You know when you’re at a concert and you’re screaming so loud your lungs are about to go up your esophagus ?? And then the artist says “I can’t hear you” or “louder !” Like ???? Bitch this is all I got ????? How much more do you think I have to offer ??? Probably a lot

  • Aries:Green Day.
  • Taurus:Paramore.
  • Gemini:New Politics.
  • Cancer:All Time Low.
  • Leo:Fall Out Boy.
  • Virgo:My Chemical Romance.
  • Libra:Twenty One Pilots.
  • Scorpio:Imagine Dragons.
  • Sagittarius:Walk The Moon.
  • Capricorn:One Direction.
  • Aquarius:The Script.
  • Pisces:Panic! At The Disco.
  • Person:oh my gosh twenty one pilots is so good I love them.
  • Me:oh really me too don't you just love their album blurryface?
  • Person:what's that?
  • Me:… what's your favorite song by them?
  • Person:Stressed Out
  • Me:I personally like tear in my heart better
  • Person:idk what that is but I love twenty one pilots.
  • Me: