parallels make my life


“and also because you hoped
      his hands were trained enough
              in taking away the numbness ”  
                         (credit to queergladers​ for poem)

Are we gonna talk about that time Gansey found the wasp on the window at Monmouth

And the scene was already heartbreaking enough

But now, we know that Gansey knew he was gonna die, wondering if this was it, thinking maybe it should be

And then Noah tells him, “Don’t throw it away,” which is sad anyways but then you realize those are also the last words Noah ever says before slipping out of time

His and Hers

His palms remember how softness sits
he could fold me into a swan
or poem me into the velvet covering
of a fully bloomed rose

Her lips slipped into mine
burgundy wine onto well-weathered leather
still, I taste her as I inhale this smoke
her lipstick stains my cigarette

His arms custom fit my contours
crafted of intimacy
holding me like a summer sonnet
reciting the sky without retreat

Her seductive lines
sweet similes of innuendo
reduced me to my knees
sinful thoughts replacing prayer

His life makes room for my dreams
parallel to his own
where we soar as dual spirits
side by side into one

She loves me from the inside
she shows me hers
and I show her mine
we’re beautiful when walls don’t hide

Another fun and challenging poetry collaboration between (Chris) followcb 
and (Lauren) Lzlabs

Okay what is this ship doing to me??? It’s only five episode’s in and they are already filling the hole left in my heart by Lois and Clark! That rooftop scene, OMFG!!! Iris is so in awe of him and she wants to tell people all about him because people need hope and she keeps asking him questions and he doesn’t answer any of them and OH MY GAWD when he comes up behind her and he’s so close that if she turned around she would see his face and she doesn’t because she’s trying to respect his privacy and you can feel his longing for her radiating in waves…..HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THAT IS CHEMISTRY! And naturally it reminded me of this:

And then Iris tells him that the whole reason she’s doing this is because of him and he’s amazed and he loves her even more now if that’s possible and my love for her just skyrocketed and I’m sorry but if you don’t like Iris West, YOU ARE WRONG. She is light and warmth and made of everything good in this world and I’m just:

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