paramore ap

4.24.2017// I had my mock AP U.S. History exam today and it was horrible. I’m 100% positive I totally bombed it. But luckily I have 2 weeks before my official exam, which means watch me cram! Woo! I also had a chemistry test today and bombed it >.< I’m doing terrible in that class, but the year is almost over! On the bright side, in my psychology class we’re watching “A Beautiful Mind” and its pretty good so far. My next mock exam is Wednesday for AP Language and Composition, but I actually love writing and English so I’m not worried over that one. 

On an off note, who else is obsessed with the new Paramore song????


Some people are saying that 5SOS shouldn’t be on the cover of AltPress. They claim that it’s only for “alternative bands” and “underground bands” and well, it’s pissing me off. So, here’s why they should be on the cover

Firstly, 5SOS may not be an alternative band, but they are a pop rock band. AP has featured non-alternative bands before. The Summer Set, We Are The In Crowd, Echosmith, etc. Are they alternative bands? No, they are not but they have all been on the cover of AltPress

Secondly, underground bands? Are you shitting me? Yeah, cause All Time Low, and Pierce The Veil, Paramore, Panic At The Disco are all ‘underground bands’. It’s not like they’re very well known and popular

Thirdly, 5SOS fucking deserve to be on the cover of AP magazine. They work their asses off and have amazing pop rock music. They are a B A N D and I’m sick of people judging them because they toured with One Direction and have a similar fan base. If Alex Gaskarth and Alexander DeLeon can recognize them as a great rock band, then you should be able to aswell. So please, remove that stick from up your ass and stop being a prejudiced dickhead