hi, this is my first post so might as well introduce myself!

im charlotte n I have a slight obsession with paramore and what better way to show my love for them than to make a blog dedicated to them (and maybe a few other bands, but mainly paramore).

I first heard about paramore years back when I was probably about 9(?) when my brother discovered paramore and started going to reading festival, (and many others) seeing SO many different bands, e.g fall out boy, new found glory, paramore, you me at six, blink182 and so on and so forth.. As I was only 9, I hadn’t really realised what sort of music I liked and would only ever listen to the radio but my brother would always play all this music that to me at the time wasn’t relevant to what I was doing, so I took no notice. Although I did really frickin like the music he listened to and to this day I listen to the same bands that he listened to only a few years back, Misery Business was the first paramore song I heard and I REALLY loved it. As I grew older (11/12) I asked my brother “What was that song you used to listen to? The lead singer has bright red/orange hair..” And obviously he told me that it was paramore, Misery Business.

Im now 15, I listen to paramore every single day without fail probably like most paramore fans.. I saw them live in Cardiff, MotorPoint Arena on September 21st 2013 and it was the most incredible experience! The first gig I ever went to was my most favourite band in the entire world and that made it even more special.

This is basically just an introduction to this blog so yeah..

I’ll be posting soon!! If you know any good pmore blogs, then of course send me a link to the blog!!