HEY YOOOO GUISE um here’s more these are music themed ones

GUISE here’s the MASTERPOST to ALL the photo sets that i posted for deez vday cards  

I really hate that when people say “I miss the old Paramore” ‘cause there is NO the old Paramore or the new Paramore, they are just PARAMORE, they’ve always been just Paramore and they will be just Paramore. Sure, we all love All We Know Is Falling era Paramore, Riot! era Paramore and Brand New Eyes era Paramore but we love Self-Titled era Paramore, too. They’re just being themselves and they’re happy with this. We also are happy with this. Now, they’re making a new album, writing new songs and I’m pretty sure that the new album will be perfect, but you can’t expect a new album which sounds like an old album. This is a NEW album and they’re not angsty teenagers anymore, they’re making the music that they want to do, not you want to listen. And I get angry when you talk about this shit, I’m really done with that. You may love the old songs but you must respect the new songs. First of all, you must respect Paramore. You must respect them for their exertion.