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Went to my friend’s house over the weekend (who are, by the way, very, very open-minded folks and support everything), and their 5-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son was staring at my laptop with me when I came across Stony on Tumblr. I made sure to avoid any NSFW pics (which is surprising, lols), but several pictures of them hugging and kissing came up. Naturally, I assumed all younger boys would be grossed out by that. In stead, the boy just said, “I didn’t really see Captain America and Iron Man like each other that much, but maybe I was wrong.”

Kind of shocked that he didn’t get grossed out, look away, or say something homophobic, I replied, “So you don’t see anything wrong with that?” And he’s all, “I don’t see the chemistry, but if a bunch of other people like them together, maybe they do love each other.” Then the little girl was all, “I think they’re cute!”

Parenting: you’re doing it right. It makes me proud to live in a generation where children like this exist. That boy didn’t find nothing wrong with the fact that Tony and Steve are two men, he just simply didn’t “see the chemistry”. And the little girl even thought it was cute (then again, she ships everything, even me and her older sister, lol). And by the way, their parents do believe in God, but they also believe that love is love.

I just felt like sharing that, it made me happy.

A Dept store Sweden introduced these normal-size mannequins. Instead of size 00, these gals are a size 12 and 16. Some are saying they “condone obesity.” The average woman is a size 14, that’s not supporting obesity. Standard mannequins support eating disorders.
I think mannequins should look like this in every store. They don’t even have that standard creepy mannequin vibe.

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Call the Midwife and Foucault! Nice analysis... Actually, bloody well-written essay! So, Valerie Dyer, huh... Another army medical exile, too. So what is her secret do we wonder, and will said secret turn up in Poplar anytime soon?! In uniform?! Maybe, just maybe with a woman at the helm, perhaps our ladies of the rainbow won't be subjected to the sadism and absurdity of HC... Hope springs eternal...

Thank you!! I’m really glad you liked it :) 

Haha I don’t know, half of my annoyance with Holby atm is the lack of Serena and Bernie just being in the same room (they don’t even have to be doing coupley stuff, I just want to see them together??) and for half of this 8-episode series of CtM they’ve literally shipped Patsy off to the other side of the world, so I’ve got similar grievances with both shows but am trying to stay positive!!

Although you’re definitely right that Val being of the sapphic persuasion and having a gf would go a long way to making me feel better about the show - although actually (and this will never happen but this is my blog and I’ll dream if i want to) wouldn’t it be lovely if we got to see Val meet and fall in love with someone? I love Pats and Deels so much but we’ve got to see the cute beginnings of all the other main relationships (where they’re shy and courting and have first kisses, etc), and if the only other gay relationship on the show was established I’d be delighted but also feel a little cheated??