‘Cause I’ve made mistakes | That’ve hurt the ones I’ve loved
And I’ve thrown them under the bus | One too many times
There can be no redemption | For a sinner such as I

j ust. two sad old men tryina recover from their past mistakes

100; yoongi

“I love you.” (100)

Yoongi was a man of many words, but at times, even he finds himself choked up in trying to express himself properly. But with you, it comes naturally (not initially, he was restless freaking out on the fact he called you beautiful for the first time) as the hands of time proceeded and the days on the calendar filled up box after box, row after row.

It was obvious that Yoongi loves you a lot - and you know that - but a reminder was lovely sometimes.

He doesn’t do it all the time. He wasn’t the kind to sputter it here and there, back and forth, until it engraved in your cerebellum, embedded past every nerve until it’s all you think about. No. Yoongi was rather… he liked to take things slow. Like a nice dance of tango for two with the dimmed lights and a rhythmic pace set out until you could see the stars surrounding the pair of you and the love in his smile. He preferred it that way. 

It held more meaning, it felt right - it was right.

So just as you’re flicking the channels through the television remote, finding whichever that grabs your interest best, you find that something else does a better job at that. And by that, it was none other than - “Hey, Y/N…?”

You stop at a channel where a love movie seems to be playing. The perfect match of Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried leaves you smiling in the least but when you look over your shoulder to love in a person, it broadens and you’re grinning at him, “Yeah?”

He tries his best not to smile just yet, and he manages even when he gets out, “I love you,”

You try not to let him see how it affects you (even though you know he will sooner or later) and you reply in a steady breath: “I love you too,”

The both of you are like mirrors that reflect one another. Because just as you look back to your television and Yoongi gazes back to his laptop screen, there’s a huge smile playing on both of your lips and the light pink dusts on your cheeks like they were meant to be that color in the first place.

Love came in many forms - passion, food, hobbies, food, a person.

Yours was Min Yoongi.

Min Yoongi’s was you.

Their first bond.

So i died reading the acotar series (just finished acomaf) and I’m total and absolute Reysand trash. 

I’m not the best at drawing gifs so bear with me but the beautiful soul that is @bellarkestories helped make this happen, so all my thanks go to her!


I’ve never been so affected by Steven Universe before this episode. I felt like the episode was made for me. I relate and I’m so thankful for the song it will help during an anxiety attack. This picture is so personal to me I’m very proud of it.

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Avia S-199

During WWII, Germany had taken Czech territory and was using industry in Bohemia to supply the war effort. The Avia factory in Letňany (now Prague) had supplied material support, contributing to the Me262 production under the name S-92, and had been tooled to produce Bf109-G aircraft for the Luftwaffe. The aircraft production didn’t reach full operation until after WWII, but nonetheless, Avia had produced 21 Bf-109-G6′s to-spec which they called the S-99, as well as 23 training aircraft, the CS-99. But, quickly, Avia found themselves running out of the DB-605 engines which the powerful Bf109-G drew its performance from. Quickly, the Czech engineers managed to kludge their way to success and retrofit Junkers Jumo 211F engines and propellers to the Bf-109G airframe. These engines were intended for the He-111 Bomber, and did not give the kind of performance that could compare to the CS-99/BF-109G series aircraft. Thusly, this new hybrid was given a new designation.

The S-199, as it is now called, was a single-engine, water-cooled aircraft capable of a maximum speed of 649km/h. Its armament was to use two 13mm machine guns in the engine cowling, as well as wing-mounted Mg-151/20s in the wing roots, as the Jumo 211F had no provision for a single, nose-mounted cannon. The extra weight and modifications needed to the airframe, combined with the underwhelming engine performance led to the aircraft having characteristics described as “difficult.” Eventually, the Czech pilots who operated it would give it the name “Mezek”, meaning “Mule”, presumably because of its stubborn temperament.

But the truly interesting story of this aircraft comes from its usage in the Israeli war of independence. At the time, there was a large arms embargo placed on Israel, despite the fact that surrounding Arab states had made it public that they intended to march on Israel as soon as British forces pulled from the area once Israel was declared to be an autonomous state. The two factors made for a dire situation for the budding nation, and resulted in a rather wonderful smuggling scheme with the help of the nation of Panama and a handful of veteran pilots from WWII. This story is covered in detail in the documentary Above and Beyond, which I strongly recommend as it’s a wonderful story.

The first flight of this aircraft under Israeli usage was a ground attack run on an Egyptian armor column. 4 aircraft sortied, flying to decimate the newly-demoralized Egyptian forces who had, until now, been nearly uncontested. Though casualties were low on the Egyptian side, and one Israeli aircraft was downed as the interrupter mechanism on one aircraft had malfunctioned, this began the story of the IAF and greatly shifted the tide of the war. The Israelis appreciated it, despite being a poorly-constructed aircraft, and eventually named it the Sakeen, meaning “Knife”, though more usually it was simply referred to as “Messerschmitt” given the basis of the aircraft.

lucyxjessiey  asked:

Holtzbert thing I keep thinking about. Holtz and Erin are both in their respective spaces in the lab, working. Holtz is sautering something and Erin hears her say, "Ow, fuck." but she doesn't stop working. "Holtz, are you okay?" "I'm fine." "You just said 'ow, fuck.'" Erin coming over to see where she hurt herself. Basically, something popped while sautering and hit her on the back or shoulder and Erin making Holtz show her and seeing all her scars. :O

im !!!!!

  • holtz is just “erin it’s fine!!! see? no mark!” with a proud smile for once not hurting herself. 
  • erin just gives her a deadpan look, but then notices a long white scar that reaches across holtz’ shoulder blade and the top of her spine. erin frowns, letting her fingers trace it boldly as holtz shivers at the touch
  • “wow…are you-okay? how did this happen?” holtz just grins and shrugs, but erin can tell by the way she trembles at erins touch it means something more. “oh! when i was 19 i tried to make one of my many faulty experiments. turns out, metal can fly really fast and hard when you’re not looking” 
  • erin rolls her eyes, bc of course, thats such a holtz thing to do
  • when they’re dating erin kisses the scars when holtz wakes up sleeping on her stomach, and traces little patterns idly. its enough to make holtz hum and mumble “totally worth the 3 months in hospital” 
  • wait, 3 MONTHS???”

William T. Love envisioned a prosperous city with 2 million inhabitants, powered by a canal that would use the water force of the Niagara Falls. Unfortunately, it turned out to be an incredible disaster and one of the greatest environmental hazards in American history.

Image credit: Niagara by Frederic Edwin Church. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Imagine a huge smile appearing on Woozi’s face when he hears you singing one of Seventeen’s song to yourself.