey and…damn, one of my favorite book series ever so far.

Stop depriving your kids, people, and just let us live a little. Life is short.

on the internet it’s fun to purposefully cultivate the iffy overly paranoid sorta ranting & non academic conspiracy theorist persona because the internet isnt an essay and it makes things more accessible in a way (also nobody else has to deal with all that nonsense when they make assertions they can’t back up without research so I refuse to cater to people who demand that of me online sometimes)

but IRL you gotta be ready to dish out sources from a very limited list of acceptable places until you get them over the initial hump of “whoa these people aren’t actually trustworthy and will lie to me for cash and expediency”

Bago ka mabaliw sa pagiging paranoid kakaisip ng NEGATIBO sa relationship niyo in the future, na “IIWAN KA NIYA” o “IPAGPAPALIT KA SA IBA” o “MAGSASAWA DIN SIYA”. Pwede ba, ISIPIN MO MUNA YUNG NOW! I-enjoy mo, i-cherish at i-take advantage mo yung time na meron ka, yung moment na kasama siya. I-work out mo yung possibilities para hindi mangyari ang kinatatakutan mo, be the wisest, the most creative, exciting and loving one para sa kanya. Remember, YOU ATTRACT AND DO THE THINGS THAT YOU ALWAYS THINK AND BREW ON.
And another thing about Blanderson--

Those two weeks when that “romance” was going on vomit, Rick was out of his fucking mind.  He was paranoid and ranting and basically being a rabid dog.  Rick was not himself. Let me say that one more again–

He was not himself.

He even shoves Carl cause he’s so crazed. They sort of juxtaposed that shot with Pete shoving Jessie out of the way.  I’m willing to even bet it was more so that than his angry, loud-mouthed rant that made Michonne punch him the fuck out.

But yeah–unhinged.  How does this “great, majestic, true love” bullshit happen when you aren’t even in your right mind?

Sorry J*essicks, y’all can’t step to Richonne.  

When the dust settles and Rick resurfaces again in “The Next World,” he’s put on some weight (in spite of the recent food shortage–he was probably home more with the fam, chilling, and rightfully so), he’s smiling, listening to music, playing with his daughter, joking with his [work/future] wife and son.  He’s in a good place–

Actually, he’s in the best place we the audience have seen Rick.  Even when we first meet him, he was troubled, sitting in that squad car talking to Shane.

So yeah, GTFO with this “relationship with Jessie” business.

  • Troye surprised us with a 2015 song like wow with how much he has done this year it'd be pretty great
  • Bonus: he mentions his beautiful boyfriend and Connor just scoots across the screen