paramore my heart

“You don’t go to a show because you think someone in the band is hot. You don’t go because they always wear this cool, awesome outfit, or have the right hair. Those things are part of what makes up the whole picture of the music… but those things wouldn’t compel you to spend your hard earned money on a ticket to spend a night watching those clothes or that hair move around for a little while. Music resonates with everyone, which is why we call it the “universal language.”  - Hayley Williams


When you come to a show do you feel the same thing that I feel when I’m on that stage? I mean, I know you’re not standing on the stage… but surely you can feel the same energy that I’m feeling, to some degree. It’s so much more powerful than all the trivial nonsense that people chalk our band up to be. It means something great and it feels empowering. It’s the grace of knowing that we can all totally suck and be a little messed up and then stand in a room with thousands of other people who are exactly the same way, no matter how dressed up they look on the outside, and we can be broken all the same. 

Hayley Williams - Photos by Anine Desire (x)