Stiles, chimeras and mountain ash

*rolls up sleeves*

I clapped my hands like an excited schoolgirl when Theo simply stepped over the mountain ash like it was nothing. It didn’t even tingle. I’m positive people have already made a point of this, but since I’ve been in quite a few let’s call them “heated disputes” about Stiles and how he breaks mountain ash I just need to address this. 

I’m not going to recap the entire set of arguments, but we have over the years seen four people break mountain ash lines. And I don’t mean step over, I mean break them.

It’s Stiles in 2x08 waving his hands over the line. 

We then have Allison breaking it physically with her hands

We have Morrell accidentally breaking it with her foot as she fell

And we have Scott breaking it by forcing himself through. 

The fifth time mountain ash was broken was in 5x03 when Tracy the chimera paralyzed everyone and ran off. And we got this

What other meta writers and myself speculated at the time was that Stiles broke the mountain ash and let Tracy out. See this post for more on that conversation. 

Of course Deaton had a different interpretation. And remember - Deaton is not all-knowing. It was his educated guess that Tracy as a fake supernatural, a chimera, could break mountain ash. The normal supernatural rules doesn’t apply to her.

But that episode made a huge deal out of setting up Stiles in relation to mountain ash. His worry about being trapped inside the circle with a potensionally murderous supernatural, and Deaton assuring him he had nothing to worry about - the supernaturals could take care of themselves and Deaton and Stiles could just step right out. Stiles staring at the ash, the camera zooming in on his worried face

That backfired in a major way when Tracy turned out to be a kanima-hybrid and they were all paralyzed inside the circle.

I’m sure that Stiles knew that being trapped inside with a feral chimera when they were paralyzed was not a good idea, and broke the line with telekinesis. the line even breaks in the same way as he did it in 2x08, just compare the gifs above. 

And right after it breaks we have the emphasis on Stiles being right in the line of the mountain ash, looking at it.

In 5x10 we get another incident with mountain ash and a chimera. And it proved to us that Deaton was partly right. Tracy as a chimera can’t be stopped by mountain ash. But stepping over it, doesn’t break it. The line stays intact just like if a human stepped over. 

Theo showed us this, when he both handled the ash and stepped across it. 

But Stiles didn’t know that back in 5x03. If he’d done nothing, the line would probably have stayed intact and Tracy run off. But I think he in his desperation for them not to be trapped paralyzed and like sitting ducks inside a small circle of magic fairy dust, used his telekinesis to break it. 

This certainly goes into the pro column for Stiles and his somethingness. 

On  a related note Liam seemed to have managed to cross over the mountain ash as well when he confronted Scott. Scott assumed Theo let him in, but Liam never confirms this, and the timeline suggests Theo had left to track down Stiles at the time. I wrote more about that here. 

Words That I Hope You Will Read

I’m currently on a flight headed home from New York desperately trying to sleep. I have this thought replaying in my mind that just won’t let me close my eyes. So here I am typing this thousands of feet in the air while using incredibly over priced wifi. I’ve always considered myself to be an incredibly fearless person. Growing up there were very few things that I felt I couldn’t do. I was always the first to stand up for what I believed in, even if that meant standing alone. I attribute that to my upbringing and I feel very lucky to have grown up surrounded by people who constantly told me how special I was and how I could do ANYTHING I set my mind to. I know a lot of people are not this lucky. As we get older it becomes harder and harder to be fearless. We build walls and we lock out anything and anyone that might hurt us.The thought of rejection can be a paralyzing thing. Rejection from that boy you swore you were in love with, rejection from the people you so desperately want to impress, and rejection from the world, who we are convinced won’t like the person we truly are. So we hide behind a makeshift wall that we construct out of bricks of sarcasm, boxes of what we think they want to see and a foundation of insecurities that we pray won’t slip through the cracks. I’m not afraid to say that there have been many moments in my life where I have hid behind the person I thought the world wanted me to be. When I was in high school my long list of personalities were hard to hold on to. Each one faker than the next and completely tailored to what I thought that group of people wanted from me. Eventually I became the only person who actually knew who I was and at times even I lost her. I’m writing this because I know a lot of you are like me. I want you to know that who you truly are is good enough. I want you to be EXACTLY who you are and to never feel like you have to put on a show. It’s a lesson that we have to relearn over and over again throughout our lives. I promise that letting your own light shine will bring so much joy to you and everyone else around you because you my dear are one of a kind. 

ps. I haven’t slept in 48hours and one of my contacts fell out while I was typing this so who even knows if this makes scene. Good Night… (is goodnight one word? okay I’m leaving.)

