“… Music isn’t fragile. Knowing how the body works doesn’t take away from the pleasure of living. Music has been around as long as people have formed communities. It’s not going to go away, but it’s uses and meaning evolve. I am moved by more music now than I have ever been. Trying to see it from a wider and deeper perspective only makes it clear that the lake itself is wider and deeper than we thought.” - David Byrne


Lots of searching up bands with females in it latley this month. Garbage,Paramore,Evanescence,Florence and the Machine,Skillet,PVRIS,The Pretty Reckless,Icon for Hire,Halestorm,In This Moment,CHVRCHΞS,The Cranberries. I am starting to like them already! I have read some info and they sound very cool! 12 more awesome bands for me!

so brand new eyes is 7 today. 

this album has helped me so much during school. it was the time where the bullying in school was at its highest point and i would listen to that album again and again just escaping from everything

it’s truly an album that had an impact on me and still has until today. i’ll never forget that.