Yep, exactly what I came across years ago when I was researching.

The earth gem thing I’m still unsure about, but this is some interesting possible evidence… however the only gems that are produced on earth are quartz and in limited numbers. though It’s not like anything about them is normal anyway.

I’ll keep them safe, if my theory is correct their gems will at least be stronger when they reform. I’m not sure about the healing thing though, I’ve personally never heard of gems that have an ability like that.

and I bet a gem that would have that ability would uh… charge a LOT for it. humans have no idea how expensive stuff is on homeworld. its a damn joke.

I’m going a tangent here but I feel a little calmer. I’m gonna just sleep in here.

i can’t wait for this teamup… !!! (*Φ∇Φ*) !!!, also… BLUE LAVA. i’m imagining this to be a pivotal moment at some important ancient force location where they team up for the first time under an epic night sky. I NEED IT

So I’m rewatching “The Empty Child” this morning, another one I’ve seen about a bazillion times, and I was struck by this moment with Rose and Jack.  

What is the first thing she says to him when he grabs her from the tractor beam?  "Hello.“  Then she says it again. Is this what Rose does when she’s in the proximity of a pretty boy?? I’VE SEEN THIS BEFORE. 


The man-animals were gods unmistakable and unescapable. As his mother, Kiche, had rendered her allegiance to them at the first cry of her name, so he was beginning to render his allegiance. He gave them the trail as a privilege indubitably theirs. When they walked, he got out of their way. When they called, he came. When they threatened, he cowered down. When they commanded him to go, he went away hurriedly. For behind any wish of theirs was power to enforce that wish, power that hurt, power that expressed itself in clouts and clubs, in flying stones and stinging lashes of whips.

He belonged to them as all dogs belonged to them. His actions were theirs to command. His body was theirs to maul, to stamp upon, to tolerate. Such was the lesson that was quickly borne in upon him. It came hard, going as it did, counter to much that was strong and dominant in his own nature; and, while he disliked it in the learning of it, unknown to himself he was learning to like it. It was a placing of his destiny in another’s hands, a shifting of the responsibilities of existence. -Jack London, White Fang


“We’re all very ordinary in St. Mary Mead, but ordinary people can sometimes do the most astonishing things.”

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YOU JUST ENDED IT RIGHT THERE. Ohhhh man that's painful 😭. I can't wait for the next episode oh boy. I do have to say, I think it's interesting that Sam mentioned wanting Mark to share her ability. Because that's the same way that Damien feels, and yet they're such different characters. Of course there are different tones to those desires, but it's the same central emotion of isolation. It adds another cross section to see them in a similar place but reacting so differently.

Yes, despite being very different people, Sam and Damien have a lot more in common than they might think. Though I don’t think either would ever admit this, even if they came to the realization. 

I love the Legend of Korra AU where Bolin was a Firebender

So I was rewatching Captain America: The Winter Soldier and I couldn’t help but notice…

Well fuck.

At least I know the reason why I ship them :P

I guess you could say Isayama killed Captain America lol