paramore: pomona

rare myth of the week: pomona

this girl pomona was a nymph and she was REALLY GOOD at gardening. like even better than most nymphs. and, as we all know, the better of a gardener you are the more Hot you are. or, at least, that’s what this satyr vertumnus thought. problem is: pomona is too busy with her plants to get busy with vertumnus.

fortunately vertumnus has a cunning plan. and that plan is to turn into an old lady. so he does that, goes to pomona and is like “hey nice plants but u know who is Way Nicer??? this guy i know vertumnus he’s a super guy!!”

and pomona is like “Doubt”

“no trust me” and vertumnus tells her this really long convoluted story and then at the end turns into himself in a Big reveal and pomona is like “huh ok” and they are together now?? yep.


2017 Grand National Roadster Show by B C


2017 Grand National Roadster Show by B C

anonymous asked:

I have a little delicate question about your own work - do you intend to write any lgbtq character? Or, possibly, relationship? I love your writing and would love to see something like your version of Winter Court lords in actual book!

Oooh omg I have really good news. I’m pretty sure I have more LGBTQ+ characters than straight ones. If not, it’s at least balanced (I haven’t actually tried to count in a while). All of my main characters are LGBTQ+, and many of my secondary ones are, too. In my first book I have:

  • (1) Grey-sexual, grey-heteroromantic 
  • (1) Asexual, grey-biromantic
  • (2) Homosexual (lesbian and gay)
  • (2) Bisexual, aro-spec
  • (1) Genderfluid, aromantic

I have a lot of ace- and/or aro-spec people, obviously, because that’s my experience and WE NEED REP. But other identities and sexual and romantic orientations come in throughout the series. One of my favorite characters in my current WIP is pan (I love her personality and she is so much fun to write). As of right now I don’t have anything quite like Kallias and Akihiro, but the series is not done yet, so you never know!  

For this week’s Harry Potter Character Design Challenge Professor Sprout, another one of my favorite characters and head of my house; Hufflepuff. I went for a little bit of a Searle style with this one since I thought it suited her character and also cuz it’s just dang fun to draw in :P