Parallels of Episode 4x12 “Still” and 5x12 “Remember”

I’m re-watching season 5 of TWD currently and noticed a lot of parallels between these two episodes regarding Bethyl. It’s actually unbelievable how obvious they made it with some of the scenes & script. I know some of these things have probably been talked about, but I was getting asks/messages to do this because of my posts the other day. If you have made a meta about this please let me know so I can link it in this post, the more the merrier! 

So let’s begin:

In the beginning of 5x12 Deanna is interviewing Rick and tells him she used to be a congress person. She then asks Rick, “What were you?” and he says “I don’t think it matters anymore” and she replies “Oh, I think it does”.

This called back to me two different things from 4x12. First, remember when Beth sees the lady on a stand with the sign “Rich Bitch” on her and she asks Daryl to help her take her down? Daryl replies “It don’t matter she’s dead” and Beth says “It does matter”. Sounds like Rick and Deanna’s conversation. 

Secondly, it called back to me Beth trying to guess what Daryl used to be before the apocalypse. Both episodes consisted of talking about what people used to do before the apocalypse.

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Okay because I am a HUGE parallel nerd, I had to do the parallels between Jasmine, Aladdin, Killian for this season.

Aladdin, Killian, and Emma were all orphans and thieves. 

Jasmine felt like a prisoner and Emma was one. 

Aladdin and Killian fell for royalty and got to play a prince

Jasmine and Emma got on the horse/magic carpet THE SAME WAY

Giant pit room of treasure 

Badass princesses who get their walls taken down by their True Loves

I mean you think of any more add them. Like I said I’m a nerd for parallels.

Does no one else see the parallel between 2.01 and 3.01? In both these episodes, Annalise tells the keating five that the past is in the past, that they’re good people now, she mothers them and takes care of them, Screaming with Wes in s3 and Dancing with wes in s2. 

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