I made a super self indulgent DJ! Tsukki fan playlist on 8tracks so check it out if ur into that!! Playlist is here

Tracklist is: Strawberry Shortcake - En;Dolphin Records // Love or Lies - capsule //Call Me - m-flo //Over (HYPER CRUSH Remix) - Drake ft. HYPER CRUSH //Disconnected - Pegboard Nerds // Paralyzed - Mystery Skulls // NO WAY - m-flo // Inner Machinations - PrototypeRaptor // Tipping Point - Regulators x SaneBeats // Freak - Diskord // Astroboy - FEMM // JUMPER - Capsule // Pendulum - Fasten Your Seatbelt(PrototypeRaptor Bootleg Remix) PrototypeRaptor // Catch Me If You Can - Girl’s Generation 少女時代


Without the sun, life on Earth would be impossible. It provides food for the plants that feed us, and warmth so that we don’t freeze to death. But the sun has a dark side. It is, after all, a giant ball of fire in the sky, whose 27 million degree Fahrenheit surface is tossed about by burning tsunami waves 62,000 miles high. And at pretty much any point, it could burp out rivers of charged particles that could paralyze technology on Earth.

A new documentary premiering tonight asks the question, “What can cause our normally benign sun to erupt in such fury that it can threaten the world’s power and technological infrastructure?“ according to a press release.

To answer that question, [Solar Superstorm] takes audiences into the inner workings of our star. It follows the path of hot magnetized gas from deep inside the sun, through its tangled journey through the Sun’s churning outer layers and on to explosive magnetic eruptions so powerful they can affect the Earth.

The documentary is narrated by none other than Benedict Cumberbatch, and it’s based on supercomputer simulations that are making it easier to understand where solar eruptions come from, and how to predict them. Also, it’s gorgeous.

The National Center For Supercomputing Applications has five clips that you can watch on their site.


stuckyau and one day bucky’s forced to stay after school for a detention (skipping school too much/ talking back to teachers?). he’s all alone in an empty classroom trying (and failing) to get his work done when he hears steve singing, and, like a siren call, he’s pulled to the theater.. somehow he ends up auditioning for the role opposite steve and then, somehow, he ends up getting it. the paralyzing fear he has of performing in front of the entire school and all his shitty friends (pierce and rumlow??) is overridden by his ardor for steve i’m just..

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Asthenophobia Shuten x gs!Abi please! :D (is there a ship name for these two?)

I was wondering if anyone would give me a gs!Abi x Shuten prompt. I just call it gs!Abi x Shuten. I put Abi first because I tend to default to alphabetical order. XD 

Asthenophobia - fear of weakness

Dozens of corpses lay scattered across the ground. Yet there was not a single mark to identify what had killed the men. A single living but unmoving person lay among the debris of death. As Shuten walked closer, he noticed the faintness of the other dragon’s blue presence and the pool of red spreading around her. In a single breath he was by Seiryuu’s side, carefully shifting the paralyzed woman and searching for the wound. 

“…Ryoku…ryuu?” Golden eyes blinked hazily. 

“The hell were you thinking, Seiryuu, running off by yourself like that?!” 

Seiryuu had been stabbed in the side. Luckily, all vital points were missed. However, she had lost quite a bit of blood. Shuten quickly shed his cloak, using it to stem the flow. 

“Someone…needed to…” 

“Seiryuu”, he was relieved that she was conscious enough to keep speaking, “You should have waited for backup.”

“…I handled…it…I’m…not weak.” 

He stared down at her in shock. In that moment, she looked wraith-like with skin paled and those golden orbs unfocused. 

“…You don’t have to prove that.”      

