a true story

teacher: class, do you believe there is only one universe?


teacher: you may remember the beloved children’s book series known as the berenstein bears. it seems that thousands of people, myself included, clearly remember them being called the berenstAin bears, with an A. there is no doubt in my mind about this. they were my favorite childhood books, and i can picture the name–berenstAin–on all the covers, clear as day. but every shred of evidence in the world shows that it has always been berenstEin. i, and many others, are now beginning to suspect that this is due to a ripple in the space-time continuum. i, and everyone else who experienced the berenstAin bears, may have actually come from an alternate universe that merged into our own, in which everything was exactly the same except the name of this book series and its authors

student: you’re a dumbass

teacher: what

student: you’re a dumbass. it’s always been berenstEin, with an E. you and everyone else who thinks otherwise just read it the wrong way when you were kids. wake up

as you may have already guessed… that student… was albert ainstain

There may be a Parallel Universe that is Moving Backwards in Time.

There are many things that we know about time, and many other things that we still struggle to comprehend. Time moves forward and forward alone. There are ways that allow for time travel, rather extensive ways that take a stretch of the imagination. Have you ever considered, however, that time could move both forward and backward at the same time?

The Parallel Universe, a place where there could possibly be another you, another me and another entire duplicate world. Another possibility and likelihood is that this parallel universe could be moving in the opposite direction in time. Our future could be someone else’s past. This is strange, but highly likely according to recent studies. A trio of theoretical physicists suggests that there may be more than one future. These experts claim that the Big Bang actually produced two different universes, one going forward and one going in reverse through time.

During the 1920s, our universe was understood asymmetrically.  All things followed a simple form called “The Arrow of Time”, termed by British astronomer Arthur Eddington. Most physicists today believe that time flows toward an increased disorder or chaos, moving away from entropy. If this is true, then our universe as we know it, must have originated in a state of complete order, that is, if the arrow flows only in one direction. There are so many questions about this theory. Why was there such a low state of entropy in our past? There are also questions as to why our universe is in such an ordered state.

One idea, derived from the mind of Ludwig Boltzmann, is that our order is just a part of a much larger equilibrium state. Tim Koslowski, Julian Barbour and Flavio Mercati have created a new “Arrow of Time” based on gravity instead of thermodynamics. “Time is a mystery, all things look basically the same however time runs,” said Barbour. This theory was tested using a simple proxy of the universe. 1,000 particles, in a computer simulation, were studied under the influence of Newtonian gravity. Like a swarm of bees, these particles settled into a group of low complexity. This appeared similar to Boltzmann’s theory of low entropy fluctuation - an idea that further supported the separate timelines. From the center, the particles moved outward in different directions, signifying two separate paths of time. If there are two futures, moving in opposite directions, what does this mean for intelligent life? The simple idea is that intelligent beings in our parallel universe would actually be living their future in our distant past. Whether we are moving in one timeline or the other, one thing is for certain, this is the world as we know it, no different than our brothers and sisters who live in the other direction.

Paradox. ☺

Imagine if there is a parallel universe where fictional characters are real, and real people are fictional characters. Then your favourite character runs a blog and writes a fanfiction about you.

anonymous asked:

How does one go about establishing a parallel universe?

  • Establish the rules for creating parallel universes: How are they created? Does every little choice create another universe? Are they created through magic or scientific experiments? Are they created every time a star dies? Are they created every time someone dreams? Are there specific people capable to creating another universe (either intentionally or by accident)?
  • Establish the Point of Divergence: What was it that made one universe split into two or more? How does the POD affect the parallel universe (i.e., what are the differences and similarities)? The POD does not have to be recent. It could just be “the big bang created two universes instead of one and they are exactly the same in every way except for X”.
  • Establish rules for travel: How do people travel between universes? Are there any rules that people have established when it comes to traveling to another universe? What are the reasons for these rules? What are the dangers of travel? Who is able to travel? If you travel to a parallel universe, are you able to return? Are there any physical effects of travel? What happens if someone travels to a universe where they are dead?
  • Establish the differences: Keep track of everything that is different in the universes. Making a chart might be helpful for this. You should also consider how these differences affect other differences. Think of each difference having a domino effect.
if we all lived in a parallel universe

seungcheol: becomes the maknae of the group and is not obsessed with jeonghan at all

jeonghan: lol i’m not an angel fEAR ME!! I AM eVIL !! also say goodbye to his long blonde hair and say hello to his short black hair

jisoo: literally despises chocolate to the ends of the earth but loves vanilla with all his heart

minghao: you say dogs? he says cats. you say doGS? he says cATS. yOU STILL SAY DOGS? he will ballet out of ur life with his cats like a boss

junhui: his face miraculously doesn’t get blocked out by logos

mingyu: becomes a spanish enthusiast

wonwoo: it’s all about the hair now bucket hats are so last season and also has a very high-pitched voice

chan: lol who’s michael jackson


hansol: finally gets accepted for his ethnicity

jihoon: loves to do aegyo all the time !! chases his members by himself without his guitar to give them lots of hugs !! what a sweet boy !!

soonyoung: the chillest member in the group like srsly he’s chiller than ice

seokmin: becomes the main dancer in the group and gets assigned into the performance team bc of his amazing choreography skills