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So. It was that day again, huh.

Their day. His - Red’s - day. Fire had come to hate this day.

When had things gotten so complicated? They used to be so simple, back when they were children, when Green and Blue would come over and they’d celebrate together and play silly games just like they always did, but on that day it’d be special. Their mother would get them gifts and they never cared about who got what because in the end they’d share everything anyway.

It was a happier time. It was so long ago.

As the years went on, when Red and Green started to drift apart, their relationship growing strained as they went from being friends to rivals, when things started to go wrong, a lot of that happiness simply… disappeared.

By the time they turned 15, away from home, out in the Kantonian wilderness where they only had each other, they barely even acknowledged the date at all.

And now?

Now, Red was back in Kanto, alone, and Fire was here, in Unova, still running, always running, and he shouldn’t look back at what he’d left behind because it was forever out of reach and yet he did, and when had things gotten so complicated-

With a grim smile, Fire raised his can of soda, speaking to the empty space in front of him.

“Cheers, brother. Here’s to another year without me.”

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I'm wondering if you can help me. I'm trying to find the post(or posts) about the mirror theory. I remember the post I looked at talked about how this season is mirroring prior seasons. If not it's fine. I was just able to get someone actually interested td by talking about the mirror theory so if I had that post or similar I think I'd have them 110% convinced!

Hey love! @bethgreenewarriorprincess made the original post based on thoughts she and I and our collaborator @allatariel had been generating privately. I found that post and added my thoughts (X). I also archive posts on the mirror theory here (X) and the reset theory here (X), and I recommend my parallels tags as they are similar (X) (X) (X). I hope this helps, and let me know how it goes with the person. Hopefully you can convert them to TD. :)


                     Hey, I get scared and I’ll hug you. We’ll call it even.

You stayed on the roof the whole time you were out, didn’t you?” She yanked an iron skillet from the rack over the stove, set it on a burner, and chucked a thick pat of butter onto its dark surface.
“You kicked me out of the apartment, but not the warehouse, so I figured I might as well make myself useful and take watch.” -Aelin and Aedion - Queen of Shadows, Chapter 29.

How do I tell Cassian and Azriel I don’t need them here to protect me? Company is fine, but I don’t need sentries.

He’d written back, You don’t tell them. You set boundaries if they cross a line, but you are their friend—and my mate. They will protect you on instinct. If you kick their asses out of the house, they’ll just sit on the roof. - Feyre, Azriel and Cassian - ACOMAF Chapter 58. 

Aedion, Cassian and Azriel would get on sickeningly well with each other, look at this.


rachel preparing to play sarah vs. sarah playing rachel while alison pretends to be sarah


His sisters Arya and Sansa would marry the heirs of other great houses and go south as mistress of castles of their own. But what place could a bastard hope to earn?

I couldn’t resist.

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Jess & Reagan: Pep Talks

Imagine Reagan trying to comfort a crying baby.

Edit: Dudes, I know the point is that Jess understands Nick more than Reagan and not about their motivational skills. ‘Tis me trying and failing to be funny. Come on, I thought you’d be used to my bad jokes by now.

I just love the creeping resignation on Reagan’s face as she word-vomits. It, erm, hits home. Sigh.

madi @flint: [quotes the book miranda gave him in 2x03 aka the book to help him deal with her husband going forward, her husband who was later revealed to be his lover] 

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