paramore 5th album

Taylor : That’s always the coolest thing about hearing what Hayley writes is that she’s being honest. There’s so many love songs that say ‘hey man, everything’s perfect and beautiful and everything about you is awesome and this is all great’ but Hayley always writes for the people who can’t relate to that. I love this person but I am dark, this feels dark. I always love that because that’s real…

Zac : I feel really accomplished and thankful for them bringing me back in the band, and also the stage of my life to even care about that, because when I was younger I was just kinda like ‘cool I play drums’, and I’m a kid, I want to  get fat and eat pizza and I did that and I accomplished that really well…

Zane : Let’s get fat together one day my friend.

Zac : Oh man, I’m back in the band, so it’s just a matter of time.

me when pmore tease 5more: I hate this band. I am done with the constant teasing. I give up. No more Suffering ™. I refuse. I refuse. I refuse.

also me when pmore tease 5more: YES. I AM A L I V E. I love paramore the genre-neutral band. amen for hayley nichole williams & taylor benjamin york. My Only Saviours.