paramore spring tour

My First Paramore concert...

So as a lot of you know, I went to my first Paramore concert May 9th, and let me say it was amazing.

I got to see my favorite band in real life for the first time, and when they first came on stage I cried because.. I don’t know.. seeing them it was just shocking. I never thought I would be where I was. 

I was in row NN, which was REALLY REALLY CLOSE. And I was right by Jeremy, which was pretty cool. :3 I screamed and cheered the whole time, and sang every song. I made friends with the people in front, beside, and behind me. So we all sang together and talked the whole time, which was awesome! Also, during Whoa, I’m pretty positive Hayley saw me when I stuck my hand in the air, and smiled RIGHT AT ME. I SWEAR SHE LOOKED RIGHT AT ME AND SMILED I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING. KJSFD:LSKJDFLS :IT WAS MAGICAL.

Seeing the LTFB outro live was AMAZING also, it was so rad and gave me chills, and the smoke coming out of the stage was really cool :3 

All in all, I had an amazing night. I wish I could remember every detail..

My next concert for Paramore is in two weeks :3 and I’m going to try my best to get on stage and sing Anklebiters… if that happens I will literally be happy for the rest of my life omf. a;lksdjf;laksdjf; I cannot wait! 

The one downside was that I didn’t get to meet Cristina (we-borrow-our-light). But I met her from afar, which was cool. Next time I go to Chicago, Cristina! :3 

I love Paramore so much, and the experience I had was amazing.


Paramore perform “Moving On” at their concert in Charlotte, NC on May 20, 2013.


Here’s the video I took of Paramore performing “Fast In My Car” in Charlotte (May 20, 2013). I was front row, so the footage is really close (but it also means that the audio is terrible). But OMG, Taylor was right in front of me so that is all that matters.