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I know you've mentioned this before but it really bugs me the double standards on the show when it comes to saving someone. Coulson will go to extreme lengths to save Daisy but gives up on others. Had it been Daisy stuck in the rock back in season 3 I believe Coulson would never have given up whereas when it's Fitz or Simmons he gives up on them or puts them at risk. Idk it just bothers me and I was wondering your thoughts on this?

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Yes, I have touched on it before, and yes there is a double standard in play.  I can’t tell if its intentional on the writers part that its usually one or both of Fitzsimmons that is left to pretty much fend for themselves and Daisy the one they go to the ends of the earth for….or if it is just so happens what needs to happen for the story.  

We had a good parallel between Season 2 and 3 with Jemma and Daisy.  Both were gone for 6 months but when we came back but the huge difference was Fitz was the only one still looking for Jemma.  Most of the team telling him to give it up.  While with Daisy Coulson/Mack were chasing down each and every lead he could on Daisy while May covered for them.  Fitzsimmons helping when they could.   And yes, I realize its very different because they had confirmation Daisy was alive, but at the same time Coulson circumventing Mace to protect Daisy also lead to a lot of issues down the line.  And no one told Coulson it was time to let Daisy go or give up on her.  Even when she was knowingly breaking the law and most definitely didn’t want to be found.  

We had Closure.  Even knowing Fitzsimmons were in Ward’s hands Coulson still purposely provoked Ward with Thomas…nor did he try to leverage Thomas for Fitzsimmons.  It was all about Revenge.  And that whole situation would have played out very differently if Ward had taken Daisy instead….which we saw in Season 3 when Hive took her.  

Daisy is still one of us.  What she did here was not of her own free will, Hive infected her, she’s his hostage.  We need to remember that.  But this alien creature messed with the wrong team.  Its thinks if it breaks our legs, we’ll stop fighting.  But it doesn’t know how damn stubborn we are.  Especially when it comes to protecting our own.  Hive is building and Inhuman army, but we’re not gonna let that happen.  So strap in, because you might feel a little sick after this….

Then it got worse with the whole murder vest on Lincoln. 

Fitz is no different in the clutches of Ophelia/AIDA/Papa Fitz than Daisy was with Hive.  He is her hostage, she has brainwashed/reprogrammed him, and what he is doing most certainly isn’t of his own free will.  So yes, its very sad to see his capture treated differently.  That the team is leaving him where they didn’t leave Daisy.

And its not just Daisy.  When Coulson, May, and Mace were taken extreme measures were taken to get them back.   

However I do think that most of the time we we see it, its for the story.  IE Fitzsimmons have to be captured in order for something to happen like finishing Looking Glass or being forced to Maveth. The writers setting up something for Fitzsimmons at the end of the season or beyond.  It could contribute to them taking a step back.   Because good or bad, right or wrong, that has go to hurt knowing that they were willing to leave him behind.  Leaving him her hostage both in and out of the Framework.  

With the way the story is set up, Jemma getting Fitz back a parallel of Fitz getting her back from Maveth, this was what had to happen.  I predicted it would…didn’t think it would go as far as leaving him in there….but predicted the others would give up or not want to save him on the inside. Daisy just happen to be the one who had to say it.  Had someone else been in Daisy’s place they likely would have come to the same conclusion….unless it was Coulson that was self aware and Daisy brainwashed and trapped with the big bad…then they wouldn’t be going anywhere.  

But at the same time its shows us just so strong some of the bonds are on the team.  Fitzsimmons will never give up on each other and no matter what they will fight to get back together.  With Coulson we see his strong bond with May and Daisy.   Daisy his daughter in pretty much every way but blood.   

I would be fascinated to hear the writers themselves discuss this if possible in one of the declassified books or at a con.  But for now that’s my two cents on it.  


BtVS season 3 and 6: I’ve never noticed just how many similarities and noteworthy parallels there are between the beginning of season 3 and 6 before.

I’m currently doing a rewatch and was floored by how much of it I’d like to consider either parallels or foreshadowing, just from the first 4 episodes of each season. I’ve mentioned parallels here and there before, but this requires it’s own post.

