I just spent like two hours going through my entire wardrobe to see what I can donate to this pick-up program with Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Two huge overly stuffed bags now contain at least 90% of the clothes I own. But, in the morning that 90% of my stuff will be processed before being sent out to help families in need. 💖

anonymous asked:

Do you donate to other causes? Or are you following the Ice Bucket Trend?

Yes I do! I have donated to various things!
St. Jude Children’s Hospital 
American Red Cross
Wounded Warrior Project
Paralyzed Veterans of America 
Toys for Tots Foundation 
Breast Cancer Awareness 
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association

These are in no particular order. There are others that I have donated to as well, however, I most likely do not remember the actual names. 

I fully support organizations much like Bikers Against Child Abuse , Boys and Girls Club of America, Plan Parenthood, and Shelters to provide a safe place for those against Domestic Violence of any kind.