April 9th

Paramore’s 4th album came out today, and I took a moment to talk about those “fans” who don’t respect them anymore.

It’s kinda funny how the fans who love the new album respect the fans who don’t like it, while those fans are the ones who come like “they aren’t Paramore anymore, I don’t like them and if you do you are not a real Paramore fan”. WHAT?! Paramore is still a band but what’s the point on doing the same music all over again? It would get old and boring. I’m not talking about changing in a extreme way (they didn’t) but seriously, it’s all about growing up as humans first, and as a band second. And they did that. They first found themselves, as friends, as musicians. And then, they wanted to create music. CREATE. Not re-create or whatever. That’s why they sound like a fresh-new band and like the young band they used to be at the same time. That’s why I love their new album.

That’s why, after all this time, I’m still into Paramore.

My experience onstage with Paramore!

Okay well, first of all my name is Guille and last week I went to see Paramore with my friend Paula, but I’ll talk about the show in Luxembourg.

We got there the day before the show and we were the only ones who slept outside the venue (it was freeeezing!). People started coming to the queue in the morning and they were all amazing people (we queued together) so yeah, we spent the day until the show with them just talking about life, music, tattoos… and how awesome was the Monster truck who came to us with free Monsters haha.

Well, as we won the tickets from a contest (thanks to we got to enter from the guest gate (so yeah the queuing was unnecessary but oh well, it was just in case!). So once we entered to the venue, we ran as much as possible and got front row right in the middle.

The show started and since the first song, Hayley started smiling, pointing at me, etc because I was jumping and screaming the lungs out of me haha. She even laughed and pointed at me in Ain’t It Fun when I was singing “don’t go crying…” while whispering my tears with a funny face hahaha. Even Taylor smiled a few times to me and Jeremy showed me his tongue (as we always does haha).

At the time of choosing people, Hayley started checking the queue from the left to the right to choose the first fans. She first choose 2 of my friends from the queue, and then she went to me like “the guy with the anklebiters shirt” or something like that (I was in shock cause she spend some seconds looking at me before saying that).

So I got onstage, went to say hi to Jeremy, then waved at Jon, Justin and Miles, and then I said hi to Taylor and told him I was from Spain and I showed my Paramore jacket (Jeremy and Hayley already saw it on Twitter). Hayley was still choosing people so I went to her and told her to pick my friend as we came from Spain… and she did it!! I also showed her again the jacket (she said “cool jacket!!”) and then I told her I run @ParamoreFB on Twitter and the song was just about to start but she said “aw nice!!” and high-fived me.

Then the song started and everything got crazy up there! I was headbanging with Jeremy and Taylor and sang the “why you wanna please the world and leave yourself to drop dead” part with Hayley (in her micro) and as soon as it finished, I was the first one she hugged. It was the best moment of my entire life. It was a real hug, like the one in the music video for Now. A friends hug. Best hug ever!

Then we went to the side-stage (I was so thirsty I had to ask someone there for a drink and he gave me a coke haha).

We stayed there for the next two songs (That’s What You Get and Still Into You) but as the stage wasn’t that big, we were literally right behind Jeremy, who eventually came at us. We (Jeremy and I) even got our “solo” moment in Still Into You, I came in front of him playing my “invisible” bass and we had so much fun there haha.

Then we got off the stage (freaking out) and realized I got onstage with my favorite band, with my friend Paula and some friends from the queue. I was that shocked and happy I couldn’t even cry!

Then they started playing “Proof” and that completed my day, as it’s one of my fav songs from the album and they were gonna play it in Milan but they didn’t, so yeah I was jumping and singing with my friends trying to figure out what was going on.

As soon as the show finished, a lot of people came to me like “hey you were amazing onstage!”, “hey I love your jacket” etc and got to meet some more amazing Paramore fans. They all were just too nice to me!

Finally, the same night I got onstage, Hayley tweeted me that she was glad I got onstage that night and that she had a blast!

I’d like to point out that a lot of people on Twitter congratulated me and it made me so much happier (if that was even possible) and yeah I love every one of my Twitter friends! They were as excited as I was!! If any of you are reading this, THANK YOU!

Well, now I’m back to my “normal life” and I’m still trying to get over it but I’m finding out that it won’t ever happen so I’m just gonna try and find a way to live with it.