  • The very first scene of both season 3 and 6 is of the scoobies fighting off vampires in the cemetery without Buffy. With Willow seemingly being in charge of the operation.
  • Willow delivers a poorly constructed come-back that gets called out for being bad, much like what happens with Buffybot in Bargaining Part 1.
  • Everyone’s upset over Buffy being gone, while having taken on her responsibilities as their own, feeling the burden of them.
  • The scoobies try their hardest to keep their spirits up about Buffy coming back, particularly Willow.
  • Giles leaves town, the first time in hope of getting her back. When in season 6 it’s because that hope is gone.
  • Buffy being forced to get spirit crushing jobs.
  • In Anne we see Joyce telling Giles that he’s responsible for Buffy leaving. In Bargaining Part 1 Giles implies that he blames himself for her death; “I did what any good Watcher would do. Got my Slayer killed in the line of duty.”
  • Buffy goes to hell instead of heaven, which is a pretty neat parallel in general. But she was also in hell both times; “What is Hell but the total absence of hope?” - Ken, 3x01 Anne. “Is this hell?” - Buffy, 6x02 Bargaining Part 2.
  • Buffys attitude is almost the same. The main difference with Buffy in Anne is the anger and bitterness (much like in The Wish). And Buffy in After Life has replaced the anger with shock and additional numbness from depression. Yet we get similarities such as; Seeing her sit on a bed in a depressed, miserable state. Same sense of not belonging, wanting an out from her life and the responsibilities that come with it, and is too emotionally drained to put on her trademark “I’m ok” face at first (x).
  • Buffy having a lot of troubles adjusting to her new life once she gets back. Everything around her is letting her know that she doesn’t belong anymore. She goes back to an environment that used to be part of her normal everyday routine, but now feels very different, tainted (the dream of her walking through the empty school in Dead Mans Party. Then walking through the cemetery in After Life).
  • The scoobies first instinct is to help Buffy, but in empty ways that she doesn’t actually need or want. Like the party they throw for her in Dead Mans Party. Or like how they come barging in, offering things like pizza in After Life. They aren’t willing to be there for her, really be there and listen, when she’s obviously going through a hard time (x).
  • Early on in both Dead Mans Party and Flooded, Buffy undergoes unpleasant things in the basement (finding the dead cat, flooding the basement). Then later in the episode the Summers home suffer severe damage.
  • Creepy things happen in the master bedroom after Buffy’s gone to bed (the mask lighting up in Dead Mans Party, and the fake ghost Buffy in After Life).
  • Giles giving Willow a stern talk about the dangers of Magic; “These forces are not something that one plays around with, Willow. What have you been conjuring?” - Giles 3x03 Faith, Hope & Trick. “The magicks you channeled are more ferocious and primal than anything you can hope to understand.” - Giles, 6x04 Flooded.
  • The introduction of Faith, which ends up being a mirror/foreshadowing for both Buffys and Willows behavior in season 6 (I could go into an essay long rant about this, but to make it as short as possible; They apply her motto of “want, take, have” to their own lives and explore the darker sides of themselves).
  • Buffy ends up venting the secret aspect of her traumatic ordeal to her current confidant. Which in season 3 is Giles and Willow. She confesses only to them that Angel had his soul when she killed him. In season 6 her unlikely confidant is Spike, and she confessed only to him that she was in heaven.

“In the third act, you had your hero throw himself over the cliff with no fear of dying … all for her. Do you really believe that kind of love exists?”


Pascal’s Triangle Revisited - Season 1, Episode 25
“I’m glad you’re staying.”

Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television - Season 6, Episode 13
“The heart wants what it wants… but I let you go.”

Okay so last night in the shower while I was supposed to be thinking of an ending to my story to break everyone’s heart, I had a TD thought. This kind of messed me up a little because I didn’t hate it and kind of made me realize I am oddly more comfortable sticking a toe into TD now that the season is over. I fully expect this to change the second filming starts, y’all know why.

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