paranoia photography

I’m watching the new HBO documentary, Going Clear: Scientology And The Prison Of Belief, and was reminded of this incident that happened some years back. After taking this quick, totally harmless photo of this Scientology indoctrination center downtown and continuing on my walk, the guy in the photo looking out at me quickly ran outside, flagged me down and tried to intimidate me (demanding to know who I was “with” and what my “purpose” was, telling me in a threatening manner to delete the photo), and when I just ignored him and kept walking, got on a walkie-talkie to someone else at the end of the street who followed and surveilled me for several blocks until I quickly hopped on a departing bus and lost him. They clearly thought I was an “SP” with a lot of “body thetans” who posed a threat to them. I’ve lost a friend to this cult - an intelligent person who nonetheless was entranced by their empty promises of bringing her a life free of pain and mental illness and their delusions of grandeur about ridding the world of war, poverty, and injustice. All they managed to do was take her money and alienate her from all the people in her life who cared about her. I have nothing but disdain toward this organization of con-artists, control freaks, and sociopaths who hide under the guise of religion for tax purposes and use their ill-gained money scammed away from their members to hire high-powered legal representation that assures they will never have to answer for any of their many crimes and human rights violations.