This song, it goes out to people who at one point may or may not have believed in love and that something happens. I mean, I’m a child of many divorces. My parents are incredible people, they’re amazing and actually they’re still friends, but it’s just something that I’ve been through, it’s part of my life. And actually a lot of my friends, most of our friends… your parents are still together *points at Taylor*. God, I love the Yorks. Man, heroes. I think  a lot of people kind of know what it feels to grow up in a broken home. And that had a big effect on me, a really big effect on me as whether or not I was gonna give it a shot. And I did. And I think it’s awesome. It’s really cool to love. I guess I just want to sing that out to people that maybe don’t feel that yet because I believe for you. This song is called The only exception.
—  Hayley Williams at Rosemont Theatre (Chicago, IL - May 3rd, 2015).