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The Dainty Hand Touch™ (also keep in mind this is Mikleo taste testing Sorey’s wine for poison) @fabelyn
Mikleo watching Sorey sleep @pewpewpewseibai
Mikleo and Lailah’s discussion script
Mikleo really loves Sorey @guardianoftime
Sorey panicking when Mikleo leaves @karupushi
Mikleo was always there for Sorey @fabelyn
”The moon is beautiful tonight” @guardianoftime and me (edit)
Parallels @alisayamin
More Parallels @babymilliam
Baby Sormik @babymilliam
Highlights in Gif Form @fabelyn

The Parallels, Man

I feel like this has been pointed out already by someone on the internet but I want to share it so I can have a peace of mind about this.

Do you notice how in the cover of the chapter, we have Juvia smiling and very lively with a “lifeless” decoy of Gray but at the end of the game we have a “lifeless” Juvia who gave all her life for Gray.

I don’t know about you but I like the parallels for this chapter. It’s so beautiful and painful at the same time! Can’t wait what will happen next for these two. 


Ichigo's parallel with the moon...

–Hidden from sight, come forth the moon!–

What if Ichigo is the black sun because the moon is covering the sun…Hense the black and red bankai…an eclipse.

What if instead of the Cresent moon we see see all the time… we see a full moon when we see Ichigo’s full and true power. Like a cresent moon not completely full we see Ichigo in his incomplete state.


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I know many people think he's saying her name, but I actually believe he says "baby" not "Letty" when he tells her it's gonna be okay in TFATF and that it's NOT my wishful thinking. Turned up the volume real loud and I'm pretty sure that's a B coming outta his mouth, not an L. It just sounds different when he says "Letty"... Anyway, you can't convince me otherwise, cause I love that it parallels her "baby" in Furious 7 :D Sorry, didn't mean to be a smartass, just wanted to put this out there.

“it’s gonna be okay, baby. i love you”

YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. My mistake. And please, you are not being a smartass, this was a legit correction, so I really appreciate you sending me this message to clear it up. And I’m so thankful, got so many dotty feels from just rewatching this lil moment, I even made a gifset for you - HERE. 💋