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So my house has some really weird energy going on. The downstairs feels fairly tense, and there's a spirit in the hallway that isn't the nicest fellow. It just feels very angry all the time. Upstairs, it's better but I have been told I have a very strong aura and I have a lot of personal energy, so like, my room attracts a lot of stuff. My parents don't know I'm a witch. Is there any way to appease the spirit downstairs and balance out my energy too?

Vita: First you should definitely do grounding and meditation, and balance yourself out completely. It’s going to take awhile if you don’t meditate often. Next you should make a witches bottle and do a home protection spell. and . If you’re still having problems after that let us know and well start writing something up for you. Blessed be )O(

Shaina: Definitely make a witches bottle, and bless the house when your parents aren't there. Warnings when it comes to blessing the house though, you are supposed to have permission f the owner of the house but since you live there it probably will work the same. Bless an object in the hallway with a protection spell also. Good luck and blessed be. )O( Ask us any questions if you have any!