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I have stumbled upon Will Graham’s house in yet another universe

I watched the movie A Home at the End of the World (2004) a long while ago but it wasn’t until earlier today that I realized the house was a little too familiar…

Here it is in A Home at the End of the World:

And here’s Will’s house as seen in Hannibal:

But the coincidences don’t stop there! A Home at the End of the World happens to be based off a book by Michael Cunningham who also wrote the screenplay for Evening (2007) starring, of course, Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy. 

Cunningham has also written a novel called The Snow Queen, which Claire narrates for the audio version, and one called By Nightfall which Hugh narrates. 

Aaaand I think I’m done now!

What’s normal? A Dean/Cas mirror

This episode is so full of subtext about the themes of Dabb era I think I may have to write 25 separate posts on each moment / theme rather than one episode review cos my friends it is intense. 

*Imagines Andrew Fairy Goddabb waving his glittery wand all over the episode and season*

Key themes: Who we are is not what we are. There is no normal, it’s a social construct. Chosen family. Performing to a norm and repressing your true self does not lead to happiness. Honesty wins. Love is love. Romantic v platonic love. Humanity. Fatherhood…. subverting the pilot and linking it back to the start. I think I will just do them one by one :)

Themes One and Two: There is no “normal”, acceptance of differences. Chosen family & sadness turned to rage.

Exposition: Jack and Clark.

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1. There is no normal.

Police officer: “Weird.”
O Barker: “There’s no such thing as weird, everyone’s normal in their own way”
Clark: “Yeah, totally normal…”

Clark Dean Mirror Barker firstly establishing that he thinks there is such a thing as “normal” and Jack definitely falls outside this box, moving forwards until he’s sitting on the floor with him accepting he can do cool magic and eating candy bars with him.

*Tink stares into the camera*

Clark and Jack first meet in a fast food joint (!) where Clark (Dean mirror) tells us he is untouchable due to his parentage in a lovely echo of season 4/5 Dean when he first met Cas being untouchable due to being the vessel of Michael through his parentage.

He’s intrigued by Jack, kinda flirty with everyone, charismatic and Jack starts to learn about himself and humanity through his interactions with Clark. 

By the end:

Jack: “I like it, I like nougat!”.
Clark: “Dude’s magic”. 

Then continues to smile and sit comfortably with him until Jack goes nuts (nougat pun intended) due to Angel radio. He was however seemingly pretty chill about Jack’s abilities and thought it was kinda cool *insert Dean’s hey lookatmyboyfriendhessocool face*.

So Clark Humanity Barker helps Jack discover his own Humanity through candy bars (childhood) but he had to grow up fast… because the world is a dangerous place and he needed to grown up quickly and have a protector.

2Chosen family & sadness turned to rage.

Then we have this:

Jack: “That’s why I chose Castiel to be my father.”
Sam: “he’s dead.”
Jack: sad face that immediately turns to angry revenge. 

Where have I seen this before?! 


Both immediately after Cas’ death we have Dean falling to his knees in grief then turning into a hard angry face as he goes inside to shoot Jack in the face, then the same again after his prayer goes unheard, going from abject grief to rage.

Man this season is going to be EPIC. Subtext abounds and this is just one small snippet of the themes of this one episode!

Bonus: What episode do we think we will get an openly bisexual side character who’s a massive Dean mirror and we get Dean’s reaction to it? (Ie. not like Chuck who WE know about, but Dean doesn’t) I’m going with… by episode 14.

Bonus Bonus: Ok but I crack-postulated that Dean might even come out of the closet by the time Cas comes back in 06 because he’s so done with everything and feels like now is the time to be honest about himself because why not, everyone is dead anyway… and the freaking HONESTY scene with Officer Barker is just hammering this home to me right now and I don’t want to get overly excited but man… Dabb you have no chill, you’re writing fanfic and I don’t know how to separate wild speculation from realistic speculation now as he’s just validated our meta of season 12 and the consequent speculation within minutes of the new season and now there is actually a totally open path for this to happen (and how much else is left given we got so much already within the first 42 minutes of the season?!)   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So we get teary-eyed Eren hugging Armin, who blushes in response…

And then the very next chapter we get this flashback showing Dina falling for Eren’s father…

…featuring her hugging him as she’s crying, and he blushes when she does so hmm.