Okay I love werewolf Jackson, I think it is wonderful that he found enough self-worth to be able to transform into who he is supposed to be (more or less), but can we talk about alpha kanima Jackson?? Like what if he had turned into the alpha kanima instead of the wolf?? Imagine:

  • Jackson being obedient to whoever he chooses because an alpha probably seeks a friend but is not fully controlled by one (hence Gerard trying to kill Jackson)
  • Jackson being loyal to the McCall pack because he wants to be (✿◠‿◠)
  • Jackson collecting articles of the pack members’ clothing to add to his lizard nest that he sleeps in under his heating lamp
  • Pack cuddling with Jackson in his nest under his heating lamp (◡‿◡✿) !!
  • What if Jackson’s come had paralytic toxin in it and the amount is too small to affect him when he masturbates and gets it on his hands and body, he only feels a slight numbing, but he finds out it can actually PARALYZE people after someone ingests it HA sorry to whoever bangs Jackson and figures that out. This headcanon is just for my amusement tbh
  • The pack riding on Jackson’s winged back like freaking Harry Potter and Buckbeak the Hippogriff
  • The pack riding on Jackson’s winged back like freaking Harry Potter and Buckbeak the Hippogriff into battle
  • Discovering Jackson’s platonic g-spot while petting him and happy spikes grow out of his back like Toothless in How To Train Your Dragon 2  (◠‿◠✿) !!
  • Crack verse where like some werewolves can turn into actual wolves, Jackson can turn into an actual reptile. I personally think he would resemble either a Komodo Dragon or an Armadillo Girdled Lizard
  • Stiles wanting to take a turn as Jackson’s ‘friend’ and trying to feed him a bug or make him go streaking and Jackson just pushes him down and Stiles grumpily is like “I don’t want him anymore Scott you can have him back" 
  • Jackson being embraced for who he is and learning to love himself╰(◡‿◡✿╰)
  • Jackson just doing cool kanima stuff like paralyzing people and fighting and doing the tail thing and climbing walls and flying
  • Alpha Kanima Jackson (◕‿◕✿) !!!!

Man I do not like Anita Sarkeesian.

Like, I obvs don’t want her to get death threats, and I’ll rip the kidneys out of anyone that does, but she’s become a.) Kind of a joke?? About combat in video games??

And b.) I have hated her since she lumped Barbara Gordan being paralyzed and becomming The Oracle with the women in refrigerators trope because clearly being disabled and steering your own narrative is the same as being murdered for manpain fuck you fuck you FUCK YOU and the ableist horse you rode in on you piece of shit you don’t speak for me or for feminism

And I’m tired of fucking hearing about her

The Escort Room 2 | Ft. Calum Hood

Moans. That is all you could hear that escaped your mouth. It’s been an extremely long time since you’ve been intimate with a man.  Jeremy. That was  what you remembered. His large hands caressing your body the way you liked. It felt like he was right there.

Wrong. The alarm went off, with a groan from you in frustration. You woke up, and realized that Jeremy was no more. You two broke things off months ago. Now you ached for anything.  You sighed, realizing how much of a hassle it was without him. The use of your legs have been gone for years. A terrible car accident had you partially paralyzed from the waist down.  The doctor did say there was a little sensation between your upper thighs. Your reproductive system was spared, meaning you could feel everything where it counts. You reached for your wheelchair as you lifted yourself in the wheelchair and wheeled to the bathroom. Brushing your teeth, your cell started to ring. Probably Melissa, your ride to work every morning.

You wheeled yourself after brushing to your nightstand to take your cell phone off the charger. You picked up.


“Morning !!!” Melissa’s voice belted over the phone.

“Morning,” you said in monotone as holding your phone against your face, to retrieve your medicine from the nightstand.

“You always sound grumpy. Just wondering if you were up. Did you finish the Martin case?” she asked, as she did her make up in the mirror.

“No. Stayed up last night trying to find all his stuff. Who knew a novelist couldn’t be organized? He has a computer. That’s the baffling part,” you said as you set the phone on speaker phone and rolled back to your bathroom to turn on the shower.

“I know. I’ll be over in 30 minutes. I can hear the shower. You never get up early,” she pouted as finishing up her mascara.

“Sorry, Miss Early Bird. I actually enjoy my sleep. I’ll be ready in 30,” you replied.

