parallels galore

Quinn’s ability to hear whispers is sounding supernatural, does he have ears stationed at the door or have bugs planted he can hear what Veil and Lydia are saying? I love that the girls are allied together and Lydia came to the rescue for little Henry, poor mite. Being punished as well because his mother dared to defy Quinn, the babe even gave a tiny burn of his own, crying in Quinn’s arms only to stop for several moments when he’s in Lydias. Hope they all make it, Lydias one of the family now. 

Sunny and Waldo’s talk was really good, Sunny asking Waldo if he ever thought of fighting for himself, to be his own man shows great character development. Waldo tho is still pragmatic he gives tact and logical advice to Sunny to remember his training and calling him Sunshine at the end was lovely. The look in Waldo’s eyes doesn’t think he’ll see his former colt again it kind of felt like closure for the two. 

Quinn’s going on emotional abuse again trying to get Veil to submit being his “family” like henry “has” and putting words in Gabe’s mouth to get Sunny to react in the way he wants. 

I knew Sunny would be betrayed, widows a baron through and through and now she’s also hunting him giving her conversation with Tilda later. Sunny leaving MK with her for protection wasn’t a good idea but hoping Bajie does the right thing and gets MK out of there like Sunny asked him to. The lone warrior shot of Sunny walking the road with his badass longcoat swirling was awesome. 

Parallels galore 

I loved the confrontation with Minerva and Tilda. Widow even using Quinn’s words to Sunny from last season and Tilda calling her by her name to her face in defiance. Tildas uncompromising like widow thought herself to be once and Minerva using emotional words either out of mixed love and manipulation is still trying to justify herself because she can’t get out of this now and she knows it. Waldo asking for Tilda next week is going to be a wipeout I think. He cares about her, same way he does Sunny. Maybe he might even take Sunnys words to heart to fight for himself, to do the right thing. 

Veil slapping Quinn and her terrific burn,why waste my breath on a dead man had me cheering! You go girl!

Odessa’s a little rat. 

Sunny and bajies hug they’ve come far those boys.

Next week: SUNNY VS QUINN!!!

You know that hour right before Arrow starts.

That hour you’re jumping around doing nothing because you’re too hyper to sit still. Your mind can’t focus on anything and you sit in between wanting to do something and wanting to do nothing.

Well, how about you watch The Premier, 3x01, instead?

jbuffyangel has these awesome metas about how the Season Finale is connected, paralleled, to the Season Premier. It seems to me that we could be wasting our time doing nothing, or… we could be analyzing the season premier to death and making immediate connections between the two. 

On Board? 

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Fire and Ice - Dean Winchester under the Spell of the Snow Queen

kelpiethethundergod I am blaming these absolutely crazy as balls emotions and ideas entirely on your wonderful thought about Cas lighting up the fire in Dean’s soul that is trapped under ice. Like… I love it so much. :’) And I very much agree that Cas’ love is the cure.

And you know what I had to think of then? “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen, because thematically it fits so beautifully to the themes of SPN about love, friendship and identity.

In case you aren’t familiar with the fairytale. Here is a short recap.

The devil created a magic mirror that distorts everything beautiful and good into appearing ugly and evil to torture people with it. When he tries to carry the mirror to heaven to make fun of god and the angels it falls to the ground smashing into pieces. These splinters are blown around and get into people’s hearts and eyes, freezing their hearts like blocks of ice and making their eyes like the devil-mirror itself, seeing only the bad and ugly in people and things. I AM DYING AT THIS POINT HERE ALREADY, BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF MIRROR SHOTS FOR DEAN THIS SEASON!!!!

One of these splinters falls into the heart and eye of Kai, who is playing with his friend Gerda outside. After that he refrains from being with her, because now everything good looks bad to him and he settles with the wrong crowd, gets lost, because his perception is screwed. WHO DOES THIS REMIND YOU OF???

One day in the winter he plays outside and gets picked up by the Snow Queen, who kisses him first - so he becomes numb to the cold and twice to forget about Gerda and his family. If she kisses him a third time he’d die (RULE OF THREE: WHAT IF DEAN DIES A THIRD TIME I’S IMPOSSIBLE TO EVER GET HIM BACK?). Kai ends up with the Snow Queen in her castle, sentenced trying to spell out the word eternity. If he succeds the Snow Queen wants to let him leave, but because of the splinter in his eye, he is unable to.

Meanwhile Gerda embarks on a journey to find and save Kai. After trials and tribulations she arrives at the castle. Kai is nearly frozen to death though he doesn’t feel it and he doesn’t recognize her. Without fear Gerda runs up to him and kisses him and saves him with the power of her love (SOUL GRACE MELT).

Okay, that recap wasn’t short at all. *sigh* But… doesn’t this fit? Dean, who was poisoned - his heart, his soul devoured, frozen and trapped under ice (like you said, Kelpie). Dean who cannot find to see himself the way others see him (I WISH THE HE COULD SEE THE WAY I AM SEE HIM - THE PERFECT BROTHER A MAN WITHOUT SIN). Dean, whose perception is completely messed up. Gooooooood, I am so sorry if this makes no sense to anyone but me, but I am currently dying because of an overload of feels. Plus: It all fits to Dean as the tinman, who thinks he doesn’t have a heart.

Thank you, kelpiethethundergod, thank you for the headcanon!!! ;___;

Ah-maa-zing's 2015 Follow Forever

Well hello there, lovely people. 