I hope you never disappoint me and I never disappoint you. I hope you never turn into someone I pass by one day and all we’ve become to one another is strangers. I know a year is brief. I mean it’s not much but it’ll be all that I’ll have of you and I’ll spend every second of it wondering how my last glance will be when you walk away. I look at you and it’s hard to not melt as you tremble upon words. It’s hard for you to explain things. I know you’re trying to make me understand everything but, I just sit there and listen. I can’t even figure out how to look at you and include myself in your life without later falling apart. I look at you like you’re a painting. A painting and I’m just trying so hard to fit into the frame. To get up and just fit right in because I’m stiff. You’ve paralyzed me and I can’t move a muscle. I can’t stop looking wondering every second if I ever crossed your mind. I can’t stop wondering if you’re so good at hiding it the way I am.
—  DesertWinds

that avpd feel when a friend asks you to hang out, so you panic and end up never even texting them back, but you feel horrible for ignoring them even though you’re paralyzed with fear and don’t know what else to do, so they probably hate you now, good job

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It’s easy to forget when I’m just paralyzed by fear how much people care.

And I’m so sorry that I didn’t bring this up until so late in the game. Nothing this month went the way it should have. But thanks to your kindness, I might still make it through, and next month I could finally end up getting a job interview, or making some knd of breakthrough. Thank you so much. Please help me keep it going. Not out of the woods just yet.

Halfway → Eleven

This is another of mine and joys-stuff Dimon fic. Let there be no confusion between our DIMON and that other situation that there is in the tag, I mean I ignored three people and my tag is back to normal :)

These two are the loveliest ♥

Love y’all. 

There’s a supreme sense of comfort in the simple action of running back into your lover’s arms, and she felt it. It felt as if those hours she spent without him, thinking about how paralyzing her fear was, hating herself for being so wounded and so confused, were the longest most torturing hours she had ever gone through, even though she had gone through some pretty torturing, bruising, bone-breaking hours. And what was even more overwhelming for her over-analytic mind at the time, was that sense of whole she felt when she went out there to get back what she had pushed away herself, as if her mind -and heart- silently sighed for that mistake she had now never made, because she was back in his arms and those arms were just as joyful to wrap around her as they had before: nothing had changed, and the piece of her heart she had ripped out from within herself, was back to where it belonged, where she needed it.

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gab talk about clemmings boxing au please!

not rly au but ok: whatever you do just don’t imagine luke and michael practicing together. luke, more experienced in boxing, raising his gloved hands for michael to punch, and michael rolling his eyes with a shadow of giggle on his lips, saying, “i’m not going to punch you.” 

and luke snorting, saying: “try to. you’re not going to try to punch me.”

so of course michael shakes his head and totally goes for it, but luke ducks, and michael keeps missing until he’s frowning in frustration, trying to get at luke while he just keeps going from one side to the other, and michael could SCREAM with how frustrated he is, with how bad he is at this. and then he does hit one punch, sort of, on luke’s shoulder, and he paralyzes.

because luke is a little shit, he totally pretends like it’s hurting, even if it’s nothing. michael takes a deep breath, turns pale even with his cheeks red with how hard he’s breathing, and with the gloved hands he pulls luke closer by the waist, with a frown and a mantra of: “i’m sorry, i’m sorry, i’m so sorry,” while luke just grunts and avoids his eyes.

until he doen’t anymore. until luke looks at him and he’s SMIRKING and michael rolls his eyes and says, “i hate you, and i hate boxing, but mostly i hate you,” and he starts to leave, but luke just giggles and pulls him closer, awkwardly because of the gloves, but pulls him closer anyway, and presses a kiss to his cheek. (▰˘◡˘▰)