“Kay. See ya girl,” she said as your phone hung up the call automatically. You sighed, as having the daunting task to get undressed,showered and dressed again thirty minutes.

After at least twenty minutes of showering, getting dressed, and eating breakfast, a knock came on the door. You wheeled yourself to the door revealing Melissa. Melissa was always a knockout, her hair perfectly curled with her long brunette hair laying on her shoulders. A face beat of makeup that wasn’t too much, and a cute simple romper completed with cute sandals. Her hand was occupied by her new gucci purse her boyfriend, James, got her for her birthday. As well as her green protein shake she has every morning.

“Morning, again. We gotta go,” she said entering your house. You sighed as you closed the door and wheeled yourself toward your bags you need during the day.

Melissa turned to you, “Pack everything? I’m not coming back,” she said putting her drink in your hand temporarily as she picked up your bag.

“Yup. Let’s go. Oscar will have a fit if we’re late again,” you sighed as you grabbed the rest of your fruit that was neatly packed in a container.

You grabbed your keys that were on the counter. Melissa opened the door as you wheeled out behind her. You locked up the door before wheeling down the built-in ramp addition you finally had money for. Melissa packed your stuff in her trunk, and carefully helped you out of your wheelchair before putting that in the back as well. She returned to the front to retrieve her keys and start the car. On the way to work.

“Hood, you’re up,” a booming male voice said, as Calum looked up from his phone. He put it away in his gym bag and grabbed his gloves. Calum Hood was one of the best light-weight MMA underground fighters in his area. He would be going to nationals, but couldn’t afford it without working. Calum always believed in hard work, even if that meant using his body. Gerald, his trainer held the hitting gloves as Calum did left, left-right jabs at the pads. Quickly ducking as his trainer tried to hit him. Dodging and shuffling his feet, and determined to be better.  Calum trains at the ‘Just Bleed’ MMA facility. With some of the toughest guys in the area, and has one countless titles.

After hours of cardio and practice, he hit the showers. It was almost time to go to work at his other job. When he emerged from the shower, he texted his boss to say he was on his way.

He had to set up for tonight. Calum usually worked over time, coming in early for his shift and leaving into the early hours of the incoming day.

Calum locked up his locker, and suddenly bumped into his fellow MMA fighter, Crash.

“Hey, Cal. You off?”

“Yeah, gotta go to work. You just getting here?”
“Uh-huh. I made a very big mistake with my parole officer. I got another meeting with him tomorrow,” he sighed.

“Good luck. Let me know what happens,” as he patted Crash and left the facility. Walking to his car, he sighed. He knew he was in for a long night.

You were in the middle of your shift, organizing papers when your boss, Oscar, came near the door knocking on it.

“Hey, can we talk?”


You put the piles down and he came in and closed the door. You were confused as to what was going on. Oscar loved your work, working with a variety of clients was your strong point. He sat down at one of your office chairs, as you wheeled yourself near him.
“You have been doing very well on the Martin case,”

“Thank you, sir. I try my best. I know the Martin case is important for this company. We can’t afford to lose him as a client.”

“Correct. But, since you have everything good here, I need an additional favor,”

You didn’t know what was coming. Favors were rare at the company.

“Got a new client, he can’t make it out today but, I want you and Melissa to work on this. No excuses,” Oscar explained.

“Of course. I’m ready for the client,” you smiled.

“Good. Now, get back to work. Client comes next Monday,” Oscar said as walking out. You sighed, great. More work.

It was around 7:00 p.m. when Calum arrived at the club. His friend Drew a.k.a. Crash was helping out, a local videographer and fellow co-worker. Calum knew there was a lot of set up and had to meet with the new owner as well. Daniel, the previous owner, moved to back to Nebraska to take care of his mother.  Daniel was there for everything, he recruited Calum from out of high school to come work at the club. It was the only way to afford MMA, which his mother almost forbid until Gerald came over and explained its’ benefits.  