As 2014 draws to a close and we get ready to usher in a new year filled with optimism, hope and love, I find myself looking back on this last year, especially the last six months, with a sense of wonderment. 

When I joined Tumblr I honestly expected it to be one of those easy going hobbies, the kind where you check in every now and then, see what’s happening, say hello to a few people and then bugger off back to the real world until the next time. I thought it would be easy going, a passing fancy. Boy, was I wrong

This little blog of mine has grown far bigger than I ever imagined it could, and while some of that is the power of Olicity, the rest, my friends, is all down to you. You amazing, wonderful, talented, funny people. I’ve been part of fandoms before, and I’ve had fun in them too, but I never thought I’d meet a bunch of people so utterly dedicated to their ship as you, but still so full of positivity, optimism and solidarity for your fellow shipmates. There’s always going to be negativity, no matter where in life you go, but I can say with hand on heart that I have never encountered that kind of negativity in this fandom. Maybe that’s because I’m clearly following the right people, or maybe that’s because there’s just something about you all (see what I did there? ;) ) that makes you so overwhelmingly lovable. Whatever the reason, I am so glad to know you all, as much or as little as I can via this medium. 

With that said, here are some of my favourite blogs and follow forevers. Please bear in mind a few things: 1) I don’t follow all that many blogs in the grand scheme of things; 2) if I miss or forget a name on this list, I promise IT IS NOT INTENTIONAL! Memory like a sieve, sometimes…and just because I don’t mention a blog on here doesn’t mean it’s not a brilliant one to follow; and 3) there are many, many overlaps and some of the people mentioned below feature in various “categories” (this is why I hate labels…sigh), but this was the best way of organising this mess of a post…

I have to start with my soulmates, the Smoaking Universe

queenpartyoftwo (love the name change, Soph!); smoakingtardis; agirlandhershows (hope you’re enjoying NY in NYC!); i-needed-you-then; chiefripley (miss you!); hisgirlwednesday447; theirrelevantlyimportant

You ladies light up my life. You are so incredibly funny and always have amazing insights to give. I love that we have a place where we can talk, discuss, vent or rage in complete and utter freedom, with no judgements or arguments. I’m blessed to know you and look forward to knowing you more in the new year. Friends for life. 

Next up, what I call my “Twitter crew”. These ladies in particularly have a tendency to make me stay up waaaay too late past my bedtime with their hilarious, oft-smutty, always-intelligent tweets, and I would truly be lost with them:

callistawolfthethornyrantageofaquariusatom1cflearedpenandfernbrattyb2thenerddesspidanka; @Killer78Queen (not sure if you’re on Tumblr); lostritaurie; kingdomofowland and chicette20


To the wonderful artistes, the gif makers, meta writers, vidders, fic writers, parallel- and smut-queens galore, I adore you all. You are far more creative than I could ever hope to be and I love how you bring my thoughts and headcanons to life so vividly through your creations. 

skcolicity; justanother90sbaby; fe-li-ci-ty; awriterincowboyboots; no-one-seesyou-likeidobarry-and-iriseffie214; flash-smoak-and-arrows; fernlicitybluemorgana; bajan-gemini; caseoflove; emmykentmg; hoodiesandcomputers; missmudpie; jbuffyangel; outoftheclosetshipper; solicity97; shipper-heart1207; saltwaterscoundrel; lordmesa-art; opheliafics; nocturnalwritesiforeveryooungvirelove; bannersbylinda; missmert

The wonderful people who brighten up my dash with their amazing posts, reblogs, comments and general zaniness: 

amypueblopoehler; andjustforthismoment; befitandchase; geodude96; secretmusingsofafangirl; skylicity; sweetdee85; tehduchess; the-omniscient-narrator; youreallysoldit; scarlettblythe; fiacresgirl; stereoheart07; florence-bubbles; veryplatoniccircunstances; tifferstmv; lou-lou26; normalisjustafairytale; olicitylovely; forever-erica; mzchemdah; badgers-have-claws; felicitysglasses; pandas-and-nailpolish; beijingdoll; graellora; thegirlwednesday; captainsamell; imperialimpala; thedyingdays; lostolicityscenes; incorrectarrowquotes; notyouraverageitgirl; thetechnologicallyunsavvy; roseclipse; arrowsoceans; starling-city-texts; whedonesque; queenrafferty; walkingarrowofshield; felicityholysmoak; athenaagron; smoakandarrow; oliver-and-felicity; everythingisolicity; holysmoaksoliver

I would love to get to know some of you wonderful people better in 2015. Consider it one of my resolutions ;)

Once again, if I’ve missed anyone off this list, I sinceriously (!) apologise - it was definitely not intentional. 

To all of my followers, I may not know all of you personally (yet), but I already adore you. You all play a huge role in making this experience so wonderful for me and I look forward to getting to know some of you next year. I want you to know that my ask box is always open (except when it’s not, but I promise to always let you know when that’s the case) so please never hesitate to pop by, even just for a chat. 

I hope all of you amazing people have a brilliant New Year’s Eve/Day celebration (timezone appropriate) and that 2015 brings you good tidings and joy; that in the coming year you fulfil your personal goals, achieve whatever it is you have your heart set on and make yourselves stronger and happier; I hope that you find love wherever you look for it, and that you spread that good cheer around and always pay your blessings forward so that others can be blessed as well.

Oh, and I also wish that the new year brings you (and me) some extra special Olicity kisses. We’re in desperate need, wouldn’t you say?

Happy New Year, babies. Have a safe one.