param sharma

so to anyone who doesn’t know who Lavish P. (aka itslavishbitch) is he’s this guy on Instagram (and sometimes Youtube) who flaunts how much cash he has like so

every picture he uploads, it’s always him showing off just how much cash he has, whether its penthouses, cars, accessories, etc.

sometimes he even ties fat stacks of cash to balloons and let them fly away

he seems so cocky to the point where he even insults mainstream celebrities (and more than half the time he gets responses back from the celebs)

from mayweather

to rihanna

to even jenna marbles/mourey

his beef with soulja boy is his most prominent action yet where he insulted soulja boy, who replied back asking to prove if he was actually as rich as he says he is, lavish’s video about the the internet conflict can be found here [x]

seems like a total douche, right?

HOWEVER, the main reason why I’m making this post is that there was a 10 second video uploaded today where a guy went up to Lavish, told him to give him money or he’ll get his ass beat, Lavish asked him for what?“, the guy punched Lavish square in the face and continued to beat him up (he even got dropped on concrete) for the rest of the video. Lavish did not attempt to fight back and attempted to flee. Video found here [x]

Personally, I hope they find the guy who beat him up. This guy genuinely attempted to rob Lavish and two wrongs don’t make a right. Sure, Lavish is a fucking douche who has trolled the internet for the last couple of years but beating him senseless until he gives you money is not the way to go about things.