As he was preparing the tables, he heard little patter of footsteps. He looked behind him to see his co-worker’s little girl, Audrey. She is only four years old.

“Hey princess,” he smiled at her.  

“Uncle Cal!!!” she shrilled.

She ran to him and he opened his arms to scoop her up. He gave her a kiss atop of her head and put her on his hip. “What are you doing here? This isn’t a place for little girls,” he cooed at her, and tickled her.

She let out chuckles and after a few seconds she looked at him, “Daddy has me tonight. I like being with him. I have fun with you and Uncle Crash and the rest of my Uncles.”

“I’d rather you be at home, tucked in bed watching cartoons than here,” he smirked. “Tell ya what? I’m gonna put you in my dressing room after I get changed, and lock the door. I don’t want anyone bothering you. So you can get some sleep.  It’ll be like a sleepover..again,” as he gave off a fake smile. This was the fifth time Antonio brought his little girl to the strip club. It was ridiculous. Calum took care of her more often than him. He would get Crash to peek periodically in Cal’s dressing room to make sure she was safe and asleep.

“Come on. Let’s go find Uncle Crash and get your pajamas on, m’kay?”
“Kay Uncle Cal,” she replied, as he sighed and walked with her to the back.

“He…said…it just….wouldn’t work out, anymore,” Melissa sighed, as sniffing and grabbing the hundredth tissue to dry her eyes. You were at your desk, and Melissa had texted you that she needed to talk to you at lunch. Sat at a table in the cafeteria lounge of your office building, you tried your best to comfort her.

“Aw, Liss. I’m so sorry. He doesn’t know what he’s letting go,”

“I really thought we were in love.”

“So did I. I mean, I could see he was really good to you. That’s how I felt about Jeremy,” you sighed, picking at your fruit with your fork.

Jeremy did everything. When you both met at college, everything was going well. He met your parents, siblings, and even your one uncle you had left on your mother’s side. Jeremy was perfect. You even thought he was going to propose. You and Melissa were full of giggles talking about the whole wedding scenario, her being your maid of honor and having a beautiful wedding. About a few months later, Jeremy started drinking. It was a different kind of drunk, and it scared you. You couldn’t believe that it was coming to this. More arguments, confrontations, and lies. Certainly the lies.  You decided to call it quits, Jeremy still upset and drinking more and more. You cut him off, by deleting his number and anything associated to him. It got so bad, you had to get a restraining order against him to leave you alone.

“I forgot. Sorry, hun.  You know what?” Melissa said. “Fuck him,”

“What?” you asked.

“Fuck him. If he didn’t want me, he wasn’t worth my time. Let’s go out,” she smiled.

“Tonight?!” you exclaimed.

“Sure. Why not? We both need some cheering up. Check it out,” Melissa  sneakily smiled and then whispered,”Male Strip Club.”

Your cheeks felt warm, “Liss! We can’t go to that!”

“Yes we can! Come on! Friday night…let’s have fun. Please?! I really wanna go,”  she pouted and you sighed.

“…Alright. Only for you,” you smiled, and she clapped her hands.

Meanwhile, at the Stallions Male Strip Club, Calum hurriedly tried to get dressed. After three hours of being on the phone with alcohol venders, he was late getting ready. He pulled on his outfit along with his favorite g-string.  He hid himself under a robe so he could go get Audrey and read her a story and put her down. As he left his dressing room, he looked around to his co-workers similarly  dressed to him. Finally, opening the lounge room, he saw Audrey in the corner watching cartoons. In her pajamas. 

“Hey, princess. I see you got your pajamas on. Let’s get you to bed, shall we?” he smiled, as Crash came in with his firefighter suit on.
“Uncle Crash!”

Crash looked at her, “Aye, baby girl. What are you doing here?” he asked, and murmured under his breath, “Going to kill your father,”

“I get to stay here tonight. Will you two sing me a song tonight?” she asked. Calum and Crash looked at each other and chuckled. “Of course,” they replied in unison.

