paramedic skill


This should help most medic students.
Above: how Right Side & Left Side heart failure presents.
Middle: most of the drugs you will see when it comes time for your Nat-Reg Practicals. Know the trade & generic names, routes & Doses.
Bottom: mnemonics for your anti-arrhythmic drugs.

Go forth & save lives!

Patient Care

This may well be a rant but something that I feel needs to be made very clear is that being a paramedic is more than skills and knowledge. Just because you are trained in pre-hospital emergency care does NOT make you exempt from being caring because you’re “not a nurse” (and oh how I hate that statement, but another time).

If you’re doing a transport right before your shift ends and your 80 something year old patient has their catheter removed and has blood running down their arm, clean it up. Respectfully. The extra two minutes it takes to take their watch off, wipe their arm and wrap them back up so they’re warm before you go outside is NOT a waste of your time. Talking to your patient while you do things is NOT “above your pay grade”. We are there to care for people.

The reality is that paramedicine is a community based role. If you want to excel as a clinician then you need to cover all aspects of your job, from assessment to treatment to patient interaction to cleaning up after yourself. Obviously there are times where it’s not appropriate or possible to do so (ie. emergencies, unsafe scenes) but choosing to leave your patient cold, uncomfortable, messy or distressed rather than try and alleviate where possible it is absolute crap. 

Be better than a robot. 


- Batman and Son

Look at how detached but caring Bruce is here. He’s not standing beside the medical table at all but keeps his distance. I’d say it was out of respect for Alfred’s medical skillls, which probably is partially the truth, but I think it’s more his inability to deal with the obviously conflicting emotions he’s feeling towards Tim and Damian’s initial meeting.

Also, notice Alfred’s tender care. Speaking of, (and I mentioned in the previous post that I’d come back to this), Alfred’s medical skills seems to vary immensly from basic first aid to arthroscopic surgeon to field medic. Whatever suits the story, really. Personally I like the idea that he’s got field medic training, that is something along the lines of the training of a skilled paramedic or emergency care nurse.

In the previous post Bruce mentioned that he’d done ‘what he could with first aid’. First of all, Bruce has much more medical knowledge than basical first aid. It’s my theory, but I think that all the Bats have medical training at the approximate level of an EMT worker or non-specialized nurse (terminology for that varies across the world so let’s stick to general terms). They would have to, in order to help themselves (like Tim stopping his own bleeding, half-unconscious and anemic as he was) and also aid others out in the fireld.

Okay, I’ll stop the medical tirade. It’s doubtful that anyone but me finds that kind of stuff interesting anyway. I really should find myself a medical superhero comic, hehe. Only problem is that if it doesn’t involve Bats I’m honestly not all that interested. ;)