paranoias mentales

how to deal with paranoia when you're home alone

since being alone generally makes my paranoia worse, I figured I’d share some things I do to make myself feel safer.

• pulling down shades - helps you feel better by keeping people from watching you outside.

• keeping music on or watching a (non triggering) video/movie - helps distract you from any noises that you might perceive as dangerous.

• put tape over camera/webcam - helps you feel safer when using your computer.

• stay in contact with friends/family - knowing someone that cares for you is available is helpful.

if you have any of your own coping strategies feel free to add on!
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How to Deal with Paranoid Thoughts

1. Keep a diary of your thoughts. Check this record daily, and look for patterns.
2. Notice what triggers these kinds of thoughts and patterns – other people, situations, or general moods and feelings.
3. Try and frame extreme thought patterns so they’re more reasonable and balanced.
4. Look for evidence that backs up and supports these new perspectives (That is, more reasonable and balance, and less extreme, thought patterns.)
5. Pay attention to the people you are listening to each day. Are they extremely critical, and do they put you down?
6. Check your overall wellbeing – such as amount of sleep, the kinds of foods you’re eating, and when and how much you are drinking.

a note from someone who struggles with mental illness to another

when you have a broken arm you go to the doctors and they fix and set the bone for you. when you need surgery the doctor performs it.
with mental illness, one thing that is hard to accept is that you have to be your own doctor. psychiatrists can give you meds and therapists can give you advice. but ultimately you are the one in charge of healing you. you are in charge of taking your meds daily and you are in charge of employing your therapists advice. and most importantly, you are in charge of waking up every morning with the will to fight your illness even when you feel like there’s no hope.
it’s terrifying; how are you supposed to save yourself when it’s your own mind that is fighting against you? it’s frankly unfair, but that is the shitty fight that comes with mental illness. you have to realize YOU are the light at the end of the tunnel YOU are the person who will save yourself.
it’s horrible but never give up. take charge of your own happiness, find your own inner strength to rise up and save yourself – you are strong enough.
And please please remember that you are never alone. Message me if you need a friend I’m always here for you

My brain: *takes a deep breath* your friends-
Me: yes, I know my friends hate me, I know, they hate me so much, they wish i was dead and that I would never speak to them again, they just hate me, I KNOW , they hate me they fucking hate me, I get it, THEY HATE ME, I GET IT.

Being paranoid 24/7, feels like you’re being chased by a knife wielding serial killer constantly and that every move might be your last or ruin your life.