paranoiahill-deactivated2013071  asked:

I just wanted to say I love your page and the love of The Dark Knight Trilogy. I was wondering if you are also a fan of the comics, do you think RISES will surpass the dark knight, and what are your thoughts on the reboot to the series? Nevertheless, a great page :)

Thanks pal. I enjoy the comics as well, granted i havent the time to keep up to date as much as i used too or id like due to school and work, but ive pretty much covered all the “classic” story arcs, graphic novels and one shots like every other Batfanatic.

As for Rises surpassing its predecessor? who knows, at this point one can only wait and see. There is a definite possibility of it happening though, everything looks grander, larger, at least in scale & scope judging by the footage and info weve seen so far. But when it comes down to it, its all a matter of opinion, some people would argue that The Dark Knight wasnt even as good as Batman Begins, so yeah. Its up in the air. Personally i think it will top TDK, mainly because Nolan himself stated he wouldnt do a 3rd unless the story was on par or superior to the Dark Knights. But everyone from Mr. Nolan, to the solid all star, oscar winning/nominated cast, and crew too look like theyre giving it their all as to go out with a bang. So yes, yes. I expect great thing come July! Not to mention the recent sampling of the score, my god, just listen to it, its beautiful! The film just has has everything going for it right now, and its a guaranteed success box office wise.

The reboot? Dont get me started on that please, i just really, really dont want another origin story, we all know how Batman came to be! We dont need ANOTHER! I want some continuity and progress, i want to see an aging Bruce Wayne in his later years, kinda like from Frank Millers The Dark Knight Returns. I heard Nolan is staying on board as producer or writer or something so there is hope for that. I want to see new more obscure villains that havent been seen on the big screen before. People like Black Mask and even more recent addition like Hush. The possibilities are endless. Lets just hope for the best.