And the same thing happens years later when Carla falls for him as well…

2 out of 3 of these scenes were canonically romantic and led to the two characters in question becoming a couple. Soooooo….

So what is Isayama trying to say with Eren hugging Armin like that?

Well who knows, right? 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I saw the gifs you reblogged, with Dean's "not every hook-up is perfect" and the smirk. Ok who looks at their platonic friend like that? It's not a small laugh, or even a consoling a friend style smile. Honestly, who looks at someone with that smile in this context.

I don’t know what you’re talking about there’s nothing flirty about this scene whatsoever

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it’s not like Sam was the exposition for the audience’s intended reaction to this scene:

Also if you take it in the context that at this point Dean is feeling terrible for having kicked Cas out, he literally ran out the bunker to go see him last time, Cas was targeted by an Angel focusing on heartbreak as soon as Dean turned up and exposed that Cas wants to be Human, that Dean just wanted to protect Cas from the terrible stuff going on around them with the Angels etc so he didn’t tell him in the end what was going on and told him to go and be happy. 

That Dean has at this point gotten as second bedside table for his room back at the bunker, that we’ve been shown in the meantime that Dean has always put Sam before his love interests (9x07) and that the worst part after having a night of sex is always the adios (9x08), right after we got this (and you know, don’t think about the fact that in the original run of episodes 9x08 came right after 9x06):

I totally don’t know what you’re trying to imply here.

Also some people just DO look at their friends in a flirty way… I mean… who doesn’t look at their friends like this, flirtingly and longingly, for a decade?

Maybe the same people who looks at their bro like they’re about to eat him up, but, you know, like a bro

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In the exact same way as they might look at the cake they wants to eat up, but they totally just like the cake like a bro too, so it’s ok, don’t fret, it’s still bro-like

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Or maybe the same guy who stares longingly at his bro all the time for nearly 10 years, gives himself up for him, to protect him, even though he’s an all powerful being, who in turn always tries to stay one step ahead to protect him himself, who are repeatedly compared to canon romantic couples all the time, who textually are made to say exactly the same words as a canon romantic couple in a clearly emotional and important scene for their relationship (9x20), or a guy who has an endgame that is totally not about accepting himself and his sexuality and accepting that he deserves to love and be loved, because this hasn’t been set up since the pilot, so he’s just platonically going to be being with his bro and his brother, because all this is all total bro-ness and dude… 

I mean they’re totally not telling the same structural story using the same romantic tropes as Lizzie and Darcy, Westley and Buttercup, Ariel and Eric, Hercules and Meg, Belle and Beast, Romeo and Juliet, Jack and Rose … I mean all these guys totally ended up as JUST FRIENDS so that’s clearly the story here!

They’re just bros who treat each other so much like husbands that everyone else treats them like it and it comes into the plot as a main plot device for multiple episodes and a whole season’s big bad and ends with Dean totally bro falling to the floor in despair and not coping while his brother, who is also said guys bro, is able to move on, just because, you know, in stories, it’s never used as an exposition to someones feelings to compare them to someone else who might look super happy to see their bro and so upset that they died, but it still comes across as totally different.

Yeah, I think you’re reading way too much into it dude.


2017 vs 2013

Watching "The Dark Crystal” (1982)...

An ancient force got split up into a Dark and a Light side.

Each side is represented by a race: one malevolent, the other kind wizards.

The leading characters’ names are Jen (male) and Kira (female).

They discover that they have a telepathic connection.

They discover a prophecy about bringing balance to this ancient force.

Together they bring balance to the Force™

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*oh and Kira is alone because her village got attacked, she literally has wings and is good at communicating with other species.

Fun fact: Co-director Frank Oz actually is the voice of Yoda.

