“I sort of feel like that concept changes all the time.  When Tyler and I first started playing music together our idea of success would be a certain amount of people would show up at the Chick-Fil-A food court to buy tickets from us for our hometown concert. And if we sold more than we had on us at the time than that was a success. And then I remember the first time we ever sold out a venue in Columbus, Ohio, that was a huge success for us and we felt pretty excited about it. Our friends and family were there but more importantly, there were people that we’d never met before, and that was a strange feeling. Seeing everybody look at each other and sing the lyrics, not really having any idea how they got there or how they learned the songs, was a big success. Every step along the way is another success. I think success can be measured in a lot of different ways and can mean a lot of different things. But I will say, at the end of the day, if this band ended tomorrow and the music was able to have some kind of any impact on a person or save a person’s life then that’s the real success.”

-Josh Dun