paramore memories

Fall Out Boy then: thnks fr th mmrs (thanks for the memories)
Fall Out Boy now: thnks fr th mms (thanks for the memes)

Q's on Q's

I was tagged by @alwaysashadow to do this thing!! (Thanks friend 😙)
A- Age: 21
B- Birthplace: Queens, NY
C- Current time: 10:43 PM
D- Last drink you had: A bottle of water!
E- Easiest person to talk to: Probably @wunder-knabe or @shadowheart47
F- Favorite song: The Only Exception by Paramore
G- Grossest memory: I threw up in front of my entire class in 2nd grade when we talked about umbilical cords and everyone in the front row got splash damage.
H- Horror (Yes or no)? Hell fucking no
I- In love? With myself 😇
J- Jealous of anyone/thing? Not really honestly.
K- Killed someone? Yeah the last bitch who fucked with me 🙂
L- Love at first sight or should I walk by again? Yeah walk by again buddy. There is more to it than that.
M- Middle name: Francis
N- Number of siblings: Just 1
O- One wish: To grow as much as I can and fulfill my life purpose
P- Person I called last: It was actually @hella-homosexual
Q- Question you’re asked a lot: Either “Do you play basketball?” or “Do you wanna become a therapist?”
R- Reason to smile: I have amazing people who support me in my life 😙
S- Song you last sang: Where the Lines Overlap by Paramore
T- Time you woke up: like 6:30 (I am tired)
U- Underwear color: Like so many different ones tbh
V- Vacation: Honestly to Germany to visit @wunder-knabe
W- Worst habit: Helping people with things they need to solve on their own
X- X-rays: For when I was getting braces when I was younger
Y- Your favorite food: Probably a burger tbh
Z- Zodiac: Aquarius

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  • a - age: 20 
  • b - birthplace: i wasn’t born i was procured
  • c - current time: 20:48
  • d - drink you had last: water
  • e - easiest person to talk to: myself
  • f - favorite song: ???? who the fuck knows man. atm hard times - paramore
  • g - grossest memory: same as syeda, dropping phone in toilet
  • h - horror yes or no: horror’s fine gore is not
  • i - in love? lmao
  • j - jealous of people? not really
  • k - killed someone? according to the tags on my posts, yea
  • l - love at first sight or should i walk past again? get out of my way?
  • m - middle name: i am only al
  • n - number of siblings: uno
  • o - one wish: be content
  • p - person i called last: @highhumanaspect 
  • q - question you’re always asked: where’s the train station?
  • r - reason to smile: dogs!
  • s - song you last sang: hard times - paramore
  • t - time you woke up: liiiiike 9:45am?
  • u - underwear color: red w stars
  • v - vacation: chicago & louisville. maybe elsewhere but who knows
  • w - worst habit: picking at dead skin
  • x - xrays: only teeth
  • y - your favorite food: ??????????? burger maybe
  • z - zodiac sign: leo

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Q's on Q's

I was tagged by @pizzzasex thanks homie!

A- Age: 20
B- Birthplace: Chicago, IL 
C- Current time: 10:52 AM
D- Last drink you had: H2O
E- Easiest person to talk to: My best friend!
F- Favorite song: Ignorance by Paramore!
G- Grossest memory: Throwing up before every football game lol
H- Horror (Yes or no)? YES
I- In love? LOL no. 
J- Jealous of anyone/thing? People who can eat anything and everything, but still not gain weight and kids who do well in college but never study.
K- Killed someone? Not yet
L- Love at first sight or should I walk by again? You can walk out the door?
M- Middle name: Robert
N- Number of siblings: 3
O- One wish: have self confidence 
P- Person I called last: My Sister
Q- Question you’re asked a lot: 1) Are you Hispanic? Idk why 2) What’s a Mormon? 3) So if you’re from Missouri, you’re from the south right?
R- Reason to smile: my friends, animals, food
S- Song you last sang: hard times by paramore 
T- Time you woke up: 9:30 am
U- Underwear color: Right now? Lighting storm pattern. So mixes of blues purples blacks 
V- Vacation: Id like to go to Spain again
W- Worst habit: Stress eating and over thinking
X- X-rays: haven’t had them in a while
Y- Your favorite food: MAC AND CHEESE
Z- Zodiac: Cancer

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A - age? 18
B - birthplace? England
C - current time? 3:01pm
D - drink you had last? pepsi max
E - easiest person to talk to? my friend
F - favourite song? Of all time, probably Kathleen by Catb but rn it’s Told You So by Paramore
G - grossest memory? I don’t have anything gross 
H - horror, yes or no? depends, i like ghost ones but only if they’re actually scary otherwise it’s boring
I - in love? With bands yeah, I mean I’m clearly in love with All Time Low so
J - jealous of people? depends sometimes, if i’m feeling petty
K - killed someone? If i had I wouldn’t post it here 
L - love at first sight or walk past again? No opinion 
M - middle name? Alexandra 
N - number of siblings? 2
O - one wish? That I get my shit together and I actually get to be happy
P - person I last called? my dad
Q - question you’re always asked? Mine tends to be ‘what?’ because don’t hear me bc i aparently talk too quietly
R - reason to smile? music
S - song you last sang? Hard Times by Paramore (bc i’m listening to it now)
T - time you wake up? 7:40-9:00am on weekdays depending on when I’m at college or anything past 10am when I’m not at college
U - underwear colour? black
V - vacation? I’ve never had one, would love to go to LA though
X - x rays? I’ve had one?
Y - your favourite food? I don’t have a favourite, I just eat whatever I’m feeling 
Z- zodiac sign? Libra 

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Alphabet Questions

Thank you so much, Angelina! I love these things! @sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens

A- age: I’m already telling you my middle name and where i was born…that’s all you get 

B- birthplace: Virginia

C- current time: 8:54

D- drink you last had: Sprite

E- easiest person to talk to: @linmanuclmiranda I’m on the phone with her rn!

