list of some of my all time favourite songs

all I need - within temptation
taro - alt-j
salem - darkhorse
decode - paramore
milk teeth - keaton henson
desire - meg myers
gravity - sara bareillis
dancing - elise
rhiannon - fleetwood mac
medicine - daughter
atlas - darkhorse
breathe again - sara bareillis
franklin - paramore
lithium - evanescence
mad hatter - melanie martinez
youth - daughter
romance is - lights
sara - fleetwood mac

Just as a reminder, the so-called “emo revival” that started in 2009 is actually modern day indie/punk that brings back elements of Midwest emo from the 1990s. If you still enjoy the emo pop/mallpunk/scene (whichever term you prefer) from the 2000s then that’s totally okay. Yr interests are completely valid. But keep in mind that some of the the bands you loved either broke up (MCR, Alexisonfire) or change their style therefore they’re no longer emo (FOB, Panic!).
Whether you listen to emocore from the 80s (Rites of Spring, Beefeater), Midwest (Braid, the Get Up Kids and the Promise Ring), screamo/skramz (pageninetynine, Saetia and I Hate Myself), pop punk (Saves the Day, Midtown and Neck Deep), melodic post-hardcore (MCR, Lifetme, Brand New and Thursday), emo pop (Say Anything, Paramore and The Academy Is…), revival shit (TWIABP, MoBo and Joyce Manor), twinkle emo (Algernon Cadwallader, Snowing and Dads) or even bedroom pop (Teen Suicide, Pill Friends and Salvia Palth), if you listen to any of that, yr still apart of the emo universe.
Most people dress as “scene” aka a fusion of emo and rave fashion culture. So in conclusion, don’t shit on another emo just ‘cause they don’t meet up to yr expectations. We don’t all live in the suburbs and not all of us is heartbroken. And it’s all good. Clothes will be clothes and emos will be emos.
End of discussion.

My playlist for today

Love is Marching (BarlowGirl)
Seize the Day (Newsies)
One Girl Revolution - Battle Mix (Superchic[k])
Cross the Line (Superchic[k])
Once and For All (Newsies)
Change (Taylor Swift)
Anthem (Superchic[k])
It’s On (Superchic[k{)
I’m Doing Fine (Sadie and the Hotheads)
My Shot (Hamilton)
All For One (Blackmore’s Night)
Born for This (Paramore)
Running Out of Time (BarlowGirl)
Love Heals (Rent)
Time For You To Go (BarlowGirl)
Come Alive (BarlowGirl)
Waving Flag (Chani)