My best friend and I were just talking about how being shy can be such a hindrance, especially when it comes to dancing in public. I mentioned how I am kind of baffled because when I am at one of Taylor’s concerts, whatever worry I felt about judgment or being a bad dancer completely dissolves and I’m able to go absolutely crazy and have so much fun dancing and screaming the words to every song with Taylor, but when surrounded by our peers in a normal setting, I’m paralyzed with fear and can only be coaxed onto the dance floor by being dragged by someone (or if Taylor starts playing, tbh). This is something I’m really working on, but I think that there has to be some link in that Taylor is kind of a safety net. I know she not only wouldn’t judge me, but she would be right there with me dancing and not worrying about what other people thought about it. She is helping me so much, and I’m just so grateful that she spends her time not only being the most wonderful, talented, selfless person, but she builds us up and encourages us to be kind to ourselves. It really is so, so important.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,  (French: Le scaphandre et le papillon), 2007. A biographical drama film.  Directed by Julian Schnabel. Starring Mathieu Amalric, Emmanuelle Seigner, Marie-Josée Croze,  Anne Consigny and Max von Sydow.

The film is based on Jean-Dominique Bauby’s memoir of the same name. It depicts Bauby’s life after suffering a massive stroke, at the age of 43, which left him with a condition known as locked-in syndrome. The condition paralyzed him from the neck down. Although both eyes worked, doctors decided to sew up his right eye as it was not irrigating properly and they were worried that it would become infected. He was left with only his left eye and the only way that he could communicate was by blinking his left eyelid.

The film won awards at the Cannes Film Festival, the Golden Globes, the BAFTAs, and the César Awards, and received four Academy Award nominations.

Tori’s Soundtrack to Your Life.

Waking up: Radioactive - Imagine Dragons. 
First Day of School: Low - Flo Rida ft T-Pain.
Falling in Love: Die Young - Ke$ha.
Fight Song: Dancing Through Life - Wicked Soundtrack.
Prom: Heart Attack - Demi Lovato. 
Life: Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding.
Mental Breakdown: Hello Kitty - Avril Lavigne.
Driving: Paralyzed - Big Time Rush.
Losing Your Virginity: One Song Glory - Rent Soundtrack
Wedding: Misery Business - Paramore. 
Birth of Your First Child: Take it Off - Ke$ha. 
Death Scene: Go the Distance - Hercules Soundtrack
Funeral Song: Really Don’t Care - Demi Lovato. 

Beacon Hills County Sheriff Station gets a complaint about a small group of unruly teenagers causing chaos in a local fast food place. Sheriff sends Clark down but she doesn’t return. There is no response from her radio, just odd animal noises. Sheriff and Parrish share a look and Sheriff says he’s going down to take a look. They phone Scott to come help.

When the Sheriff and Scott enter, they see Clark laying on the floor, not moving, along with all the staff but one who is being made to serve Theo’s pack. Theo himself is sitting on the counter eating and smiling at Scott in a cruel way.

Sheriff steps in to arrest Theo, but Corey who has been waiting invisible trips him over. Tracy cuts him with her tail and paralyzes them as Hayden and Josh watch.

“I’d invite you for Pizza, Scott, but you’re not pack” Theo then nods to Tracy who cuts Scott with her tail. Scott falls down to the floor. 
Theo’s pack carry on eating, then leave for Scott and sheriff to clean up after them

Even if you were terrible and injured people, you...

Even if you were terrible and injured people, you need to move forward and take care of yourself first. You can’t do the best work on yourself if you are under the constant scrutiny of negativity and hatred. An atmosphere of guilt, blame and judgement is not a safe emotional space that fosters recovery. Someone’s forgiveness will not heal you; condemnation or absolution is their test, not yours. Choose healing and inner-peace over guilt. Set down the pain. Walk away and work on yourself first. When you are at peace, resolved and strong you can reach out and begin to make reparations. Paralyzing guilt will not serve anyone’s interest. Start thinking of your guilt as being selfish, because guilt blocks opportunities from arriving for you, and for those you care about.

— Bryant McGill

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