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AoS Ladies Appreciation Weeks Day Six: Favorite lady in season one
                ↪ Simmons + her assertiveness arc (1x01 vs 1x15)


“I thought I was kissing you,” he confirmed, brushing her lips with his again. And again. Cress’s fingers found his lapels and she pulled him closer. 

It didn’t last long though, as another memory resurfaced. She yanked away. 

But… you told her you love her.” 

His expression froze, desire giving way to alarm. They hovered in that moment for an eternity. Finally, Thorne gulped. “Right. That.” He shrugged. “I mean, I was… we were— ” 

“anakin won his freedom during a podrace when he was just 9,” says padme amidala, taking a sip of her tea.

“he’s just the owner of the millennium falcon,” says general organa, taking a longer sip.

“he reprogrammed an imperial droid who became a loyal co-pilot and friend,” says jyn, shrugging not caring for her tea.


learned to fly at age 6. has a custom fighter named the black one and can fly anything, even a tie fighter. owns the legendary bb-8. best starfighter pilot in the resistance.

rey takes the longest sip.

“guess it’s a family thing.”

stillframefan  asked:

So many connections w/ TAB, just now I noticed that David, before shooting himself, says "Remember me", just like Emilia Ricoletti???? Wtf???

Hi Lovely!

Actually, because I think TFP is John’s TAB I think “David” might possibly be referencing the only David that John actually knows: David from TSo3. BUT Any parallel is plausible right now, since TFP makes no sense without our meta. :P