paranoias mentales

my paranoia, being vague as fuck: something bad is going to happen

me: what?

paranoia: something…..

me: *is suddenly hyperaware of everything & everyone and prepares myself for death or danger at any moment*

~ just paranoia things ~
(feel free to add on)
- hating showering for fear of someone being in the room with you/ the noises you hear outside of the bathroom
- having a fear of looking out windows at night
- blinds/curtains are always closed
- everyone is lying to you ???
- can’t enter a room without checking for intruders
- can’t leave a room without peeking out the door to make sure no one is out there.
- oh yeah, that noise you just heard? it’s someone breaking into the house
- staying home alone??? out of the question.

how to deal with paranoia when you're home alone

since being alone generally makes my paranoia worse, I figured I’d share some things I do to make myself feel safer.

• pulling down shades - helps you feel better by keeping people from watching you outside.

• keeping music on or watching a (non triggering) video/movie - helps distract you from any noises that you might perceive as dangerous.

• put tape over camera/webcam - helps you feel safer when using your computer.

• stay in contact with friends/family - knowing someone that cares for you is available is helpful.

if you have any of your own coping strategies feel free to add on!
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