Calum walked toward her and she reached her hands out. He put her on her hip and hid her eyes. “Alright princess. Remember our game? Keep those eyes closed. You’re gonna hear a lot of loud music but, that’s okay,” he smiled. Crash was right behind them as he shielded her eyes as they made their way back to Calum’s dressing room. Audrey clung her hands to Calum’s robe waiting for the noise to go away.

When they reached his room, he shut the door after Crash came in. He walked over to his mini couch where he had a bed made for her. A little lion king blanket and a matching pillow. He laid her down and Crash pulled Calum’s spare chair up to the couch. Calum sat with her in his arms, and he kissed her forehead.

Calum gave Crash the cue, and they started singing. Calum had been singing for a long time, and made up a cute lullaby for her. Crash and Calum made it up one day when they had off. They love that little girl like she is their own. Audrey listened carefully, as snuggling up in Calum’s arms. He knew in a couple of minutes she would fall asleep. After a while, she did and Calum slid from under her and slowly put the covers over her.

“Night, night princess,” Calum whispered as he kissed her forehead. Crash got up and moved the chair back and walked over and kissed her cheek.

“Sweet dreams, little one,” Crash whispered as they both creeped out and turned out the lights. They got rid of their robes, and looked at the time.
“Check in on her in an hour?” Calum asked. “I gotta work the other side of the club. Might not get back till morning,”

“Sure. If Antonio is too drunk, I’ll get up and take her home. Where is her mother?” Crash asked irritated, his jaw clenching.

“Somewhere high. She doesn’t care about her. Antonio is a half-assed father, I feel like calling CPS on his ass. Audrey shouldn’t be here. Can’t trust everyone,” he sighed, as locking the door so no one could get in his room. Calum gave Crash the spare key.

“Thanks, man. I appreciate helping out with her,”

“No problem, anytime. You know that little girl is my world. I’d rather us take care of her then some unreliable assholes,” Crash admitted, and he patted his shoulder. “See you tomorrow,” he chuckled, and walked off.

“Later,” Calum said off to the main stage to entertain some ladies tonight.

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Astraphobia and Shinah~

Yay for another prompt!

Astraphobia – fear of thunder and lightning

Sparks of lightning scatter down from the clouds like reaching fingers. One large bolt shoots up from the ground and touches the sky with a blinding flash and crackling zap. 

Shin-ah curls in on himself, huddled among blankets and pressed between Kija and Zeno. Drips of rain leak from the roof of the tent, hitting his face. It’s too familiar. Memories - of running under a cloudy sky to face soldiers, of using his cursed power, of falling paralyzed at the drum of thunder as rain cried from the heavens - flood through his mind. Another strike flashes, another crash resounds. Shin-ah shifts to cover his eyes, a whimper sounding from his throat.

“Shin-ah?” Kija turns to him with a worried frown.

Shin-ah doesn’t know how to explain it. He doesn’t know the words to describe what the storm means to him. Lightning flashes again. Shin-ah squeezes his eyes shut.


Kija blinks, “The brightness hurts your eyes?”

Shin-ah pauses a moment and then nods his hidden face. Zeno, seemingly asleep, sprawls an arm across the larger dragon. Kija shifts and then covers Shin-ah head with his snow-scaled claw. Another blanket, smelling faintly of sea-salt, is tossed over him from the other side of the tent. 

Lightning strikes again yet Shin-ah finds it a little less intimidating.           


My mind is clouded,
I cannot hunt anymore.
I lay my gun over the tracks of the rabbit.

It was as though I became that creature
who could not decide
whether to flee or be still
and so was trapped in the pursuer’s eyes-

And for the first time I knew
those eyes have to be blank
because it is impossible
to kill and question at the same time.

Then the shutter snapped,
the rabbit went free. He flew
through the empty forest

that part of me
that was the victim.
Only victims have a destiny.