I have no words to describe what is like to meet your favorite band, and even more to be onstage with them, feeling their music and they feel it themselves.

I love Paramore. I love Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor. And I love it that thanks to them I’ve met a lot of nice people they are now good friends to me.

That’s pretty much everything! Thank you for reading :) - Guille.


It’s been a year since I created this Paramore FanBase (@ParamoreFB). 

Since the very first time I listened to Paramore, I knew they will be a huge part of me. This part has increased a lot thank to Twitter. Without it, I would have never known what the Parafamily is, what is a food tweet, what Taylor thinks about or I’d never use the smiley “ :| ”.

I wouldn’t have the friends I have. Because, my Twitter friends are REAL friends to me and sometimes the only ones I trust in. 

From the beginning, I tried to do my best on Twitter. I still remember when I was about to reach 300 followers and was like “you guys I’m gonna follow and shoutout whoever is my 300th follower!!”. It was soooo fun! And it still is!! By the way, my very first Twitter name was FanParaBase haha.

Then, it came my first heart attack. Paramore’s follow. I remember to wake up, take my iPod and see like 100 mentions: “PARAMORE FOLLOWED YOU!”. Then I checked my followers list and I was like “why you lie to me? they are NOT following!”. Then found out they were and I had got 100 followers. I felt stupid, but blessed and loved too. 

After that, I tried so hard to get Hayley to notice me. I ABSOLUTELY love Jeremy and Taylor, they are 2 of my 3 heroes. But, in any way, Hayley has always been like my role model, because she makes me think in a positive way, no matter what happened. So yes, I tried my best to get her follow (like she’s the only one who follows fanbases), and, almost hopeless, @paramorefanfact RT’d me and she did. She just followed me and I remember how I trew my iPod and ran upstairs screaming like a maniac: “HAYLEY, AW.. HAYLEY!!” (I couldn’t say a thing obvs).

The first time Hayley replied, was about my Paramore jacket. But the second one was one of the most important ones ever. She said: “who cares what people think!”. Since this day, I’ve never been afraid to be myself. I just went to my school proudly wearing Paramore shirts, an orange undercut and my massive Doctor Martens boots. Got called many things, but… who cares what people think!?.

Otherwise, she has personally helped me in a concrete situation via DM so nobody knows about it. I’m not gonna tell what we were talking about because it’s really really personal, but I know you all don’t judge me and will support me, as I will always do with you all. But if she’s also your role model, you have the best one. Trust me.

Oh and I can’t forget about Jeremy and Taylor! Jeremy replied me once, also about my jacket, saying that it was nice and he would wear it. And about Taylor, I asked his friend to ask him what was his favorite Spanish city (because I’m Spanish and Taylor loves Spain) and he said that Taylor loves them all.

Being replied, RT’d or followed by any Paramore member is the second best thing of this story. The best thing, is you. Whoever is reading this. Because it doesn’t matter if we don’t follow eachother, or never talked. I just feel like we are a family, and this family means everything to me.

SOOOO many friends. Can’t name them all, but you know I’m here for you. ALWAYS. No matter what, I’ll try to help you. I will always love you. I will always support you. Why? Because I know that if I’m down, you will do the same. And I don’t care if you are a big, small, or non- fanbase. I usually forget to reply because I have no time and my memory, well, it sucks. But you can find me easier on @GuilleRiot.

Parafamily, thank you for giving me the chance to keep you updated with Paramore’s news, and also letting me tweet quotes (I love them) and the stupid things I usually think. 

My name is Guille (I’m a boy), I live in Spain. I’m 17 years old (scared of being 18 on 29th October). My English is far awar from being good but I just try my best. I saw Paramore live on July 11th in Madrid, where Hayley looked, smiled and pointed at me! And also love my chemical romance, you me at six, 30stm, atl, gaga, adele, the pretty reckless, new found glory, jimmy eat world, frank sinatra, the cure, prince, michael jackson and many many more. OH! Got addicted to General Ghost btw. And one of my fav movies ever is The Wizard Of Oz (one quote from this movie: “hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable.”

Thank you SO much, and I love you all with all my heart, PARAFAMILY.

“The thing is, our generation, we fight every day to get through life.”  - Hayley Williams