F- favorite song: there’s so so many but the one that popped into my head first was “Hallelujah” by Paramore

G- grossest memory: in third grade this kid blew his nose right in front of me and the tissue runneth over with snot…it was so fucking gross

H- horror yes or horror no:horror stories? yes horror movies? heck no

I- in love: I don’t know what love is

J- jealous of people: yes

K- killed someone: no

L- love at first sight: heck yesssss ( @linmanuclmiranda doesn’t believe in it…she’s basically Mercutio)

M- middle name: Amaya

N- number of siblings: 1 older brother

O- one wish: to be a successful writer with good credit and a hot, but caring, husband

P- person I last called: Katie

Q- question you’re asked a lot: You’re left-handed? (YES MF DON’T YOU SEE ME WRITING WITH IT)

R- reason to smile: I woke up this morning, didn’t I? My writing is also a good reason :) oh! and my friends!!!

S- song I last sang: Schuyler Sisters

(no T)

U- underwear color: pink…andblackandgreyandwhite

V- dream vacation: London or New York City

W- worst habit: I over analyze things :/

X- x-ray: I haven’t had one since I was like five. Fun fact: after I was done I got an “Incredibles” sticker.

Y- your favorite food: chicken tenders

Z- zodiac sign: Libra

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Get to know me  ᵔᴥᵔ

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I was tagged by @emiliagrant and @smugfacesuggle <3 thank you both 

Age: 24
Birth place: London, UK
Current time: 17:17
Drink you last had: hot chocolate
Easiest person to talk to: @inloveamateursatbest @thank-your-lucky-stars @smittenwithsugden @halethesourestwolf and @bartsugsy
Favourite song: I guess it would be Hard Times by Paramore right now :)
Grossest memory: maybe scraping my toe on asphalt when I was a child? other than that I don’t know… there was a lot of blood!
In love: Yes
Jealous of people: not really, on bad days I’ll just turn on myself but I am not that jealous a person
Killed someone: nope
Love at first sight or should I walk by again: I believe in lust and desire at first sight, but not love. 
Middle name: Katrine
Number of siblings: … I hate this question. 3, but one passed away last year.
One wish: to get better.
Person you called last: my mother
Question you’re always asked: wait… where are you from?
Reason to smile: the fandom, my boyfriend, and killing stuff in MMORPG’s
Song you last sang: Hard Times by Paramore
Time you woke up: around  around 9 am
Underwear colour: beige
Vacation: I’m going to London in the beginning of May, and going to Greece in August <3
Worst habit: laziness, self-deprication and being too worried
X-rays: I don’t know, I get one whenever I go to the dentist, so probably like 8 over the past 6 years?
Your favourite food: everything, literally, I love sushi, chinese food, italian, french.. as long as the quality is good I love it
Zodiac sign: aries                                                    

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A - age: 24
B - birthplace: the mountains in maryland
C - current time: 4:19 PM
D - drink you had last: sprite
E - easiest person to talk to: my r/l best friend and also rowan and koks
F - favourite song: it literally always changes but right now probably hard times by paramore
G - grossest memory: my entire relationship with an ex of mine
H - horror yes or no: yes!!!
I - in love? no thank you
J - jealous of people? hmm, it depends, but not really.
K - killed someone? lol not that i know of, maybe in a past life
L - love at first sight or should i walk past again? neither, just let me be alone in peace.
M - middle name: nicole.
N - number of siblings: two.
O - one wish: for a power rangers sequel bc i don’t wanna come up with something deep.
P - person i called last: i think my mom.
Q - question you’re always asked: is my hair naturally curly lmao
R - reason to smile: my dog!!! 
S - song you last sang: i briefly sang along to wide eyes.
T - time you woke up: 7:30
U - underwear color: i lit just put them on and i don’t remember but probably grey.
V - vacation: i go to universal orlando with bonnie every year.
W - worst habit: picking at my lips when i get anxious.
X - xrays: i’ve gotten tons on my teeth bc i had braces.
Y - your favourite food: mac&cheese.
Z - zodiac sign: taurus.

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i got tagged??

a - age: 15
b - birthplace: ph 
c - current time: 7:13am
d - drink you last had: (not cows’) milk 
e - easiest person to talk to: @tattooinitials 
f - favourite song: currently hard times by paramore
g - grossest memory: one time i was on a girls scout trip to a company and i kept throwing up everywhere including the secretary’s office lol 
h - horror yes or horror no: HORROR YES 
i - in love?: haha no 
j - jealous of people?: i guess so?? 
k - killed someone?: no 
l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: again 
m - middle name: louise! 
n - number of siblings: 2 
o - one wish: to become a disney princess 
p - person you called last: @itsnotthefangirl
q - question you’re always asked: “you’re lactose intolerant??” 
r - reason to smile: netflix :) 
s - song you sang last: she loves you- the beatles
t - time you woke up: 6:00 
u - underwear colour: im not sure lol 
v - vacation: italy!!!!!!!!! 
w - worst habit: procrastinating when i have so much time 
x - x-rays: no other than ones for braces
y - your favourite food: mac & cheese 
z - zodiac sign: aquarius 

thanks @icantbelieve-someoneactually for tagging me!!!!!! 

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