And the hunter, who believed
whatever struggles
begs to be torn apart:

that part is paralyzed

—  Louise Glück, Triumph of Achilles
When you tell someone you care about them, you let pain in through your back door. I’ve always run from pain, and I mean always. I'm paralyzed by the thought of being hurt, especially by you. But I can’t waste my life being afraid of every little thing. The truth is, I love you. And I’m never going to love anyone like I love you. So screw it. I’m sick of being scared. I. Love. You.
—  I’ve never been so sure (via fraagmented)
So, my mummum had a stroke yesterday.

And I’m equal parts relieved, impressed, and amused.

relieved, because she’s doing ok - she’s having some issues with speech and communicating, and of course it’s a stressful time for everyone, my poppop especially, but otherwise she’s doing alright. 

impressed, because this was the third hemorrhagic stoke she’s lived through, and even one of those is tough to survive, let alone three. in fact, it’s so rare to survive even two that she was approached by scientists who want to study her brain, and she decided to donate her brain to science after she passes. as of yesterday, she’s survived three. the first stroke left her right side paralyzed and put her in a wheelchair, the second gave her minor speech issues to work through, as did this last one, it seems. i already knew she was a strong woman, but wow.

amused, because when the doctors were testing her memory, they asked her how many children she had (nine!). remember those communication issues i mentioned? my mummum, mother of nine, responded with a long sigh and “a long ride.”

in summary, i’m so incredibly thankful that she’s doing alright, and our family is so blessed to still have her. and if any of y’all are praying folks, i would definitely appreciate prayers for her continued recovery. i can’t express how happy i am that she’s a woman made of steel, i’m so so blessed.

Annealing - Ch. 1

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        Darkness, nothing but a cold blackness swelled around Diana. The haunting voices of her past filled the void.
“Heretic!” “Infidel!” “We will have your head for this treachery!” “You are not one of us!”
        She wasn’t sorry for what she did. She was never sorry, and if she had to kill those monsters again, she would not hesitate.
        But something was wrong now.
        There was no light. Diana attempted to reach for her blade, but to her horror, it was missing. Even worse, her arm would not move. She realized her body was paralyzed. Suddenly everything went silent, but a moment later, whispers manifested. She couldn’t quite make out the words, but the tones were not pleasant. It was as if these voices were toying with her, questioning her actions as the Solari did for many years of her life. Now she felt like she was being submitted to torture. She assured herself that there was no fault in anything she had done, but why was she still haunted by them? The thoughts escaped her when she noticed the whispers drew closer. Soon enough, she sensed a presence among her. 

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music tag

So I was tagged by baezingaaa for the music tag! And since I’m procrastinating like mad for my last exam tomorrow, this is just perfect ha.

Hit shuffle on your music player of choice and write down the first ten songs.

Laura Jansen - Around the Sun

EXID - 위아래 (UP & DOWN)

Pentatonix - Papaoutai

Against the Current - Paralyzed

Lorde - Everybody Wants to Rule the World

정준영밴드 (JJY Band) - OMG

Mikky Ekko - We Must Be Killers

Fall Out Boy - Centuries

Hoodie Allen - All About It

Nneka - Heartbeat

And I just tag everyone who wants to do this <3

the most despicable – when sadness and dread encroach to such suffocating proximity that i can’t escape to that other world of books or understanding. i can only bear the rot i live in if it augments a precise knowledge of suffering. my floor is strewn with so many titles that i was going to read this summer but…. i bought the score of the bach partitas, i have most of the second but it’s only stammers, my fingers don’t obey – my incompetence is mocking me, holding divine unreality outside my grasp. i can’t dream.

so i’m listening to the psychic tv discography in bed. more insulting caricature.

i need to resign for so many reasons. the romantic, self-destructive genius is camp and affected right? i need to write. the emptiness of myself and the blank page is paralyzing, but when it all is forsaken and the coals begin to extinguish, there might be something that remains?

I’m not saying I’m afraid of moths and butterflies, I’m just saying if I’m in the same room as them I will become paralyzed.