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Watching "The Dark Crystal” (1982)...

An ancient force got split up into a Dark and a Light side.

Each side is represented by a race: one malevolent, the other kind wizards.

The leading characters’ names are Jen (male) and Kira (female).

They discover that they have a telepathic connection.

They discover a prophecy about bringing balance to this ancient force.

Together they bring balance to the Force™

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*oh and Kira is alone because her village got attacked, she literally has wings and is good at communicating with other species.

Fun fact: Co-director Frank Oz actually is the voice of Yoda.
Team Half-Elf and the Disaster Human

aka Parallels, Parallels Everywhere.

Okay, so I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there is a lot going on in this little game of Four Square between Vex, Vax, Percy, and Keyleth.  This is me expressing my thoughts on this from multiple angles.

First up, Percy and Vax vs Vex and Keyleth.

We’ve got two broody af men and two long-suffering badass women.  Percy and Vax both have or have had ties to a powerful dark entity.  They also both have a complete willingness to sacrifice themselves (interestingly enough, the strongest examples of this are specifically for Vex).  Vex and Keyleth are both tied to nature, which gives them some high damage powers that don’t seem to be acknowledged quite as often as the abilities of their emo counterparts.  They also are frequently accessory to the high melodrama of the men, much to their chagrin.  If you want to get shippy, each pair also thinks of the other as “my best friend and my crush”.

Vex and Vax vs. Percy and Keyleth.

Aka Twinsies vs. Twinsies, because where Vex and Vax are best friend-like siblings, Percy and Keyleth are sibling-like best friends.  Both pairs tell each other “I love you” and mess with each other the way only people who are super close do.  They both do everything together.  Vex and Vax have been together all their lives and get very emotional when they have to be separated.  Percy and Keyleth, both curious young minds, explore new places and experiences together, enjoying what it’s like to have someone to share their excitement with.  Vex and Vax scout ahead together, working in tandem at the head of the group.  Percy and Keyleth work together at making things, from Percy’s inventions to the Threshold Crest.  Vex and Vax are low-born outcasts who chose to leave their home before they could be made into something they weren’t.  Percy and Keyleth are royal children who were molded by expectations and forced into growing up at a young age.

Percy and Vex vs. Vax and Keyleth.

Basically the embodiment of the “this is fine” meme vs Team Extra.  Percy and Vex are both extremely hard to read at any given moment.  They hide their true thoughts and feelings beneath layers of pretense and the expectations of others.  Vax and Keyleth, on the other hand, make it very clear one way or another that they have Feelings and Opinions.  Vax conveys a great deal in his actions and demeanor where Keyleth very openly expresses herself with words.  Percy and Vex are charming assholes; Vax and Keyleth are awkward af.  If you want to get shippy, this could also be The Twins and Their Royal Crushes, “I love you, but I am not worthy” vs. “I love you, but idk what the fuck is happening”.

I probably didn’t touch on everything I wanted to.  There’s just so much, but this was the bulk of it.


Lois & Clark in the future // Barry & Iris on Earth-2

Headcanon: This is pretty much already confirmed as canon from the ingame dialogue, but D.Va has a “battle” mix in her MEKA’s audio files. It’s mostly full of Lucio’s songs. She’s a major fangirl, but they also help calm her down, like Shinji from NGE with his SDAT.

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