paramount futures

Back to the Future is perhaps the best film of the ‘80s because there is instantly something weird and magical and innocent about it that draws you in.

My sister (born in 1980) kept telling me how amazing it was.

Me (born in the late ‘80s) was, like: “Meh, whatever. It can’t be that good.”

Then I actually watched it. And I was genuinely stunned by how lovely and fun it was.  


PaDD replica paint/build commissions. Several were cast from screen used pieces. Most were painted with automotive Dupli-color spray paints, but a few colors were custom mixed and hand painted as the colors weren’t readily available!

The pinkish looking piece (Cardassian Module) is my favorite. Really nice casting with some pretty cool paint schemes.

The Ultimate Guide to Covert Feminization

Hey guys! Since Mod April’s already made a post concerning discreet things you can do/wear to masculinize yourself if you’re still figuring stuff out or don’t really feel comfortable with presenting in public yet, I figured I’d do the same thing, but with feminine stuff instead. So, without further ado: here we go!

1. Clothes!

Honestly, there’s a lot you can wear without being clocked by people as “out of the ordinary.” Dotted and/or striped women’s tops/shirts are a great investment, because they make you look really cute without people really noticing what you’re wearing! Also, people don’t tend to notice things like women’s jeans/pants: to them, you’ll be just another person wearing tight pants. Big sweaters (*especially* knit ones) can also help you feel smaller (if that’s your goal) while not drawing too much attention, and beanies can sometimes do wonders for shaping your hair into a more cutesy style. Oh, and scarves (again, *especially* knit ones). Scarves are just awesome.

2. Accessories!

While things like hair clips may not be an option for you at this point, you can always wear something like a ring or an arm bracelet, the latter of which can be hid under a piece of clothing with long/baggy arms like a sweater or a jacket (or in the case of an ankle bracelet, under pants) if need be. Also, if you wear glasses, getting a nice pair of feminine frames could help you feel a bit better while, again, not drawing too much attention.

3. Hair/eyebrows!

If you want to, try growing your hair out to chin/shoulder length, or maybe even longer! And if you have an accepting place to go get your hair cut, you can always get it shaped ever so slightly. Layers (even if they’re really, really, really not obvious) help make your hair feel super light and fluffy; it’s a wonderful feeling, and people won’t notice a thing! Also, I’ve heard of people getting their eyebrows shaped so that they don’t look “out of the ordinary” whether they’re presenting as male, female, or somewhere in between, so that may also be an option for you to consider! 

4. Face/nails!

There are *definitely* things you can do to feminize your face (if ever so slightly) that don’t involve full-on foundation/concealer/eyeliner/et cetera. For starters, if you don’t currently wash your face with some sort of scrub like Neutrogena or PanOxyl, DO IT (a clean face is paramount for any future makeup endeavors, again, if that’s your goal). BB cream is also fantastic, as it enhances the natural colors of your skin without being too obviously makeup-y. Finally, painting your nails can be a great way to express yourself! I’ve recently been painting my fingernails with a clear topcoat, and no one has said a thing! Of course, painting your toenails can be even more fun, as you can make them any color you darn well please, and then hide them with socks whenever you’re around people who you think would give you a hard time about it.

In any case, those are just some of the things off the top of my head that I think would help all you trans feminine people out there present more femininely, while not drawing attention to/outing yourselves! 

I really hope this helps, and if anyone has any other suggestions for things to add to this post, just shoot us an ask, and I can edit them in!

~Mod Naomi <3

36. Ulises

Ulises has lived in marine parks since his 1980 capture at age three. He is the oldest male orca currently living in captivity, and also represents the only male to have survived this long in confinement. Ulises was housed at three different marine parks before arriving at SeaWorld San Diego in the 1990s. As mentioned in many of our whale biographies, captive breeding programs are paramount to the future success of marine parks in the US. For breeding involving artificial insemination Ulises is the primary source of viable sperm in SeaWorld’s collection. Today, Ulises’ sperm has culminated in the birth of Moana in France, and has been used to impregnate 8-year-old Kalia. At SeaWorld, Ulises is dominant over some of the female orcas, especially the oldest female, Corky. In fact, trainers will not allow Corky and Ulises to be in the same pool unless Kasatka, the ultimate matriarch, is present to keep both whales calm. 

Today for my birthday an old college friend of mine invited me to special showing of Back To The Future @ the Paramount Theater here in Austin. Look what they had out front.