parallels are awesome

New (to Tumblr) Jonsa shipper here **waves**:

Have you seen the video that Emergency Awesome just posted, theorizing that Jon’s actual name is Jaehaerys? 

Game Of Thrones Season 7 - Jon Snow’s True Name Revealed- Emergency Awesome

Well, that got me thinking…

Jaehaerys I was married to his sister Alysanne. They ruled the Seven Kingdoms for many peaceful years and had a number of children. 

So if Jon=Jaehaerys (the Third of His Name), then who is the reincarnation, if you will, of Good Queen Alysanne?

Hmmm? WHAT? Nah, I don’t believe you.

Wait! I’ve got backup! A quick Google search led me to this wonderful post by @sansajons who breaks down this theory in more detail and compares the Lady of Winterfell to her possible predecessor. 

Check it out, shippers!

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Totally random, thought/gifset…so I was watching Coraline and I remembered Teri had voiced The Other Mother in the movie and I couldn’t help but spot the parallels. And I was like; damn, this woman has a talent for playing mothers that are abusive bitches to their children, like you know throwing them in solitary confinement and shit.

For @maliaisbi because I know you love Coraline and I was thinking of you while making it!
Finally watched The Battle of Mewni last night....

Whelp it’s official I am Starco trash, Queen Moon is perfect in all forms, toffee was terrifying and I was not expecting that like at ALL, Ludo I genuinely feel bad for and I hope he gets a redemption arc soon and Eclipsa was absolutely charming in a menacing way and good God I’m hooked- I can’t wait for the rest of the season!!! and the Muse is intrigued and whelp alrighty then Charlotte- I’ll get to work right after I get home XD