So I’m rewatching “The Empty Child” this morning, another one I’ve seen about a bazillion times, and I was struck by this moment with Rose and Jack.  

What is the first thing she says to him when he grabs her from the tractor beam?  "Hello.“  Then she says it again. Is this what Rose does when she’s in the proximity of a pretty boy?? I’VE SEEN THIS BEFORE. 

angievonasgard  asked:

Goddammit Bethany, now I'm gonna have to make that "Just go!" gif set!!

Yeah, and you gave me credit for the idea in the tags and I see that some people cursed us both in their tags when they reblogged it, mwahahaha! Also, *SOBBING FOREVER* because oh my god what the hell possessed me to put that parallel in writing!? Because once you read it OF COURSE YOU HAD TO MAKE THAT GIFSET, you jerk.

p.s. I love you, please never stop making painful and beautiful Sam/Jack art.