Wow, still can’t believe how fast this year went by, it felt like only yesterday Beyoncé came through like a thief in the night and left me edgeless with her visual album. Anyways Imma just do this little follow forever, because some of y'all have been with me since the very beginning since my band blog days and I’ve gotten to know some of you guys through our love of Beyoncé.

Let’s start with the mutuals

adoringbeyonce alcoholz alwaysbeyince baddiebey baddiebey9481 beynoceknowels beyonce-carter beyoncegalore beyonce blowyonce bookyonce cherryvevo downwiththebeyhive flawlessvevo frahnkocean hungover-on-beyonce iamabeyoncestan independentwomenpart1 jonahchill mothabeyonce mrbeycarter mrsbey ohhhwendy paramore presidentknowles queenbupgradedme serfborts swizzleknowlescarter thirdwardtrills wajtargaryens yelyahwilliams yoncehaunted

And everyone else

ankl3biters anklebiterslasthope asleepwhileawake ayyobambino betterthankanyebitch beyrush chocolate–drizzle cookiesforconcentration cr8zysupernatural dammitcumberbatch devoutdean dontpanics fueledbyderek gotmelookingsocrazyrightnow hisokan hookah-hypnosis iambeyinspired jeccff ksmith56 kushinauzu lavabunnies marry-the-knight megafreeman memoirsofaninja mrs-fierce-carter naraakitsune not-ur-gay notsayingimsorry param0regifs planetbeyonce shockington theblackoaksyndicate thesejulez twerk4jesusbitch weirwoodnetwork wingbeifong

I just want to say thanks to all my mutuals for making this such a great year, cause let’s face it, this year has been shit and I can;t wait for it to end. But on a serious not though thanks, y'all truly did make my year better, seeing you guys on my dash really does brings a smile across my face. we’ve been through so much together and I only hope to share more moments in the new year. This goes for my non mutuals also, you guys made the year worth while and I do hope to get to know you guys better. With that being said, I love y'all so much and have a safe and wonderful new year. Happy New Year!!