Peter and of the greatest love stories of all time.
  • Olivia:What's she like, the other Olivia? I'm just curious.
  • Peter:I don't know. She's driven. She's very, very stubborn. She doesn't like to lose. But she sees the best in people, even when they don't see it in themselves...She gave me something that I hadn't had since, really since my mom died. She gave me a place to call home. A place I'd want to call home.

k-yute asked:

Wow. I had been thinking about the parallels between the sugar baby community and the pua community too and I thought I was the only one who noticed it

I hope you don’t mind if this is public (let me know)

but yeah… there is… even the creepy idolization and the fact most are just wannabes. BEING a sugar baby isn’t like being a pick up art but the community is basically the same, like ok, I know it’s NO WHERE on the same level but I’ve seen girls legit brag about scamming a guy out of 5k and then he’s mad he wants more when she didn’t tell him she wanted a platonic relationship? and then she called him salt? like with toxic sb’s it’s scamming and with PUA’s it’s nonconsent (no where on the same level but both involve depersonalizing the person) there’s a difference between having an SD/client/customer that’s absolute shit and secretly hating him (or in club environments having to “get into the zone” like the guys consented at the door basically to be hustled by all means possible) because you need the money and depersonalizing ALL of them. like I said, I know some work environments are shitty and they don’t ACT like 3 dimensional human beings but not all are. 

oh AND PUA feel the need to brag about “field reports” and “lay reports” while sugar babies HAVE to post pictures of everything they get and all the money they get and idk it’s kinda tacky and yr gonna get outed faster that way. it’s just so like LOOK AT ME I NEED APPROVAL there’s a difference between “wow i worked hard and am proud of this” then “WOW look at how wglamorous/awesome I am” like shit leighalanna is proud of her tupperware, it’s some nice shit, but that’s not gonna get 10k notes so no one cares!!! Im proud of you girl!!! LOL

Oooo baby, I hear how you spend night time
Wrapped like candy in a blue, blue neon glow
Fade away and radiate
Oooo baby, watchful lines
Vibrate soft in brainwave time
Silver pictures move so slow
Golden tubes faintly glow

Electric faces seem to merge
Hidden voices mock your words
Fade away and radiate

The beams become my dream
My dream is on the screen

Dusty frames that still arrive
Die in 1955

Fade away and radiate

The beams become my dream
My dream is on the screen

Fade away and radiate

—  Blondie,Fade Away And Radiate lyrics

Full Name:  Jeremy Alexander Sinclair
Nicknames: Jer, Jer Bear, Penguin
Age: Twenty
Date of Birth:  December 29th
Sexual Orientation:  Straight
Relationship Status:  Dating Miss Coral Wolff
Occupation:  Student and musician

Jeremy Sinclair was born on December 29th, 1993 to Jonah Sinclair, a big wig music producer, and Madeline, an international fashion model.  His parents had, and still have a loving marriage, despite a few hiccups here and there, but the one thing they never seemed to be able to agree on was how to raise their son.  Jeremy’s mother consistently babied him, even into his teens, while his father was strict and stern with him, trying to teach him to toughen up, and to be able to handle the real world.  Growing up was a bit tough for Jeremy, although his parents both do love him equally, he always felt rather estranged from his father, and everything that his father represents.  The parallel of being babied and belittled was a weird one for Jeremy, and because of it, instead of turning him into someone tough and headstrong; he’s always been a massive pushover.  Instead of standing up for himself, he always just found himself giving in to whatever his father wanted, and then running off to his mother for sympathy and compassion.  In an attempt to try to feel accepted by his father, Jeremy took up music when he was in the fifth grade, and he’s stuck with it ever since, even deciding to major in music at University.  He still has no idea what he wants to do with his life, even though there is continuous pressure from his father to follow in his footsteps, which given his inability to say no to anyone will probably happen, Jeremy knows he wants to be out there making music, actually getting to play, and not necessarily producing it and being behind the scenes.

After the accident that killed Cohen, Ellie, and Aiden, Jeremy was heartbroken.  Not necessarily for himself, but for their families, for Harrison, and he was beyond worried about all his friends.  He hasn’t really dealt with any of his feelings about the whole thing, mostly just because he wants to make sure that he can be there for any of his friends emotionally, if they need it.  He really didn’t know what to say to anyone to help them move forward, but when it was announced that they were all moving to Hawaii indefinitely, Jeremy was pretty relieved.  He thought that was a good idea, get out of the city and out of the spotlight that would be sure to follow them – they were all relatively high profile, and he certainly didn’t want to deal with any press – get a bit of a fresh start, and try to heal all the wounds before they all had to go back to school again.  The blonde also threw himself into his much with much more vigor, because playing, and composing are really the only two things that fully take his mind off of everything.

Jeremy is wicked smart, although he’s definitely the quiet one in his friend group.  He’s a massive down player, he never wants anyone to worry about him.  He’s always been a little bit unsure of himself, lacks a bit of confidence, and while he’s not necessarily shy, he’s a little bit introverted.  He loves all his friends to death, especially Justin, who he’s always felt genuinely the closest to, and would do anything for them, but with having so many close friends, and so many of them having larger than life personalities, he never wanted to try to compete with them, or outshine them in any way.  He also hates confrontation, finds it near impossible to say no to anyone, and is practically afraid of making people upset, so he will often go to crazy lengths to please people, even if it means that he himself is a little unhappy in the process.  He’s quite kind, compassionate, and really does care about other and their wellbeing, although it’s easy for people to take advantage of him because he is so soft willed.  Jer has also been nursing an intense crush on one, Coral Wolff.  It’s been around for years, ever since he can remember, and probably since he started realizing that girls don’t have cooties.  It’s something he can never see himself acting on, because he really doesn’t feel like he’s anything special, and genuinely thinks that she deserves better, but she’s probably the only girl that he’s met that doesn’t ever take advantage of how nice of a guy he is.  


  • He is left handed
  • He has a lot of nervous ticks that he does when he’s anxious, nervous, or frustrated.  The most frequent is tugging on his earlobe, but he also drums his fingers on any surface, wrings his hand together, and chews his nails
  • He can play most Western instruments, and is so gifted that he’s able to pick up other instruments from other parts of the world, and pick up playing them very quickly
  • He is very accident prone, and very clumsy
  • He’s highly afraid of spiders, and bugs in general really, but mostly spiders
  • Is convinced that Mother Nature has a vendetta against him, and that’s why he injures himself so frequently
  • If there is a guitar anywhere in the room, it’s probably in Jer’s hands
  • He wears glasses for reading, but he only ever wears them when he’s at home
  • He never kissed a girl before kissing Coral
  • He doesn’t drink very often, nothing more than a sip of wine or champagne here and there, and has never been drunk