Last Saturday at Route 196 Bar for Paramore Night 3!!! I was way tooooooo HAPPY! The audience enjoyed and it was more than just amazing. IT WAS EPIC!!!

It was my first gig outside with my band Southern Lights, and HOLY MOLY there was a MOSH PIT !! It was crazy there I tell you. We were even brave enough to play an original song. :)

All the compliments from popular bands, musicians and visitors were very heart warming. They told us that we didn’t look like beginners, but like a band used to playing outside at gigs like that. I’m thankful enough that Sir Monty Macalino of Mayonnaise messaged me for another invite on their next production. :D WOW!

Thanks again MISMO Productions, Route 196 Bar and Paramore Philippines for having us play. See you next time! :)