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i love 6x20 so much. it makes me want to cry every time i watch it. i feel like that whole episode is romantic af which is fitting since it's from cas' perspective. i don't get how anyone could have watched that episode and not felt there wasn't more to their friendship even though he was betraying them all. i hope we get a handful of cas centric episodes next season, until then i'll just watch 6x20 on repeat lol.

IKR! 6x20 is like watching the whole movie Titanic and not seeing it as a love story.

It’s the same story.

Jack and Rose are from different universes, their families don’t approve of each other, he helps her rebel and become her own person, to see who she is, she helps him feel more self worth, they fall in love despite their differences and help make each other see new ways of life and humanity, how to be happy and free.

Jack eventually by proxy sacrifices himself to save Rose, it’s not a full on “I sacrifice myself for you” but it’s a “I will do this so that you can be saved and if through this I die it will have been worth it so that you are saved”.

She lives on but her life is never the same again. Jack is Dean and Rose is Cas. (There’s a few flips as often there are, especially when its a same sex couple, but basically it’s this because Jack represents humanity at it’s core, being from the streets etc and Rose represents the ethereal, high above and unreachable, except for right at the end of course where it’s the other way around for the death, so far in our show).


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Tell me that I am not the only who first thought when Mr Ketch appeared in the bunker was that this happened with Rufus back in season two I don't know how to feel about it, I don't want alcoholic Dean again, it's so sad

Hey, sorry for leaving this so late - as I’m sure you’ve seen, that parallel was widely discussed, and yeah, alcohol’s definitely the way to get into the house of a surly and distrustful hunter.

My suspicion, though, is that Dean didn’t need a bottle that bad. Sure, alcohol’s one of his coping mechanisms, but he’s been doing much better for a while now. I mean - that evening was as low as we’ve seen him in months - Sam gone off God knows where, Cas too, and that huge row with Mary weighing down upon him - Dean gave up and went out for a drink, but when he came back he was still almost sober.

(I know that’s not saying much, given his tolerance, but still.)

I think it says a lot, actually, about just how sober he was that he let Ketch, a potential enemy, into the Bunker at all. Dean’s been curious about Ketch for a while now, but I’m sure he wouldn’t underestimate any of those BMoL people after the fights he had with Toni and Ms Watt, so if he lets Ketch in, it’s because he knows he’s not at a disadvantage here - that, if it comes to that, he can take Ketch. And the fact he’s completely himself and completely in control - we see that later, as well - again - sure, he agrees to go with Ketch, and it’s equal parts needing some action and wanting to check out the competition (I’m using the verb in both meanings, because, come on) - but he makes rational, normal choices all the way through, in sharp contrast with Ketch, who plainly’s enjoying himself a bit too much.

Plus, you know, as parallels go, Rufus’ not such a worrying choice. Rufus was nice and capable and grounded - all qualities which, in this line of work, seem to be in short supply. When Bobby’s wife was possessed and died, Rufus handled what was an incredibly painful and bewildering situation with such tact he and Bobby became friends and hunted together for years after that. Also, he managed to get out? And, sure, he got out because of a devasting emotional blow, and not out of choice, but he still got out - and came back when everything was going to shit and his old friend needed him. And all the while, he managed to have principles and values - we don’t know how he got into hunting, but he was never (that we saw) a ‘foaming at the mouth for revenge’ kind of hunter.

We’ve seen Sam and Dean paralleled with Bobby and Rufus before, and I wonder if there’s anything to read into it. Bobby was always closer to Dean, of course, but as far as personality and inclinations go, The Raid seemed to suggest we could head out into a future where Dean is actually Rufus (I hope they’re not going where this mirror implicates they’re going, though), which leaves Sam as the new Bobby - possibly the head of the American MoL, researching stuff in the Bunker and coordinating hunts for other people. It would certainly suit him.

But, well -

(For the record, I don’t think we need to read too much about these parallels, though. We simply don’t know enough about Rufus, or even Bobby, to guess if there’s an intentional thing going on. Seems to me they’re simply paying homage to their own show - reminding us of past events and characters we miss. S12′s been full of small throw-backs, after all.) 

[Gif by @weeklyspn, here.]