listen….,.,. mj being the jughead jones to peter’s betty cooper and not planning to make her feelings known but unwittingly growing closer to peter until it reaches a point where she just feels like she needs to let him know how she feels (although with a slower burn pls and thanks) and from that point holding onto her aloof broody sardonic nature around everybody but peter who knows her well enough to know she actually really gives a damn about the people close to her, and her just m e l t i n g whenever the sunshine boy blatantly tells her how much she means to him im…,,.,.., what A Concept

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At the end of S5, I thought maybe that Clarke and Madi might've found other nightbloods since Clarke's "We tried to dig them out" didn't make clear whether it was just her and Madi or others. but the size reel seems to say that it's just been the 2 of them for 6 years, right? Also, I don't get C's mentality of "we'll kill them all". I thought S4 was largely her learning that everyone is important and deserves to survive?? so why would she say this w/o even knowing who the miners are?

Yeah yeah, I totally agree. I was not sure about who was on the surface either, but it seems clear now that it’s JUST Clarke and Madi. 

And as for Clarke’s mentality of DESTROY THEM, yeah, I think that’s a plot point. I think JR has made a lot of points about a reboot back to the beginning and season 1 starting over again, we’re going to see Clarke who apparently missed or LOST some of her lessons about not sacrificing people and everyone being human, and tbh, we saw some of that in season 4 with the list and stealing the bunker. 

I feel like she’s turned around and become who Bellamy was at the beginning of season 1. JR has stated that Bellamy is the one who will have to convince her not to destroy her enemies. I’m not sure Bellamy will be turned into who Clarke was… maybe. Or maybe he’ll be more Lincoln. I’m not sure. Lincoln’s story being absent from the sizzle reel was really weird. And I found some inconsistencies with Clarke’s story that tell me the story she is creating is not quite as reliable as what we saw for ourselves. She missed some MAJOR lessons that we got in regards to doing what was right, not just what was right for your people, and that they COULD be the good guys.

So to answer your question about Clarke’s mindset, I would say that we need to watch and see what happens in season 5 and KEEP ASKING THAT QUESTION.